Koh Chang – Gala Hostel and Funny Friends

It has been a few months since I stayed in a hostel, and I actually love staying in them because you meet so many great people.  Much easier than living in private rooms.

In my first minute of entering the hostel, I immediately meet two Chinese girls who are on vacation, and the one is volunteering in the hostel, basically for fun.  We all chat about the area, ours travels and those types of things.  The one girl has only been speaking English for only one month, and I am amazed. She speaks it better than most.  I also spend some time helping her, and I am wondering if my Canadian English actually helped. lol. Eh!

Later in the day, I meet another Canadian, Joel from Winnipeg.  He is also a true Canadian.  Very nice, chatty, and just an all around cool dude.  This is his first time ever traveling outside of North America and so far, I can tell he is loving it.

That night I also meet a Dutch girl, Marlou, who is traveling for 2 months while on a work break.  She is traveling alone for a short bit, then her boyfriend will join her.  Pretty cool break from work!

Just before dinner, an American, Adam arrives.  He is well traveled and has been all over, which is great.  I get to hear some cool stories from Central America.

The four of us head out for dinner, and this is where our great conversations start, and continue in through the evening.

What a great view that night! Sunset and Marlou doing a Dutch pose?

img_20161201_173400 img_20161201_173444

I think I should start staying in hostels again, just to meet more amazing people like this.

The next day we have a few more arrivals in the hostel.  One is a girl from Belgium, Isabel, who is pretty funny.   Her and I enjoy the same type of traveling.  We both prefer to be with locals and away from tourist.  She has some really cool travel stories, one even about living in a jungle with a Thai family.  Something I hope to do one day.

For dinner, Isabel, Marlou and I go for street food.  So damn good.  This is my favorite way of eating.

After Marlou and I play Jenga.  I won, but if you ask her, she did, which might be more correct.


That evening Joel and the Chinese girls cook dinner, for everyone to try.  I wish I took a picture, it was really good and after I washed the dishes.

Joel and I  representing true Canadians!

Joel, Two Chinese girls, Vincent the hostel manager, and Isabel.  Sorry, I did not have a picture, so I stole this from Joel’s FB.


During the day I got my Visa to Cambodia. This means I can book my bus to Cambodia and this is another story for my next post.

That night I say goodbye to everyone, as I am getting up at 6 am to catch my bus at 7 am.

I can’t explain how awesome it is meeting all of these people.  This is something everyone should experience, it is life changing meeting people from all over in one location.  You gain respect for other countries and realize borders are only for the government, not for people.  Borders mean nothing!  People are amazing no matter where they are from, what their beliefs are, or what they look like.  Inside is all that counts!

Until we meet again!



Koh Mak – Awesome Beach and People

My private hut at Monkey Resort was nice, but the fan rooms were starting to kill me.  My throat is getting sore from the dryness.  So, I decided to move to another resort for only 200 ($7.50 CAD) baht more a night, with AC, a pool, and a free breakfast.

Makathanee Resort turns out to be even better than I expected.  The host Net, is such a nice guy.  He does everything to make your stay perfect, including yelling, “Hello Rob!” every morning when he sees me walk by.

Some of the highlights of my 4 days at Makathanee Resort, are;

The one day my 3 friends and I decide to rent kayaks and go to Ko Rayang Nai Island and go snorkeling.

Kai and I shard one kayak, and Irmi and Roodie share the other.   Our first stop is on the East side where we see tones of little fish.





We then circle around to the west side where it is a lot deeper.  Here is see tones of little fish, but also some medium sized ones.  The water is 5 or more meters deep and we can see all the way to the bottom.

This is the actual color of the water.




Kayaking and snorkeling was a pretty awesome day.

Other days, we spent on the beach swimming, drinking cold beers and having great conversations.  I really like my new friends and hope to meet them again.

Some pictures of the area and resort.

img_20161129_105719_hdr img_20161130_113950 img_20161129_105429 img_20161129_105435

As always, I must leave this Island and say goodbye to my new friends and move onto another.  This time, I am heading back to Koh Chang, on my way to Cambodia.

Early in the morning we all say goodbye, Roodie and Irmi are going to Pattaya, and Kai is moving south to Koh Koot.

Goodbye Germans 🙂

The ferry back to Koh Chang that day was a little crazy.  We had high winds and very high waves, that made the ferry bounce all over, and even spray water over the bow all the way over the second floor.  This doesn’t bother me, but when you see the locals who work on the ferry put on life jackets, you start to wonder.

An hour and a half long ferry, turns into 3 hours and I don’t mind.  I really enjoy the views and I love being on the sea.

Here we are pulling into the port and the second image is of a ferry like mine.

img_20161130_142611_hdr img_20161130_142621_hdr img_20161130_142404_hdr

Now onto the hostel for my last 2 nights in Thailand.


Koh Mak – Around the Island

Koh Chang to Koh Mak was pretty easy.  I got a truck taxi from my resort to the bottom of Koh Chang, then onto a ferry, which is about a 2 hour ride.  This ride is where my post will begin.

The pier was really cool.  Lots of little floating shops, and some huts for rent.  I should have requested the price, because I might go back there in a few more days.

Some pictures as we leave the port.

img_20161124_091202 img_20161124_091209 img_20161124_091211 img_20161124_091147

On the truck bus to the ferry I met a couple from Germany, who are on a 20 day holiday in Thailand.  They are really nice, and we have some good laughs together on the ferry as well.

The views from the ferry are pretty amazing.

img_20161124_100250 img_20161124_100258 img_20161124_094348 img_20161124_100146 img_20161124_100204

Our first stop is at Koh Waik.  This Island has very little of what we think are luxuries, even the port is cool.  This is how they exit and enter the ferry from the island.

img_20161124_100657 img_20161124_100607 img_20161124_100650

We toss a few passengers onto the raft, and leave for Koh Mak.  Another hour of beautiful views.


An hour later and we are here.

img_20161124_105810 img_20161124_105813

From the port, I start thinking about where am I going to stay.  I did not make any reservations, in hopes that I can find a deal.

The 2 Germans, and I share a free ride over to a resort we heard is cheap.

And it is.  It is 350 baht for a hut, with water, and a fan.  The huts have only a mattress on the floor with a mosquito net. The huts are extremely hot though.  No breeze.

We decide to continue walking down the beach to see what else exist.

We make it to Monkey Island Resort.  They have similar huts, but with beds and better fans.  They are 600 baht ($19 CAD) per night.  I decide to stay here.

My friends walk further down the beach and find a 5 star resort for 900 baht ($31 CAD) a night.  I think I might upgrade in a few nights to that place, or maybe I will be cheaper and go to the first place.

Pictures from my first day relaxing at Monkey Island Resort.

img_20161124_130511 img_20161124_164655 img_20161124_130452 img_20161124_130506


The next day I meet my friends and a new friend Kai, who is also German, to rent scooters and explorer the island.

Kia and I share a scooter, he wants me to drive, which I am fine with.

Our first stop is a temple, but I cannot find the name of it.

img_20161125_110558_hdr img_20161125_110627_hdr img_20161125_110447

After the temple, we head over to another pier, where we find lots of fish swimming under it.


img_20161125_112022_hdr img_20161125_112027_hdr img_20161125_112126_hdr img_20161125_112258_hdr

Next is a cool little hidden pub, where we stop for a pint.  I love this place.

img_20161125_121641_hdr img_20161125_114147 img_20161125_114150 img_20161125_115125_hdr img_20161125_121636_hdr

Onto our next stop where we will do some swimming, and then onto many more resorts.  We stop at several of them just to explorer but also to find the prices per night.  Just in case I find a deal and want to move later.  However, we find the best beach is ours, and the best prices are also on our current side.

Here are some pictures from the exploring of Koh Mak.

img_20161125_130616_hdr img_20161125_130723_hdr img_20161125_144507_hdr img_20161125_144512_hdr img_20161125_144546 img_20161125_144554_hdr img_20161125_130500_hdr img_20161125_130503_hdr


What an amazing first 2 days on Koh Mak.

Where is Koh Mak?  It’s that little 5 KM wide island in Thailand, near Cambodia.

km1 km2 km3