Kuala Lumpur Malaysia – Being a good person is worth it?

Exiting the plane and getting my backpack was fast and easy.  I even had a nice young UK girl come over to me and start up a conversation while waiting for our bags.

Next was getting to the train.

When I exit the airport, or as I thought I was exiting the airport.

Before I continue, most airports, when you exit the arrivals door, you are at the roadway, where taxis and that sort of thing are.  However, not in Kuala Lumpur.

The doors exit into a mall, a mall that never seems to end.  I am walking past 100 stores following signs that say Exit.  Seriously, are you kidding me!  After long flights, no one wants to shop, and if you do, you deserve to have me kneeing that back of your seat next flight.

Finally after 10 minutes or longer of walking in a busy mall.  I reach the exit and I see a help desk.  I ask where I can catch the train.  She tells me down on the first floor and points me to the escalator.

I go down and see another help desk, but no ticketing booth.  I ask again, she tells me upstairs beside the help desk.  Where I just was!  This time there is no escalator, just stairs.  Grrrr!  OK, I need exercise anyways.

Up the stairs we go.  We as in me and my imaginary friend, who I have been talking too the last 20 minutes of walking in this mall.  He agrees, we don’t want to walk anymore.

I get to the same help desk and ask the same person the same question, just to see.  She says, yes, it is around the corner behind us.

Seriously, same person, same exact question.

Okay, so I walk around the corner and there it is.  I get the ticket, which will take me within 1 KM of my hotel.

This part was easy and fast.  40 minute train ride sitting and relaxing.

I get to the hotel location and don’t see the hotel.  There is only one hotel with a different name and does not look like the building in the picture.  I go in anyways and ask if they know where my hotel is.  They say yes,  and I ask, so where?  They give me a stupid look and I say, I am confused, can you tell me where it is.  The girl again says, Yes Sir!  So, I decide to take a new approach.  I say, this is Silun Hotel?  Yes, Okay, my hotel is called ZEN Hotel.  Then she says, we are Zen too.

Okay, great! I am here, but the signs and pictures are wrong.

Then I tell her my name and she says Hello and just looks at me.  Another couple of seconds, as I ponder the meaning of life.  She says, “do you want to check in?”.  I say, that would be great!

She already knew who I was and had my room ready.   She takes me to the room and I set my bags down.  Looks really nice.

I turn on the AC as it was 38 degrees outside and I am burning up.  Next I take a tinkle and flush the toilet.  Oh, wait, my feet are wet.  I look down and the toilet tank is cracked and spraying water all over.  I now have a nice water spot, guess where.  Front and center of my shorts.  I don’t actually care, it is clean water.

Next I check the internet, as I want to finish some of my blog post.

Excellent WiFi, but no internet.  🙁

As I am sitting on the edge of the bed, I feel like someone just threw a glass of water at my back.  I quickly turn around, as I have no idea what just got me wet.  Like, I am sitting on the bed!

The air conditioner is spraying water, and not drops, I mean like a garden hose.  Within seconds the bed is soak.  I jump up, while covering my laptop and turn of the AC.

Okay, it is time to go inform the hotel that the toilet is broken, the WiFi is dead, and the AC pissed on me.

I go down and show them the picture, and they promptly upgrade and change rooms.  Very nice.

As we are talking about the AC unit, I told her about the internet.  As normal, they don’t understand the difference between WiFi and Internet.  I tell her the signal is great, but the internet is not.  After explaining and showing her, she tells me the internet is the same one downstairs and it is very fast.

Oh, cool.  She doesn’t know where the router is, but I can see it is close and follow the signal.  I find it, and it’s old.  I unplug it, and plug it back in.  Bam, it is super fast.

She is so happy!  She explained to me that people have been complaining for weeks now, and no one knew what fixes it.  After 2 days, it doesn’t work, then they have a tech guy come and he fixes it.

I explained to her what is happening and she asks if tomorrow if I can help her tech guy.  No problem.

The next morning I walk around the area looking for breakfast and find a nice little shop.

Sometimes when you travel in other countries you get the worst experience! Sometimes you get the most unexpected amazing service, by people who cannot speak English, but do everything to assist you!

Today was one of those days. I walked into a local cafe and spent 5 minutes trying to communicate hot coffee with milk. They brought me hot coffee, and I smiled and asked for some milk. He took the coffee added milk and said thank you to me.

Then 3 other guys tried to find me food and pictures of food they had. I just agreed to anything, and they brought me a great dish, with rice, egg, spice sauce, etc.

The young men working at this cafe didn’t speak any English but did everything to ensure I got what I asked for.

When I went to pay, he says 5 ringgit. I said, also, coffee. I knew the dish was 5. He said… yes yes, 5 ringgit. I thought he didn’t understand, so I said, coffee also, with a picture. He says… Yes 5 ringgit, for all.

I gave him 5 ringgit and 1 ringgit tip. He refused the tip. They would not accept a tip and says, Please come back.

BTW, 5 ringgit is approx. $1.20 CAD.

How is that for service!

I went here every morning for breakfast and got the same great service.  However, every day the price went down.  Next, 4.40 Ringgit, then 4, then I left 6 Ringgit on the table, because the price cannot drop more.  It’s not acceptable  to me to pay this little.

Back at the hotel, I met with the tech guy and got access into the routers.  First I changed the routers to use the best channel for its location, then upgraded the firmwares, as they were 8 years old.

Over the next 4 days, the internet never failed and was fast.

One thing I forgot to mention, is when I checked in, my email from booking.com said to pay the hotel.  When this is stated you pay at the hotel.  I paid with cash.  The next day I got an email from booking.com that said, don’t pay the hotel.

I confronted the hotel manager and asked if they pulled the money from booking.com.  They strongly said, they never take from booking.com, but always take cash.

I accept this as I have never had a hotel in Asia withdraw from booking.com.

2 days after I left, I see on my visa, they DID take it.  I am pissed.  I emailed the hotel and they have done nothing, and disagree I paid cash.  I am talking with booking.com, but it seems like I will never get that money back!

I left a review stating this and now see another review also stating the same thing.  I just sent this to booking.com in hopes they will believe me.

Why am I so mad?  Well, I did everything to help them, I never complained about the room problems, nothing.  I even spent 3 hours helping them with the network issues.

What do I get in return?  Sometimes maybe it doesn’t pay off to help people.  

Anyways, back to my stay in KL.

I saw online that people us Grab, which is like Uber for taxis here.  I try it out and get taxis for super cheap.  I then visit downtown and around the area on only a few dollars.

Petronas Twin Towers – Once the world’s tallest, these 88-story towers bear a modern Islamic design & a visitor skybridge



It is now 8 am and I am taking a Grab Taxi to the airport.  Today I fly to Cebu, Philippines and possibly meeting someone I have been chatting with online.  😉  That’s all I am saying for now!



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