Perth Australia to Bali Indonesia – Buses, Planes, and Spoiled demon kid

I got the Perth Airport pretty easy, as a bus stop was right
outside Jay’s place.  It only took about
an hour to get there.  I checked in and
went through security, which was quick and painless. 
I wanted to exchange my money from the sale of the car into Indonesian
cash.  I got 6.2 Million from 775 Aussie
dollars.  I later find out the Australian
money exchange place is a complete rip off. 
I could have gotten a 1.3 million more. 
This means they screwed out of $100 dollars CAD.  In Bali, even if I got scammed I would have come
out better.  Oh well, live and learn.
The plane was early and only 2/3rds full.  I had an open seat between me and my row
mate.  However, as my luck always has it,
I had some jackass behind me kicking my seat before we even took off. 
After about 5 minutes of this, I turn around and saw it was
a little.  Turning around was enough for
the dad to wake up.  He apologizes and
tells her to stop.  This only last a few
minutes and she does it several times again. 
I turn around and nicely say, “Hi”, with a smile.  I then in a calm voice say, “I would love it
if I didn’t have someone kicking my seat.” 
He again says sorry and tells her to stop.  She doesn’t give a shit and tells him that
she wants to rest her feet against the seat, it is more comfortable.
He argues with her for a minute and she eventually
Again this only last 10 minutes. 
We are taxing to the runways, and I decide, this is my last
chance to stop it.  I no longer am going
to allow someone to kick my seat.  I
always just ignore it, but no more. 
People have to learn respect.
I turn around and say to the dad, “Ether you discipline her,
or I WILL!” 
He again starts arguing with her, but seems to be losing the
I do not understand this, you are the parent, and she is a
little fucking kid.
Let me say this.  Some
of the readers here will disagree with me and say, because I do not have kids I
do not understand what it is like, and how hard it is.  Well, I would like to say this back to
you.  You are extremely WRONG!  I was a kid and had parents, and also see
kids every day of my life.  If I acted
that way as I kid, I would lose everything, and I mean it. My parents did not
give empty threats, when they said I wasn’t eating supper, I didn’t.  When they said, I am not playing outside, I
didn’t, and it wasn’t for 5 minutes, it was for the night.  I didn’t get ungrounded until I proved I
learned my lesson. 
This is called PARENTING!
The reason so many kids today are pieces of shit, is because
no one follows through with disciplining them.
The father in this case, lost the battle and he gave the
little bitch to his mother.  For whatever
reason, the mother was sitting in a row of 3 alone, and the wimpy dad and demon
child sat in a row of 3, with one empty seat.
Throughout the flight I heard the demon child argue and yell
at her mom and dad over the stupidest shit, and I never heard them actually do
anything about it.
Okay, enough about that. 
The flight itself went by fast and we even arrived early.
I got through customs and security into Bali fast and found
my bag. 
As I exited the airport I see a wall of taxi guys trying their
best to get people.  I calmly walk
through them and found my way to the street. 
Here I had a feeling I could get a cheaper ride and I did.  At the Airport I was quoted 150,000, but on
the street I was able to get 120,000.  I
also later found out, that 150,000 was a good price, so I got a really good
price. J 
I arrived at my hotel by around 6 pm.
The front desk could not find my reservation, but this ended
up not being an issue.  I showed them my
online ticket from my phone and they bumped me up to a room with AC. 
All this for $11 CAD.  Picture from my balcony, of the pool.

Well, I am here in Bali, Indonesia.  Yippy, I can’t wait to get this adventure started!!!

Perth Australia – Jay’s Place – Snorkeling – Selling the car – Roos

Before we get started I want to share this moon rise from my backyard.

Jay’s place

When I arrived in Perth, it was so frigging hot I decided to find a place to stay on AirBnB.  Jay was the first place I saw and he took me in on short notice.

I ended up staying with Jay for over a week and really loved it.  Jay is from Asia, somewhere, but moved to Australia when he was 8 or 10 with his parents.  He has a rather strong Aussie accent, which doesn’t match his face at all.  Been fun for me to listen to him talk.

While at Jay’s he introduced me to several of his friends.

Jame’s a black guy from the UK.  He moved here about 12 years ago and is doing really good.  He and I had some cool conversations about Aussie girls.  I nicked named him, the black stallion.

Then there was Simon, a super funny, and crazy born and raised Aussie.  He is the most true Aussie person I have ever met.  Surf’s all day, is 44 but looks 24, and never stops talking.  I love this guy.  He even hooked me up with a great contact in Bali.

The last guy I met was Kandmoo.  He is from Sri Lanka, and came here about 5 years ago.  Moo as we call him, is a lot of fun.  We partied together that one night a lot.

Below is a picture from our night in VIP, with bottle service.  Mind you, bottle service is $150 per bottle, and we got 2.  I offered to pay some of it, but they declined.  At first I wondered where they got there money from, but later I found out how one gets his, and I won’t mention it here.

One pic didn’t turn out… but you try holding a camera and pointing it with one eye closed.

That night was pretty amazing, we drank until 4 am and then I got denied in the last bar because they didn’t accept my Canadian ID.  Was a let down, however, up to that point, I have never had so many hot 21 year old girls dance with me and more, without me ever trying.  I am not even kidding, at the one bar I was just sitting alone and an Aussie girl came over and just sat on my lap,  I asked her, her age and she said 21, I said I am 36.  She smiles, and I replied, “We are only 5 years different in age!”.  She says yea, lets dance and pulls me up.  Maybe they don’t teach basic math to girls until after 21?  Who cares, lol.

I don’t know why they liked me so much, but it was one amazing night.

Thanks Jay for one hell of a night and for all the help!

Selling my Hot Rod

Selling the Hot Rod was a lot easier than I thought.  I posted it on two online sites here in Australia, and by the first weekend, I had 2 offered.  The first one to show up bought it within 10 minutes and drove it away, right then and there.

I heard from Kerry the next day saying thanks and she is loving car.

I bought the 1994 Ford Falcon Wagon for $800 and sold it for $750.  I could have easily have waited and got $900 for it, but why?  a Rental car would have costed me closer to $800 for the two weeks here.  So I made out pretty good.

Snorkeling in Perth

I have to say, I love Perth.  There is endless beaches and all of them are clean, fun, and refreshing.  Everyday but one, I drove to the beach for a swim/snorkel and after I would use the fresh water shower to rinse the sand off.  Which means I almost never had to shower.  Salt water clean. 🙂

Perth is an amazing place, with 9 months of almost perfect weather.

Check out some of the pictures below and soon I will post a short video.


I was a little sad that I never saw more Kangaroos while driving across Australia and I complained to Jay.  Well he tells me 15 minutes down the road is a cemetery where a heap of them live.  They are wild, so don’t get to close.

With a little excitement and little bit of skepticism I drive right over there.  As I am getting to the end of the road, I am starting to think they are a myth, and then I see one napping.

OMG, this so cool!  I am happy again.

I get of the car, take some pictures of him and watch for about 10 minutes. He looks sleepy and isn’t doing much, so I get back in the car, and start to leave.

50 feet forward and there is at least 100 of them.  Big ones, little ones, sleepy ones, happy ones… yup, all of them.

I have to mention, the big one had some big balls.  Zoom in, I know you want too!

Mmmm Kangaroo Meat!

A video to come soon!

Thanks for reading all, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share with your friend or enemies my posts.

Adelaide – Perth Australia – IBS and only 1 hour to go!

I am on the open road, the windows down, the AC on, and my hair blowing in the wind.  Awww freedom!

My plan is to drive towards Port Augusta, about 4 hours from Largs Bay and find my first free overnight camping spot.  What will it be like to sleep in the back of my new hot rod?

4 hours goes by pretty quickly and I am here.  I use the app, CamperWiki AU, to help find a campground and it shows me there is one about 30 minutes drive up the coast.  I plug it into my phones GPS and head over.

10 minutes away and this is the road it has me going down.

I later learn that a lot free campgrounds are only 4 wheel drive accessible and don’t have toilets.  Two things I know I will need.

Another hour long drive of going 20 KM/H because of the bumps, rocks and ruts in the road, I find the campground shown on my App.

The campground is just a popular turnaround people use when fishing here.  It will have to do, and it is a nice place.  Cool ocean breeze, no misquotes, and no one for miles.  Should be a great first night.

I watched a beautiful sunset and then climbed into the back of the hot rod.  It is actually comfy, and I fall asleep rather quickly.

Here is where the fun starts.

I think it was 2 am when I started to feel a really bad cramp in my lower stomach.  Oh god, I know exactly what this is.  This means, whatever is in me, is coming out SOON!

I lay there for another minute thinking about my options.  I can try and get back into town and find a gas station, but I know the hour drive down this horrible road will kill me, or I can do my business outside the car.

Well, after hearing a story about a guy getting bit by a snake while taking a crap in the outback today, I decided to take my chances and start driving towards the city.

30 minutes of agonizing pain and butt clenches, I arrive at the paved road.  I can see the lights of the city, but I also feel, what is in me, is coming out NOW!

Screw it! I know what I have to do.  I slam the old girl in reverse and back down the road 100 yards.  Jump out and duck walk 20 passes.  Yup! this is the spot, this is where I learn the answer to, “if a bear shits in the woods does it stink”

All I remember is ensuring I am facing upwind, and I let her rip.  Thank god I had bought tissue that same day.  The other good news is I didn’t get any one me.  Woot Woot, that is a win for me.

I get back into the car and drive into town.  I soon find out that I made the right choice and the only toilets are locked.

The next town is about an hour away, so I start heading that direction.  Not long after I find a rest area along the highway with open restrooms.  Actually only 5 minutes past where I turned off earlier onto the unpaved road.

This is where I finish my sleep.

Day 1 and Night 1 completed… oh, I hope the rest of the drive has less fun!

I am now on the main highway A1, which goes all the way to Perth.  It has an average speed limit of 110 KM/H, and I know that you cannot go over the limit at all. They only have a 2 KM/H grace here, which doesn’t matter because most people here only drive 90 KM/H.  So that is my cruising speed.

As I am driving I catch something out the corner of my eye.  It is, yes it is! Two Kangaroos hoping fast along side of the road.  OMG, that was so cool!  I hope I see many more!

It is around 3 pm and what the hell!  I feel a funny feeling in my stomach again!  This can’t be, as I know it has been about 1 hour since the last gas station.  I check my phone and see the next one is another hour away.  I know I won’t make it to either stations, and my best option is to just keep going forward, hopefully a station not on my map will appear.

I should mention that my phone has no signal and hasn’t for the last day.  I am trusting what was cached.

The hour has passed and I am almost at the next gas station, but there are signs showing it is a check point.  I am now praying to the poop gods that the toilet is before the check point, as I have bad news.  I didn’t really make it.  I have sharted several times.
Click here to learn what Sharted means!

2 More KM and luck has it, the toilets are on this side of the check point, and the door to them is outside.

I take one last breath, one last clench, and fast duck walk in.

My luck has gotten even better, this stop has trucker showers.  I pay the $3 and clean up.

The rest of the drive is uneventful, thank god.  I make it through the check point without any hassle and arrive at my next free campground.

This one has toilets and a pub 5 minute walk away.  The day can’t get any worse, so I head over to the pub for a pint, as it is 40 degrees Celsius, and I am not ready to lay in my oven for the night.

By the way, the town is called Kimba and is really cool.  Only two streets and all of the buildings are original, like from an old western movie.

Day 2 and Night 2 completed!

Day 3 was a nice relaxing drive.  A little hot, 40 again, and at times I am getting sick of never being in shade.  I mean, there is never shade anywhere.

Other than that, the only other exciting thing that happened was the $1.94 per liter of petrol.

Oh yes, something I should mention.  Gas here is called Petrol, Gas is propane (LPG), and if you ask for Gas, they will give you propane, as they have cars which run on it.
Too learn more about LPG Systems, click here!

I arrive at my next free campground as the sun is just about to set.  From inside the car, I get to see another amazing sunset.  Being outside at this location is impossible.  The misquotes are worse here than any place I have ever been.  I can hear them outside and they sound like a sworn of bees all around my car.  Crazy!

Day 3 and Night 3 completed!

The next day I am amused by the signs I see.  Emu crossing, Kangaroo Crossing, Camel Crossing and some big weird animal crossing.  One of the signs are shown above.

If you don’t believe me in how straight and boring some of these roads are, look at the next picture.

A few more pictures of the drive from today.

I don’t recall what time of day it was, but when I arrived in Perth, the first thing I did was drive to the beach and go for a swim.

After my swim, I realize I can’t sleep in my tin can again, not when it is only going down to 29 degrees tonight.

I load up AirBNB and find a cheap host, with WiFi and a shower.  Sweet!

Well, my trip to Perth was fun and I loved each sunset I saw.  Sleeping in the car wasn’t all that bad, and I am now planning on a similar trip in Canada when I get back home.

Thanks all for reading, and don’t forget tissue when doing road trips.  You just never know!

Largs Bay, Australia – Sailing, Dolphins and Patience

In my working career I had to deal with a lot of different types of personalities, and there are those few types I never learned to deal with.  Two personality traits I could never find a way to deal with, were people who were not self-aware, and or were condescending.  If you added in a person who just doesn’t care, you had a perfect mix of ASSHOLE!  People who showed these behaviors I always wanted to learn how to better handle them, and on this week, I got another chance to learn.

By now, I think most people know I am trying to better myself, but I wasn’t expecting I would keep myself in this situation on purpose.

Well, here it goes, this is the story about my week long attempt at getting experience on the ocean.

While in New Zealand, I was on a site called CrewBay, where people with all levels of experience can apply for various positions on boats.  Ranging from a deck hand, to captain.  I would be at the bottom of this list, and have been applying for a helping hand/deck hand, in exchange for passage on a boat.

I had a few responses but nothing solid until Dragos from Adelaide, Australia messaged me back and invited me for a few day trips to get a feel for it.  I accepted this offer and left New Zealand.

A few days later I arrived at Dragos house.  From day 1 of meeting him, I could tell he was a decent guy, but definitely had a god complex.  The first day he non stop talked about how people are useless and never follow instructions.

I first hand know there is only two reasons for this, either the person is useless, or the instructions are sub-par.  I have a gut feeling I know which one it is with him.

Our first day out sailing I found the answer to my curiosity.  This is how it went.

Picture across the roof of the cabin is 8 or more ropes.  All of which go forward to the sails, and this being my first time on this boat, actually any sailboat, I don’t know what each one is for.

Dragos says, “Give me slack on the (something)!”

I look at him and said, “Which rope?”

He response a little pissed, “I’ll do it myself!!!”

This is how the next week or more goes.  He would ask me or whoever is with us to do something, haven’t ever done it before and expect us to know what he means.  This frustrates the hell out of me but I really wanted this experience.  So I stick with it.

Our first day sailing went really good all in all.  We had two tourist with us from France.  Both of which got sea sick.  I never felt any kind of sickness and still have no idea what people are talking about.

We also saw 3 dolphins, a few seals and in the harbor there were 50 or more jellyfish.

Here are a few pictures from that day.

A few days later, we go out again with two young french girls.  The trip was a mirror image of our first trip.  The two girls got sea sick, I didn’t.  I don’t think I have this jean.  We again saw dolphins, seals and I got a lessen on being patient with Dragos.

Dragos says he is enjoying my company and offers to find a 3rd person to go with us on a 3 day trip.  Honestly I did not want to go, I wanted to leave and completely forgot about ever meeting this dude, but at the same time I force myself and say, lets do it!

A couple of days later Dragos has found a young German girl who is extremely excited to go and we finalize the details and meet at the boat.

Leaving the slip was easy as I have done it twice now and know what he expects.  We hit the ocean and have a days sail until we arrive at the river opening, where there is a dolphin reserve.  This is were we will anchor for a few nights.

Getting here was relaxing.  Lots of big waves and I am enjoying the bouncing around.  Annie doesn’t get sea sick, and she ends up being an amazing girl for this trip.  Outgoing, funny, sweet, and nice to look at, 🙂  Her and I have some great times over the next few days.

When we arrive at the river opening, we sail as long as we can, and then we bring down the sails and cruise in under motor.

I handed over the steering to Annie, as I have done this enough in my past, and she has never.  As you can see, she loves it.

We finally arrive at the mooring hook and hookup.  The area is beautiful!

Annie and I jump in and swim.  The water is so warm, almost like swimming in pee.
ANNIE, you didn’t!

That night we pumped up the dingy and went for a short cruise around the area to see what we can do tomorrow.

When we got back to the boat, the sun was setting and this was our view.  The night sky was perfectly clear and amazing for star gazing.

Later in the night when everyone was asleep, but me.  I was laying there enjoying the quiet when all of a sudden, I hear this snorting and splashing not far from the boat.  I get up and go onto the deck.  I can see from the moonlit water a few dolphins playing and jumping, and coming towards the boat.  Closer and closer they are coming! Just like in the cartoons, where you see them jump up and back down, over and over, making very little ripples in the water.

I am getting really excited and then it happened.  I was leaning over the edge of the boat watching them, and then they disappeared. I thought they left, but NO!  One jumped beside the boat, only inches from my face.  He was so close, I felt water on my face from him.  In that same jump, he also snorted.  Sooo cool!  I can’t believe how close he was.

A split second later, the other two do the same thing.  I am in love with these dolphins.

I can officially die, I have seen everything life can give.  This moment was one of the most amazing moments in my life.

Over the next few minutes, they kept playing not far from the boat.  Absolutely amazing, I love it.

The next morning I tell Annie about it, and she was like, “Next time keep shaking me until I wake up!”

Day two we spend the morning cruising around in the dingy, were we saw the ship graveyard first.

On our way back from the graveyard, we see 3 dolphins following us.  A mom, dad and little one.  I know these are the same dolphins was last night.  My new friends.

The little one was swimming back and forth across the front of the dingy, having so much fun. I swear I saw a smile on his face.  We got some amazing videos and you can see them on YouTube.
Click Me!

However, these pictures and videos came at a cost.  During our excitement, Dragos yells out, “Is anyone videoing?”  I reply, “Yes, I am videoing above and below the water.”,  He asks again, the same questions,  I repeat, my answer.  He then says, “If SOMEONE DOESN’T START DOING VIDEO, I AM STOPPING THE  DINGY AND THE DOLPHINS WILL GO AWAY!” I turn around and aggressively, say, “I am fucking videoing!”.

This somewhat kills the mood for me, but then I see the little dolphin playing, and I quickly forget all about Dragos.

Eventually the dolphins take off and we head back to the boat for some drinks and sunblock.

A short bit pasts and Dragos suggest we go into this little canal which goes through the mangroves.   Sounds cool!

The canal water is too low for us to use the motor, so we paddle in.

First Annie and Dragos were paddling, but Dragos was being his normal self, telling Annie she is amateur and doesn’t know how to paddle.  This wasn’t actually the case.  I have a tone of experience, and could see the issue was him.  He only did power strokes with 100% of the paddle in the water.  Any experience person knows this is incorrect and would compensate for the other person.  He also tells Annie she can paddle backwards.  I nicely tell him there is no such thing as paddling backwards.  The person in the back does a Forward, Draw or J Stoke to keep the boat moving forward in the direction he wants.  He ignores me and continues telling her she is doing it wrong.

I am not sure how much longer I can deal with this dude, but now I have no choice. I am on a boat with him, and my luggage is at his house.

I take over for Annie and every time he does his power stroke, I do one harder and force the boat in his direction, annoying the hell out of him.  After a few minutes of fun Annie wanted to take back over.  She is a persistent little one and that is one reason I really enjoyed being around her.

We head back because the misquotes are eating us alive and a tree was blocking our route.

When we get back to the boat, Annie and I go for another swim and Dragos ends up going for a sleep saying he isn’t feeling well.  I think he got to much sun.

That evening Annie and I watched the sunset and had a few beers together.  Was a great end to a long day, full of sun.

It is now the 3rd day, time to tie up the dingy and prepare for our voyage home.

Dragos starts bringing up our back anchor, when we both realize it is snagged around an old mooring chain.  He was able to use one of the wenches to bring the chain and our anchor about half way up.  I could see if I looked a rope through the chain, we could lower the anchor and then release the chain.  Of coarse Dragos is scared of water, so he tells me to get into the dingy to do this.  I suggested I just jump in, because it will be easier.  Nope, he says use the dingy.

OK, so I use the dingy and I can’t really reach it from the dingy.  Guess what comment comes out of dickheads mouth, “Why didn’t you jump in?”  I reply, “You said use the dingy!”  Anyways, I got it looped and he tells me it is wrong, I quickly respond back, “No, it is correct, pull it up now!”  It unhooks right away, and we are now free.

Funny, I never heard a thanks.  However, I did hear him explaining to Annie how he fixed it!

Only one day remaining.

Our trip back to the harbor was actually an easy one and rather uneventful.  I think I am getting better at ignoring him.

The water is super calm along the rocks where the seals are hanging out.  We anchor down and Annie jumps in to swim with the seals.  I sit back and watch, but with reason.  I was hoping the seals would fallow her back, so I can jump in the water when they are close.  Yup! I am lazy today.

My plan works, the seals are almost along side the boat.  Annie gets out and I jump in.
Check out the end of this video to see them!
Click me for video!

Our trip is finally over.  We are now at the slip, hooked up and ready to go.

Even though Dragos is a condescending, not self-aware, god like complex guy.  I still had an amazing time.  I do now realize I still do not know how to deal with these types of people, but I am learning patience.  In the past I would have blown up and told the guy where to go on several occasions, but this time I just ignored it and enjoyed the amazing views.

Annie, you are an amazing girl!  Keep living life and being the sweet person you are.
Don’t forget, “I am going pee” and “I want to see” sound a lot like with a German accent.

Until next time!


Adelaide – Buying a car!

In New Zealand I noticed that not having a car can be a massive pain and it is so easy to get a car in New Zealand or Australia.  Both countries don’t really have safety or emission checks.  Renting a car can be very expensive.  Not really the rental price, but the third party insurance you need is what kills you.

So I have decided to buy a car here in Australia.  I don’t care what it is, just as long as I can sleep the odd night in it and it runs.

Doing a search within 50 KM of me, I found a few Wagons which would be perfect.  Folding down the back seats gives me a place to sleep, and they are normally good cars here.

After calling a few cars, I found there was a Ford Wagon 1 block from me, and the price was perfect.  $800.00.

I called Mike and he was available for me to come look at the car right now.

Dragon and I walk the long 2 minute walk to his house and the hot rod is right out front.  It looks exactly as the picture does.  Worn out, but sexy!

Mike comes out and shows me he has done a tone of work.  It has new ball-joints, tie-rods, brakes, battery, exhaust manifold (Headers now), and so much more.  I was very impressed, all of this for $800.00.

I take it for a little drive around the block and it drives perfect.  It has a lot of pep.  V6, 4.0 Litre which is way more power than I wanted.  However, he tells me he gets 10 L/100KM.  I am a little skeptical on this one,, but who cares.

I take a day to think about it and decide to buy it.

The buy process is easy, he signs the registration over, and I give him cash.  All done!

That day I call for insurance.  I learn that insurance is covered with your registration here, except if you hit someone.  The coverage of their car and yours has to be third party, but medical, damage to public property, that sort of thing is covered.

My third party insurance, because I am a Canadian comes out to $30 per month.  Wait, I am fully covered for $360 a year.  It is even cheaper if I am from Australia.

Okay, the cost most be a lot of switch the car into my name.

I head over to Service SA to switch the car to my name.

Since I am a foreigner I need 3 forms of ID, not including drivers license, or health card.

They accept my visa card, and my passport, but I need a third.  The girl sees my USA – Toronto Dominion bank card.  She says this card will work, but it says the best bank in America.

Uh oh, if she sees this is from USA, they won’t accept it.  I act quickly and say, “Canada is in North America!”.  She says, “Oh yes, you are right!” and accepts me third ID. Lol!

I don’t even know why they want 3, as she did not make a copy of them, all she did is check a box on the written form saying I had 3.

Now that I have proven I am Rob, and not some other extremely handsome dude from Canada.  She then gives me the total amount.

Here it comes,  I start to pull out the lube that I always carry in my back pocket for these types of rapes.  But wait, the total is just over $200.  I ask her why this amount, and she tells me, “Well it is a lot because you have taxes and also registration for the next 3 months!”.

I respond with a calm, “No No, this is fine! I was just curious.”

Holly hell, this is cheap!

All of this excitement is over and I am now a proud owner of a 1994 Ford Falcon Futura Wagon.  Check out this sexy bitch below!

Melbourne to Adelaide – Trains, ISIS and Landscape

Early in the morning I left the worst hostel I had ever stayed in.  It was in Melbourne, but I don’t recall the name.  I won’t go into details, but just imagine a nasty, dirty place, with some of the rudest people I have ever met, and to top it off, it was attached to a dirty bird type of bar.

Anyways, I arrived at the train with an hour to spare.  Got my first good coffee at a reasonable 4 dollars price.  Finally, I have been missing my Tim’s and this was damn close.  Mmmmmm.

The train arrives on time and I meet my travel mate.  He is a 20 year old Aussie guy, who is going home after working in Melbourne for 2 years.  He has decided to try and find another job close to his family in Adelaide.

During our 7 hours together on the train, we had some really interesting conversations.  A lot of the common stuff such as, were we live, our likes, dislikes, etc.  There is one conversation that really stood out in my mind.  He asked me what I thought about ISIS.  My response was simple, “I don’t know much details about them, and why they do what they do, so I can’t really say.  My only opinion is, I never agree with taking someones life, that you don’t know!”  His response was interesting.  He told me he understands why they kill, because a lot of them have lost everyone, their entire families, so they have nothing to live for.  My comment to that was, I still don’t think that gives a person a right to take a life of someone they have never met.  I changed the subject quickly after that.  Not something I really want to talk about.  Maybe someday after I know more details and facts about them.

Below are some pictures from the train ride.

We arrive at my travel mates stop at 3 pm and I wish him the best of luck in his job search. We then say goodbye, and I give one final wave through the window to another new friend.

A few more hours and we arrive at my stop in Adelaide .  The train ride was a long one, but relaxing.

There is still two city trains to catch before I get to Largs Bay, where I would be staying for a while and learning how to sail.

The first train was a 10 minute walk, which I really enjoyed after sitting on my ass for the last 9 or more hours.  This train stop is just a parking lot with no place to buy a ticket.  I yell across the tracks to the only other person and ask where do I buy a ticket. He says, at the next stop.

Okay, so I get on and 15 minutes later I arrive at the central train station.  I get off my train and ask the security guard standing right there, where to buy a ticket.  He tells me to get on my next train and buy it on the train,

Okay, so I get on my next train and following behind me is a guy with a ticket thingy.  I set my bag down on a seat and ask him if I can buy my ticket.  I should mention, the security guard I just asked where to buy my ticket, is guarding this guy.

He responds to me in a harsh voice, “Where is your ticket?”

I say, “I don’t have one, I am asking if I can buy one from you!”

He says, “How DID YOU get on the train!”

I say, “I walked on!”

Train dude responds, “How did you get through security!!!”

I say, “What security” as I look at the security guard.

Train dude says in a fustrated voice, “I don’t understand!”

My response, “Me also, I don’t know where I would have went through security.  I got on a train near the train station, and when I got off, I asked him, where I go to buy a ticket.  He told me to get on the train and buy it here.  So, now I am trying to buy one from you, and it seems that isn’t going to happen.  Can you be so kind and tell me where I can buy one?”

Train ticket dickhead says, “I only check tickets, you buy one at the other end of the train at the yellow machine.”

I say, “Well thank you, I will do that.”

He then starts to threaten me with a $220 fine, but the security guard jumps in and says, “I will watch your bag, quickly go buy one.”

I say, “Thanks, you are how I thought true Aussies acted.”

I get my ticket and give it to the ticket Nazi, and wish him a wonderful day.  He looked a little shocked when I was this nice and he responded with, “Now you know! I hope you enjoy your time here.” or something to that affect.

Finally I made it to Largs Bay and walk to Dragos’s house.  I get to meet him and his family.  More on that to come!

New Zealand to Australia – Goodbye, but Helllooo!

My fight arrives on time and is full but 2 seats, one of which is between me and an older Aussie guy.  A few more minute wait and score me! One of the vacant seats is the one between us.  This gives me great opening for conversation with the Aussie guy.

Over the next 10 minutes we talk about his travels to Canada back in the 1970’s  He had some cool stories and knew the road I lived on.  I showed him a few pictures of my old house and he tells me, there wasn’t very many houses on the road back then.  Small world though!

My luck got even better.  Just before we take off, the older Aussie guy got promoted to 1st class.  I now have all 3 seats to myself.  The extra room makes the 4 hour flight just fly bye!  We even landed 30 minutes earlier than expected. Life is great!

Here is my last picture of New Zealand!  Bye NZ, I hope we meet again.

Hello Australia!

With such an uneventful fast flight, I had a bad feeling customs might not be as easy.  As I am walking up to the lines, I see we are being separated by people with electronic chips in their passports and the people who don’t.  Mine doesn’t have a chip and that line has 2 people in it.  Score me again!  I go directly to the customs lady.

Within seconds of her taking my passports, she pulls me aside, where there are two other guards.  My first thought is, here we go, life was too easy.

I ask her if there is an issue I can help with, and she promptly tells me to wait.

Another minute goes by and the two security guards are smiling at me.  This either means they are happy to get a chance to see in my anal cavity, or they are laughing at her.  Please do not be number 1.

She then gives me my passport back and wishes me a nice day.  So again I ask her what was the issue.  She then tells me my passport is missing my middle name.  I look at it and tell her I am confused, it is right here.  She looks confused and says, have a  nice day.

I now know, the guards were laughing at her.

I am now through customs, and can see Australia… it is just past the last bag check.

On my form, I declared fresh fruit, as I have a can of fruit with a label that says, “Fresh Fruit”.  I know this isn’t what they mean, but I do not want any more issues.

The fresh fruit, bio-hazard check line is empty, and the line with people who declared nothing is full.  I am first in line again.  Hehehe!

The guard asks what fresh fruit I have and I tell him with a serious smile.

He says, “fresh fruit in  can!”


“Go on!”

I am through… I am here. I am officially in Australia.

Casey you can’t call border patrol on me it is too late!