Langkawi Melaysia – Last two days exploring

My last few nights in Langkawai, I switched from the dorm room to a private room, to get some sleep.  Backpackers always forget there are other people in the world, other than themselves.

For example, the one night it was 1 am, and this girl had her music playing really loud in the bed next to mine.  I could tell I was not the only one annoyed.  She also turned the entire room lights back on, about 30 minutes ago.

So, I got up and turned them off.  I mean, it is after 1 am.  Have some respect for others trying to sleep.

Anyways, after I turned the lights off, I heard someone say, “thank you.”  But not her, she got pissed, and got an ultra-bright LED flashlight.

I waited about 5 minutes and then I said, “Are you kidding me, how ignorant are you?  Others are trying to sleep!”.

Then she huffed and puffed and covered her head and light with her blanket.

This had been the 3rd night of this, so I decided it is best to move on.  I do this often, switch between super cheap, and good sleep.

Since I switched hotels, I no longer had contact with Alice and Samantha.  This is OK, this is the life of a backpacker.  You make cool friends, and then you move on.

The next few mornings, I went to the same cafe for breakfast.  It was only locals that sometimes give me funny looks.  Not bad, but curiosity, as this is not a tourist area.

Everyday a new local would sit at my table and ask me many questions.  It was fun.

The one day was really funny as the couple sitting next to me were from Malaysia, but here as tourist.  They flew here, and the guys wife was laughing as she told me how scared he was on the plane, for the the first time.

I really enjoyed meeting locals of Malaysia.  They always have good stories and good questions.

In Asia, I always get the same 3 questions;  Are you married?  Do you have kids?  Why do you not?

They always seemed surprised any man my age would be single.  I always explain to them, a man with a good heart, and a good job, means nothing in North America to women, and they always tell me, that is all a girl wants in Asia.

If only!

This always leads me to think maybe I should start looking for a girl here, but then I have no interest in ever having a long distance relationship and Trudeau only makes it easy for fake refugees to come to Canada.

Moving on!

During the day I would explored areas of the island I have not been too, and always find some more great views.

The one night I went back out to the breakwater to get another view of the sunset.  Just as I arrived I saw Alice and Sam there also.  Alice had attempted to drive over the bridge to the other breakwater.  Check out what the locals drive across.

Pretty cool and very safe! 🙂

My last night Sam and I met up for one last dinner and to say goodbye.

As we were leaving to look for a place to eat, we found a local market.  Even better!

I had some amazing food and fresh mango juice.  Sooo good!

This was a nice last meal with a friend, and tomorrow I fly to Kuala Lumper, where I will spend 3 nights, and then onto Philippines.

If anyone wants to come to Malaysia, I highly recommend coming to Langkawi.  Beaches and people are amazing!



Langkawi Melaysia – Mountains, Beaches, and Crazy Girls

In the morning I switched hotels, from this crazy run down authentic Indian ran hotel, to a newly updated, stylish dorm/bungalow resort.

Old and New

Without fail, 2 minutes after checking in, I have already made a cool new friend, Alice.  She is from the UK, and I can tell Alice is very adventures.

She is actually going to the same beach as me, so we join together, jump on our scooters and rip up to the beach.  However, we didn’t make it.

Halfway we see this girl sitting on a dangerous corner, holding her bicycle.  She looks like she is dying.  So we stop and ask if she needs help.  She says, yes, she has heat exhaustion.  I ask if she has water, she says no.

Okay, this is where I should have realized she is not the smartest girl.  It is 35 degrees C out, she has no water and is trying to ride up this crazy mountain to a beach that is 15 KM away!

She also tells me she just arrived after 20 hours of travel from Spain, and is already very tired.

So we give her some water, and find someone to take her bicycle down the mountain, while I take her down on my scooter.

We get to the little village and I ask her were she rented her bicycle from so we can drop it off.  She doesn’t remember!  We walk around for 15 minutes, going to the wrong places, and then I decide to go into the store and ask who rents bicycles.  There will only be 1 or 2 places.  They tell me it is not here, but down by the water.  So, she is in the wrong village.  I walk out to tell her, and she is gone.  She road off looking for it, I think.  Lol.  I drive around for a minutes trying to find her, when I think, some people just can’t be helped.  So I turn around and head to the beach to meet Alice.

We spend the remaining sunlight just relaxing and enjoying the beach.

Back at the hostel, Alice took off to do some more exploring, while I decided to just hang out here.

While doing so, I ended up chatting with a really nice girl from Italy.  Her name, is Samantha.  She is like the Aussie guy from a few days ago, who doesn’t ride.  So I offer her to come with Alice and I tomorrow.

Like around 10 am we head off on the mini jets (scooters), to drive up Gunung Raya mountain.

The drive up this mountain was amazing.  It took 45 minutes, from google with another 45 minutes, of my scooter being 110 CCs of pure worn out horepower.  Max speed uphill, of 35 KMh.  However, that did not matter.  Going this speed gave us lots of amazing views.

When we finally reach the peak, these are some of the amazing views.

Just as we are about to leave the peak, Samantha and I spot monkeys, but not the monkeys we normally see.

We slam on the brake, not brakes.   Oh yeah, down will be fun, I only have partial front brake working.


And then this amazing big bird flies in, with a wingspan of close to 2 meters.  It is really cool.

Great hornbill

We watch for like 30 minutes the monkeys and bird.  So cool!

On the way down, we stop like 100 times to take pictures and just enjoy the beauty of this road.

Next, we cruise onto the North, and find another amazing beach to relax and swim at.

We spend a good hour here, swimming, chatting, and just enjoying life.  We all agree, today can’t get much better.

Just as we are leaving, I spot what at first I thought was a crocodile.  Then we get closer and see it is a giant lizard.  The day just got better!

He was so fat, from eating all of that garbage, he had a hard time running from us.  It was funny as shit!

After a good laugh at his experience, we headed back to the south side.  Straight to the breakwater, where we can see the sunset, as it points West, Alice~!

The breakwater is pretty cool.  We even see a tone of fish eating flies on the water surface.

Pretty amazing sunset!

Now that the sun is down, and we are hungry.  Alice, and Samantha decide this would be the perfect night to have a BBQ on the beach.  Ummm OK!

So we spend at least an hour trying to find decent looking food to cook, and then we finally find a place.  The girls clean the squid, and buy a bunch of other stuff.

Then we headed down to the beach to try and cook it.

This was a lot of fun to watch them try and get a fire started, but eventually they got it rockin.

Well, that was the end to an amazing day, seeing monkeys, birds, fat lizard, and the entire island from the best vantage point.

Have a great night girls!









Langkawi Melaysia – Scooters, fighting, and IBS?

Getting to Langkawi from Penang was rather easy.  I took a bus all the way to Kuala Perlis, which is right on the Thai border.  From here I took the ferry across to Langkawi.

Bus ride

Ferry ride – Picture 4, who parked the sailboat sideways?

Arriving in Langkawi is the same as every port.  There are a 100 taxi drivers and other people harassing you for a ride, hotel, scooter, you name it.

I wanted to rent a scooter as I know you can get them for 25 Ringgit per day and the taxi to my hotel is going to be at least 50 Ringgit.

Many guys told me 35, some came down to 30, but I just said no, I will walk.  Yeah, right, it is 18 KM to my hotel.  If it was 3 KM I am still too lazy.

I walked around, going into stores, wasting time, and then it happened.  A guy comes back and says, “OK, 25”.

Done! I have my scooter.

Oh crap, I forgot they drive on the left.  2 minutes later, I didn’t even notice.  I think I have been driving on the left so much, that the right now seems weird.

On my way to the hotel, I really noticed Malaysia is a lot different than all of the other Asian countries.  Here, they mostly obey the rules of the road, and I also saw police doing radar.  Somehow they did not pull me over, and I had this power house doing 85 KM, in a 60 KM zone.  Lucky day I guess!

Finally at the hotel!

It is really run down, and needs a lot of help, but the room is clean.  However, the crapper is on the main floor, my room is on the 3rd floor, up steep stairs.  My IBS will love this.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  The flooring is wallpaper!

After checking in, I took off and went looking for some food.

I find this little street shop, that 2 sisters run.  The one speaks excellent English, and has the most unique laugh.  She makes me a shaved, fruit salad and green tea drink.  Then sits with me and asks me 100 questions about Canada, and then tells me lots about the island.

All of a sudden I hear her scream and I look up, just in time to see a scooter accident.

This is what happened.

One guy, who is making a left turn, was sitting in the middle of the road.  This makes no sense, since they drive on the left.  Why is he stopped on the middle, IE, right side of his lane, to make a left?

So, the guy coming at him assumed he was not turning left, but right.  Which makes sense.

Just as he was about the pass on the left, the guy started to turn left and they collided.  Both scooters had kids standing on the front.

The left turning scooter, I will call him the idiot from now on, had a little girl about 4 or less years old.  She did the smartest thing.  She hugged the front steering column, so when the bike fell over and slid 2 meters, she was protected by the handle bars.  She didn’t get a scratch.  The idiot however, got a few on his arms and ass.  Meh, who cares about him.

After, the other guy came over to make sure everything was OK.  The idiot decided he was going to start a fist fight, while holding his little girl.  Example 2 of how retarded this guy is.  Anyways, another person ran over and took the little girl from him and let the fight continue.

The good guy never even fought back, just held the idiots hands.  I was impressed, I think I would have beaten him down.

That was basically it.  I was a little surprised a fight broke out.  But hey, I just got dinner and a movie for under 2 dollars.

Back at the hotel, I decide I am only going to stay the 2 nights I booked here, and then move on.

Day one complete, at the Rusty Nails Inn, and Street Fighting Street Cafe.  I think I am going to love it here!

Langkawi Melaysia – Hippies, Aussies, and a Canadian

One morning when I was sitting in the hippie hotel, having a coffee.  I started chatting with this Aussie, who looked extremely bored.

He was telling me he has been on Langkawi for 4 days and has done nothing.  Taxis cost too much, and he has never ridden a scooter before, so he might leave tomorrow.  I said, “What the hell, you are coming with me today!”.

I almost forgot, last night I met two hippies from the USA, and guess where, California, where else right!  Anyways, Keri and Travis are really cool and are also going to come exploring today.

Shortly later, the 4 of us, jump on the rockets, and head up north.  For whatever reason they vote me as the lead navigator.

Going from memory off a map, we only make one wrong turn, and then 20 minutes later, we make it to this amazing beach.  Pasir Tengkorak Beach, has very few people on it, clear blue waters, and now, 2 Hippies, an Aussie, and a Canadian.

The coolest thing happened.  There was this little fish, about 1 inch long that followed me for 15 minutes or more.  He only stopped when I got out of the water.  Later I will post a video of him, but here are some pictures of Jaws Junior and the Hippie Lovers.

While floating around, Keri goes into deep conversation about hippie stuff.  She explains how her and the Aussie are fire, and I guess to her, I am an obvious water sign.  Hmmm, “Cool as Ice”.  As I took it.

So, I guess I am the type of person who can fit into any social situation, but never really shows the real me.  Well, I do fit into any situation, but I think because I am amazing.  Just ask me, if you don’t believe me, I will tell you again! hahaha. I am great!

After a few hours of relaxing in this amazing sun and beach, we headed off to the waterfalls, about 5 minutes down the road.

Very quickly we all noticed the waterfalls are fake.  Then we read the sign that confirmed it is fake.  However, they still looked pretty cool.

From here we spent some more time riding around and exploring.  We drove past a few 100 monkeys on the road, and every time I saw one, I would say hi monkey and wave.  Not often did they wave back.  Monkeys are kind of dicks.

After the Aussie said thanks several times for taking him, and I told him, that’s what I do.  If I have a scooter, and am alone, I find someone who wants to explored.  It just the way you should be.

He is a pretty cool guy and tomorrow leaves Langkawi.  Travis is also leaving, but Keri is staying here on the island for a little longer.  Maybe I will see her again who knows.

Just an end to another amazing day, meeting people who confirmed no matter where you are from, even people in the USA can be cool 🙂