Bohol – White Beach – Philippines – Got my days mixed up! Demon Gecko that smiles

Today I am heading over to Bohol to see the Tarsier monkey and Chocolate hills.  My first step is to purchase a ferry ticket at the Supercat terminal.

My taxi driver stops at the ticket counter, and I run in to get my ticket.  I request a return ticket for Friday, thinking it was Monday.  This gives me a few days to explorer on the 10th largest Island.

However, the ticket girl informs me, Friday the ferry is closed due to some holiday, that I later find out is Easter Friday.  Anyways, the sign shows 500 pesos one way, and the girl tells me with the return it is 750 pesos.  Great I save 250 pesos!  OK, I actually still got ripped off.  I later see on my ticket receipt it is 300 each way, when you buy both ways and I also confirmed later that it is 600 pesos.  So, I still got ripped off 150 pesos.

What the hell is wrong with some people?  Why do they rip off tourist any chance they get?  I find this so sad, being such an awesome place.  Tourist provide them so much income and they still feel the need to be less than human!

Another example of getting ripped off, is later the same day I bought 4 items from a bakery.  All items are 5 pesos which comes to 20 pesos.  The girl very sneaky charged me 30 pesos, and being an honest person I didn’t think anything of it until a few minutes later.  I find this low, because I know she would not do this to a local.

Anyways, back to the story.

The ferry ride over to Bohol only takes 2 hours and then another 45 minute ride on a motor trike to my hostel.  The trike guy originally wanted 300 pesos, but agreed to 250 pesos.  When we arrived at the hostel, he was such a nice guy and tried to carry my bags in for me, but had a hard time lifting it.  He also gave me tons of information and was super nice.  This is the type of guy that deserved more.  When he gave me my change back from 500 pesos, I ended up giving him the extra 50 pesos and told him I wanted to pay more because he is a honest, great guy.  By the way, 50 pesos is $1.30 CAD.  He thanked me 5 times before leaving.

Good people deserve good things!

I checked into the hostel and in my dorm room I meed two young guys from Norway.  Over the next few days we have a few great chats about Norway and places they have been that they loved.

That night I took a nice walk along the beach and decided to spend a few extra pesos for a nice sunset dinner on the beach.

The next morning I eat breakfast and head out looking for ways to get to the Tarsier Monkeys and Chocolate hills.  This is where I realized I missed up.  Today is not Tuesday, but Wednesday and I am leaving tomorrow on the Ferry back to Cebu.  Grrr, I missed today’s excursion and the only other way is by taxi which cost way to much on my own.

Screw it, its OK.  I am coming back and will see these cute little beast one day.

I head back to my room and grab my mask and snorkel.  I am going to see animals one way or another. 🙂

Down at the beach, I find several great spots for snorkeling.  Check out these great pictures of star fish, little fish, and something I do not know what it is, but it is cool!

I spend most of the day enjoying the beach and eating super cheap, but yummy with some side street BBQ vendors.

Next morning my trip to Bohol is already over. I pack, and head down to the street to find a motor trike for a ride home.

As I am looking for a trike, a car pulls over and asks if he can give me a ride to the terminal for 300 pesos.  I asked if he was a taxi and he said no, he is on his way there and was hoping to make an extra few dollars for gas.  He looked like an honest guy, so I said sure.  A nice AC car for the same price as a uncomfortable trike in the already 30 degree heat.

I get in and within a minute he starts with the common questions asked like, “Where are you from?, how long are you in the Philippines for? etc”  I welcome his questions and also ask some back about him.

Fun part of the story, is he starts telling me about a girl her knows who just finished university and is working in the medical field.  He tells me she is 25 and very pretty, the type of girl I should be looking for.  He eventually tells me, this is his daughter and shows me a picture.  Damn, is all I can say.  She is super cute!

When we arrive at the terminal, he gets out of the car and gives me his name and number.  Ronnie tells me, if I come back to the Philippines to give him a call and we can all go out for dinner 🙂

Ronnie is such a cool dad.  I thought he was only 45 and he told me he is 62 this year.  What do they drink here?

We say goodbye and I wish him the best!

The ferry ride back to Cebu is only half full and very relaxing ride.

The taxi ride to the hotel was another, lets rip off the tourist.  As he is driving I am using my GPS to see where he goes.  I see he adds an extra few turns for no reason, when the road is straight to my hotel, and he didn’t need to make a left and two rights to get back onto the same road.  So I ask him why he took these roads for no reason, and I know he added an extra kilometer just to rip me off.  He had no response and I could see it in his eyes that he knew I was right.

When we arrive the hotel he then drives past the front door, which was obvious and then slowly reverses trying again to get the toll higher.  I then said stop very loud and aggressive.  He stops and starts to get out without stopping the meter.  I lean forward and his stop on the meter for him.

I then explain to him I would have given him a tip but am very unhappy he thinks he can rip off a tourist.  He tried acting like he didn’t know what I met, so I showed him the path he took and where he should have gone.  He then says sorry and I give him 5 pesos less than the meter said.  5 pesos is nothing, but I wanted to make a point.  He didn’t argue as there was a security guard for the hotel standing beside me listening in.

I am a little frustrated at how people from 3rd world countries think sometimes.  I don’t mean this always happens, but when it does, it is frustrating.

Anyways, I am at the hotel and my opinion quickly changes again.  I love Filipino people for the most part and this is one reason why.

Two small young guys that work at the hotel want to carry my bags up for me.  I try to stop them because the one guy could barely get my backpack on.  But then I decided to just help him get it on his back.

When we get to the room, they set my bags down, shake my hand and leave without asking for tips.  As they are walking down the hall, both guys were signing.  People here are always singing. I love it!

I am now at the hotel and ready for some needed R and R.

I normally would stop my blog post here, but since there is only one day left in the Philippines, I wanted to add my last little story to this blog.

The next day I headed out for some water, and when I came back, the same two guys were standing near my door way.

As I put my hand on the door knob a small gecko was on it and scared the shit out of me.  I jumped like a girl when it moved.  The two young guys couldn’t contain themselves and they started laughing like little kids.  Ok, I agree, it was funny as shit.

The gecko is now 5 feet from me on the floor, looking at me.  I decided, this is my turn to pay him back.  I start stomping my feet as I ran towards him, trying to scare him.  Well, it didn’t work and he ran between my feet and once again, I jumped like an idiot trying not to step on him.  The young guys are now almost falling over laughing.

I didn’t know what to say, and I was now laughing too.  

The young guys finally stopped laughing and we talked for a minute, and then I went into my room feeling dumb and silly at the same time.

A little later on I went into the restroom for a tinkle.  As I pull out the anaconda and start to relieve myself.  That demon gecko ran across the top of the toilet, and spooked me again.  I fucking pissed on my feet and hand.  I know this is the same gecko, as I saw a smile on his face.  The little bastard.  I now think he is doing it on purpose.  This is why I have named him Demo gecko.

That is my last story for the Philippines, as tomorrow I am heading to the Airport to fly the Thailand.

Talk soon all!

Cebu, Philippines – I can’t believe I am seeing you again after 5 years!

After saying goodbye to Malin in Moalboal, I jumped on a motor trike for the quick 10 minute ride into Moalboal.  I love the mopeds and trikes.  This would cost me $10 dollars back home and here it only cost 100 pesos, about $3.10 CAD.

Anyways, I am waiting in Moalboal for a bus, but today I decide to be picky and wait for a Aircon bus.  We would call it AC or Air Conditioned bus.

3 buses pass, and then I see it, the AC bus,  Wasn’t a bad wait, only about 35 minutes in 34 degree heat with a hangover.  Sometimes I don’t make the best decisions the night before!

I jump on and pay the extremely cheap fare.  116 pesos ($3.20 CAD) for a 4 hour bus ride.  Find that in Canada.

My seat buddy is a young Filipino, who is also sleepy like myself.  I am not sure how, but he and I both sleep most of the ride to Cebu.  So much so, that when we arrive in Cebu I was checking my GPS to see how much longer.  I thought at least another hour.  Nope, we are here.

A 20 minutes taxi ride later I am at my hotel and checked in.  I am loving my room, small, clean and has excellent internet.

That night I just relax, and watch some TV, while I recuperate from my hangover.  The one thing I did do is message an old friend from 5 years or more ago, from when I lived in Victoria, BC.  Jessica is arriving in Cebu tomorrow and I can’t wait to catch up.

How did I meet Jessica? Well when I lived back in Victoria, BC, I advertised for a house cleaner, and she was one of the few who responded.  I can’t recall what about her resume stood out, but from the minute I met her, I knew she was an amazing person.  Back then she was dating an Aussie guy, and was traveling back and forth from Australia to be with him.  She was a young 24, but had already traveled all over the world.

I remember one night, I barely knew her, and she invited me over to her place for a pretty awesome dinner, with her boyfriend.  She is always a very inviting person, and you couldn’t help but really like her.

Well fast forward to 6 months ago, I was on Facebook stalking Jess, and looking at all of her amazing travel pictures and stories.  I decided to message her and tell her, she has inspired me to to the same. At that point I hadn’t told anyone I had made the decision to leave, but I did told Jess.  Her email back was truly inspirational and I knew I must do this.

Jessica met me at my hotel the next morning and I was so much in shock to see her again, I didn’t really even know what to say.  The real Jessica is standing right here in front of me.  Wow!

We spend a few minutes catching up and then She decides to book a room in the same hotel and stay the night.

Well, that night Jess and I went out for a beer at a Irish Pub here in Cebu Philippines, and then off to dinner.

Our dinner conversion was amazing, I love all of her stories.  We share so many great things about our past and how we both got to this point.  I hope in another 5 years we get to meet again, in another random country.

The next morning Jess and I have breakfast together and then it happens.  We have to say goodbye for now, once again.

Jess, you are an inspiration to all, and I hope you will keep being the amazing person you are!

Goodbye Jess!

Moalboal Philippines – Sardines and unexpected man crushes! GREAT CANADIANS!

After Oslob, Marlin and I bused to White Beach 7 kilometers from Moalboal.  The bus ride is about 3 hours in total.

While on the bus, I noticed two cute dutch girls looking a little lost.  So, I ask them where they are off too, and they tell me.  I then grab my phone and spend a few minutes finding the hotel for them and tell them, what they need to tell the driver.  He will stop at the hotel front door.

As the bus gets closer to their hotel I let them know and make sure they don’t miss it.

The two girls are so happy with my help, when they got dropped off, the one girl said thanks a hundred times.

Malin turns to me and says, “You are such a Canadian!”  I guess I have helped a few people while she was around.  I love how she relates to being honest and helpful as Canadian!

Keep it up Canadians! Even the Fins think we are amazing people!

In Moalboal I had already booked a bungalow for myself, but did not include Malin.  At the time I thought she was coming a day later.  Unfortunately this caused a tone of confusion when we arrived.  The owner did not speak English, but a guest spoke English and was able to translate.  However, this guest was not helping as he was not telling the owner what was asked.

It was very simple.  I have a bungalow with one bed reserved and paid for.  Is there another bungalow with 2 beds, that we could rent for the 1 night, or can we add a matters to the current bungalow, and how much extra do we need to pay?  If this is a no, that is not an issue, we can find Malin another room.  There are heaps of resorts all over.

This simple thing caused us an hour of repeating ourselves, and still getting no answer.  They initially told us there are two other bungalows available, one with a big bed, one with two beds.  I am like, “Great!  How much for the one with two beds?”  The response, “We don’t know!”  So I kindly asked if they can find out.

15 more minutes goes by, and they finally say, “No you can’t rent it, it is booked”

With process of elimination, I declare that only my bungalow is free.  So, I then asked can she stay with me or not.

Another 10 minutes goes by, and I finally get an answer, “Yes!”.  Malin and I say.  “Great! Done!”

Oh wait for it, it is not over!  There is going to be a charge for an extra person.  Once more with feeling, “How much?”

He doesn’t know, but with luck his wife shows up and speaks English.  We ask her the same question and she starts to go off on this explanation, and I somewhat rudely stop her and say, “This is a simple question, I do not want a story, all I want to know, is how much?”  He starts to talk and I stop her again, and say, “How much?”  She response, “300 pesos.”  I look at Malin and ask, all good?  she is like for sure!

We then both say thank you and the owners wife adds a second matters.

Wow! That’s all I can say about that.

The bungalow itself was really nice.  I really enjoyed it and if it was closer to a nice beach, I would stay longer.

That evening Malin and I checked out the local beach, which is nice but not a lot to see.  Just some swimming and cheap beers, but great for a night.

That night Malin fell even more ill.  She now fully has the same sickness I had.  But again, she is a super trooper and pulls through.

The next morning we pack and head to Panagsama Beach.  We heard from our taxi driver it is the place to go too.

Panagsama Beach is only 4 kilometers from White Beach and is a nice little town.  We went to a few hotels to find prices and ended up settling for a very nice place right on the water.  Malin paid a little more to get an AC room for a few nights until she is over the illness.

Over the next two days, I spent most of my time snorkeling and walking around town, looking at all the cool sites.

Check out my snorkeling video.  Has some really cool Sardines 🙂

The one day I was walking along the main street minding my own business when I feel someone grabbing my ass.  I am like, “What the hell, and keep doing it!”  As I turn around to see how much I owed for this nice gesture, I see it is my man crush, David.  He has been here for a few days and when he told me where he was going, I completely thought it was up north, not here.

What a great surprise!

Dave and I hangout that night and catch up.

The next day Malin is still under the weather, so David and I go into town and do some shopping.  He has a night planned and has invited tones of people for drinks at the peer, and then after a night of disco and drinking.

While waiting for Shit Fest to start, we head over to the peer and see a young American being harassed by young local girls.  Ranging in age of 9 to 14.  I have to tell you, they are some of the funniest kids I have met.  The one girl keeps sneaking up behind us, trying to scare us.  While the others toss water at us.

Some pictures of the girls playing!

Fast forward to 8 PM, I find Dave and we grab his local flavored booze and my bottle of beer/rum/cinnamon.  The peer is across the road and we sneak on.  You are not allowed on unless you pay a fee, which is crazy.  No one is even on it.

We try our 4 bottles and decide they all SUCK! and Hope others show up soon, so they can help.

Eventually a couple of Swedes show up and help us.  A young guy and girl.  Not sure of their names, but they were a lot of fun.

Later in the night we head to the disco and the fluids go down even better.  Dave keeps buying tubes of beer.  Not sure how many are in a tube, but its more than a few.

At some point we start hanging out with the biggest Mexican I have ever met.  He is such a cool guy as well and we have a tone of fun.  I don’t remember much of it, until my walk home.

Earlier in the day I met two young, hot, French Canadian girls who I invited out with us.  They got lost and didn’t make it to the disco.  However, on my walk home I stumble across one of the two girls.  She was the one of the two that did not talk.  I find out quickly she didn’t talk because she thought I was cute.  She has had a few drinks and just blurts it out.  In my state of mind, I decided to ask her if she could tuck me into bed, because I lost David.  She agrees and is a great replacement 🙂

That morning I wake up feeling a little worse for ware, but I have to commute back to Cebu, so I force myself up and go for breakfast.

I see Malin and the two French girls sitting there, so I gracefully walk over and sit down trying to hide I feel like ass.

We all have some good chats and I say goodbye to the French girls and give the one a wink when no one is looking. 😉

Just before I leave, I say goodbye to Malin, a new amazing friend who I will come visit in Finland next year.

The trip to Cebu and meeting an old friend from when I lived Victoria, BC, Canada up next!

Cebu to Oslob Philippines – Swimming with Whale Sharks

Finding the bus to Oslob was very easy, and leaves every 30 minutes from the South Terminal in Cebu.  With a few minute wait at the terminal a new bus arrives and Malin and I board.

The trip to Oslob was little over 4 hours, but goes by rather quickly as I try to annoy Malin the entire way.  When she finally gets board of me, I decide to find a new way to entertain myself, by waving at every local I see on the side of the road.  I wanted to see how many would wave back.  This goes on for about an hour, and I am sure Malin now thinks I am a nut case.  🙂

As always, when we arrive at the hotel location, it is wrong but the locals standing beside the road point us in the right direction and 10 minutes later we are there.

Malin and I get a shared room to cut down on the cost.

The new place is decent with a flushing toilet, but no seat.  I later find out that shitting without a lid is a challenge when you get a leg cramp and almost fall over.  But no one wants to hear that story.

That evening Malin and I decide to play billiards with a local boy who has a crush on Malin.  I do nothing to help her and find it very funny when he invites her to his room.  She says thank you, but no.  Aww another broken heart!

We also indulged that night with a local bottle of rum, which cost a very reasonable 35 pesos ($1.05 CAD)

The next morning I wake up shortly after 5 am and I toss a pillow at Malin’s head to wake her up.  Yes, I am sure she loves me by now. 🙂

By 6 am we are on our way to the Whale Sharks.  Our first adventure using a motorbike tricycle.  The driver is an older guy who is also laughing at something.  I can never understand him, but laugh along.

15 minutes later and we are at the Whale Shark gates.  I quickly check in and pay the 1000 pesos ($30 CAD) for the boat ride out.

Snorkeling with the Whale sharks last about 30 minutes but is more than worth it.  These dudes are massive and so cool to look at.

Take a look at my video link below.
Click me to see the Whale Sharks

After the whale sharks we take another tricycle back to our hotel to get some needed rest.

I forgot to mention but I am still suffering from massive cramps and still needed to find some medication.

Around noon I decide to take the 5 minute trip into Oslob and see if I can find meds.  The tricycle taxi only cost 8 pesos either way, which is like 15 cents.  Ridiculously cheap.

Right where the taxi drops me off, there is a local pharmacy. I walk in and ask if they have any of the antibiotics on my list.  The girl says yes and is super helpful.  She even gave me recommendations, and the pills.  All for 28 pesos, less than a dollar.

I take the first pill with water, and in less than 2 hours I have no cramps.  This is amazing, I feel better than I have in a month.  Even the heat is no longer killing me.  I am just sweating like a normal chubby Canadian.

While in town I found a couple food stands selling some great BBQ.  My favorites were Chicken legs, Fish on a stick, and Chicken Spring Rolls, which I ate too many of and don’t care. Mmmm good!

The rest of the day, Malin and I go back into town and find several cool places for local food and drinks.  So many fresh fruit milkshakes were drank all for less than a dollar.

That night we take it a little easier as Malin is now starting to feel the same way I did for the last week. 🙁  However, I have to say, she is a trooper, even maybe a super trooper.  She never lets the sickness get in the way of her fun.

The next day we take our time and pack, and then catch the next bus to Moalboal.

How do you catch a bus when there is no bus stops.  You stand in the middle of the road and wave like a mad man, hoping they stop.  Normally they do!

Anyways, 3 hours later we arrive in Moaboal.  More to come on swimming with Sardines and meeting old friends unexpectedly.

Cebu – Lapu Lapu, Philippines – I am sick?

My first night in the Philippines doesn’t go as planned.  I wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, and freezing cold.  This cannot be good.  My stomach is cramping, but I don’t have to go to the relief room.  I do my best to fall back asleep, but the rest of the night is filled with sweating and freezing at the same time.

Early in the morning, I start to feel fine, but I now have these massive cramps.  By the middle of the day, I start contemplating taking Midol. BUT, I am too young to be going through the Change!

I end up calling my next reservation and request to come 2 days late. I don’t want to travel 5 to 6 hours on a local bus and end up having to use a restroom, which doesn’t exist.  I remember this from Indonesia where the driver told me he can stop and I can use the alley way.  Please No!

Over the next two days, nothing changes.  The cramping comes and goes every 15 minutes or so.  I read online that I need to take antibiotics, and I try to get some at the local pharmacy, but they say I need a prescription.  I know I can get them without, so I just wait.

During the two days, I meeting a few new friends.  The first is Malin.  She is a 30 year old artsy girl from Finland, who is super cool.  We go for walks everyday and share some cool stories.  She also isn’t feeling great, so we have that type of complaining to share. 🙂

I also meet this really confident, cool guy from Drunkin Dunkin, BC, Canada, named David.  He and I have similar stories, where we sold everything and decided to travel.  He is 40, but is in the shape of a 20 year old, which I am a bit, or a lot jealous about.  I don’t let this get in the way of us being great friends.

There is also a young Japanese girl, Mika, who is staying at the hostel and it is her 28th birthday, which is the same day as the 1 year anniversary of the hostel.  This turns out to be a major bonus.

The owner of the hostel takes us all out for dinner to a place called, Lantaw.  It is a restaurant on top of the highest peak near Cebu City.  You can see the entire city from the patio.

Lantaw Website

So that night we all pack into 2 vans and head up the long drive, up the hill.  When we arrive, you cannot imagine the view we have.

We all put on silly hats and have several drinks, lots of amazing food, and a great time.  I can’t go into all the details, so just look at the pictures.

At the end of the evening, we find out the owner is paying for everything, including drinks and taxi service.  If you ever want a great place to stay, check out Nemo Lounge in Cebu.

Nemo Lounge

Thank you so much for the amazing time both at dinner and the 4 nights I spent getting to know you all.

4 Nights have passed and I decide to just take my chances with the cramping and head to Oslob for some Whale Shark snorkeling.

Not long before I leave, Malin decides she wants to come with me, and I think it might be cool to travel together for a bit and share some cost.  I obviously say yes!

It doesn’t take her long and she is packed and ready.  We also find out that David, the OTHER Canadian is going to the same bus terminal.  This is great, we all split on a taxi ride.

When we arrive at the ferry, with a twinkle in my eye I say goodbye to David.  I am sure if Malin was not there, we both would have teared up.  He is my long lost brother.

Bye David, until we meet again!

Malin and I are on the bus and on our way.  Wish me luck and play to the poop Gods, I make it.

Cebu Philippines – Flying from Kuta Bali – What a long days

This is going to sound like a negative post, but really I am just stating the facts about my commute to the Philippines.

My luxury hotel in Kuta had told me when I checked in, that it was OK if I left my bags at the front desk and hung out around the pool for the day, because my flight is not until 6:45 PM that night.  However, that morning the guy who told me this was not there and the girl said this is not possible.  Check out time is noon, no exceptions.

She did give me a free taxi to the airport.

It is now just before 1 pm and I am at the Kuta Airport, and something I never imagined is the airport does not have air condition.  I am sitting and sweating like a mad man.  By 2 pm and I soaked in sweat, not exactly what I want for a 17 hour commute to Cebu.

Eventually enough time passes by that I can check in and get through security, and this part of the airport is a little cooler, but I am still sweating.

One thing I should mention, is when I checked in, I got both tickets, the one for Kuta to Singapore and the next, from Singapore to Cebu, but the check in girl had mentioned I had to get my bag in Singapore.  I should have clued into what she met.

6:45 pm is here and I am on the plane.  My luck has changed and I get the entire first row to myself and the air condition is working.  However, I probably smell like Bigfoot’s balls, but who cares.  I am cool!

The flight went by fast and we are in Singapore.

I exit the plane and go find my bag, and then it hits me.  I am exiting the airport, and will have to check in again.  So, before I exit to get my bag, I ask someone if maybe my bag is actually going all the way because I have both tickets.  The person confirmed that my bag is not going all the way and my second ticket is garbage, I will need to recheck in with my bag.

The problem with this is, you cannot check in until 2 hours before your flight, and I have a 11 hour layover.  Waiting in this area of the airport sucks, because everything is behind security, such as food, sleeping area, etc.

I go over to the tigerair counter and see if I can get my ticket early or not.  It is 9:00 pm and he says, no come back at 11 pm.  2 hour wait isn’t as bad as 9.

2 hours goes by and I walk back over, a new guy is there and says, come back at 1 am.

2 hours goes by again, and I walk back over.  A new girl is there and she says, sure.  As she is checking me in, she realizes why my bag did not go all the way through.  It is because I do not have a return ticket out of the Philippines, and the other didn’t want the hassle of asking my to get one, so she just stopped by bag here.  Lesson learned!  I will still take the chance of not having a return ticket, and if they request it or something like this happens, I will just get one on the spot.

So, that is exactly what I had to do here.  They wouldn’t let me through until I had a return ticket out of the Philippines.  Not an issue, I will book a cheap ticket with cancellation insurance.

This ends up being another adventure.  I don’t have internet.  They tell me to go to the information center and get a free pass.

The information center gives me a free pass, but the password is type incorrectly.  This is another challenge explaining this to the information center, and eventually the person tries it themselves and says.  It is incorrect.  Fuck my Life!  Anyways, I am not logged in.

I find a flight, but the internet is so slow, it fails when paying twice. Uhhhhh!

I head over to the TigerAir desk and ask if I can book the ticket here, as it is through their airline.  I remember the good old days, when this was possible.  Nope, you must do it online!

I stand there for a minute and go, Fuck My Life! once more, but this time with feeling!

The guy says, oh wait, you can use my phone and call the booking center.  Cool!   He dials the number, “Sorry, we are only open from 7 am to 7 pm, click!”  Do I need to say it?

I tell him and he says, oh yeah, it is 1:30 am.

I decide to try my luck with the highspeed dailup internet, and oh my god! it works.  I have a ticket.  I almost jump up and down, but I am too lazy.

I finally get checked in, and go through security, on my mission to find the free sleeping area posted all over the Singapore website.

1 hour of walking and there is no such thing!  They are both closed for cleaning.  Yes, they clean the sleeping area at night.  I am not sure if you see the stupidy here or not.  I did, as I see people sleeping all over on the floor, on benches.

I googled the airport to see where the free movie room is, where lots of people find a good place to sleep.  I find it, and guess what.  Open 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, the sign shows.  However, another sign below shows, closed from 1 am to 4 am for cleaning.

There is no real place to sneak off to and sleep, so I decide just to wait it out, and drink some coffee.  Singapore airport, your website lies!

My next flight to Cebu is here and I am off.  I can’t beleive I am still awake at 9 am, and I am not even that tired.

The flight itself went by rather fast, and I met another new friend.  Her name is Cynthia and she is from Cebu, but works as a house cleaner in Singapore.  I guessed her age of 22, but then she told me, no she is 31.  What do these people drink, to look so damn young?

We had some pretty cool conversations and she gave me her number to maybe meet up again in Cebu, but I lost that number somewhere between customs and security.

A short 15 minute taxi ride and I am in my hostel, ready for some needed rest.  Until tomorrow Cebu!