Langkawi Melaysia – Last two days exploring

My last few nights in Langkawai, I switched from the dorm room to a private room, to get some sleep.  Backpackers always forget there are other people in the world, other than themselves.

For example, the one night it was 1 am, and this girl had her music playing really loud in the bed next to mine.  I could tell I was not the only one annoyed.  She also turned the entire room lights back on, about 30 minutes ago.

So, I got up and turned them off.  I mean, it is after 1 am.  Have some respect for others trying to sleep.

Anyways, after I turned the lights off, I heard someone say, “thank you.”  But not her, she got pissed, and got an ultra-bright LED flashlight.

I waited about 5 minutes and then I said, “Are you kidding me, how ignorant are you?  Others are trying to sleep!”.

Then she huffed and puffed and covered her head and light with her blanket.

This had been the 3rd night of this, so I decided it is best to move on.  I do this often, switch between super cheap, and good sleep.

Since I switched hotels, I no longer had contact with Alice and Samantha.  This is OK, this is the life of a backpacker.  You make cool friends, and then you move on.

The next few mornings, I went to the same cafe for breakfast.  It was only locals that sometimes give me funny looks.  Not bad, but curiosity, as this is not a tourist area.

Everyday a new local would sit at my table and ask me many questions.  It was fun.

The one day was really funny as the couple sitting next to me were from Malaysia, but here as tourist.  They flew here, and the guys wife was laughing as she told me how scared he was on the plane, for the the first time.

I really enjoyed meeting locals of Malaysia.  They always have good stories and good questions.

In Asia, I always get the same 3 questions;  Are you married?  Do you have kids?  Why do you not?

They always seemed surprised any man my age would be single.  I always explain to them, a man with a good heart, and a good job, means nothing in North America to women, and they always tell me, that is all a girl wants in Asia.

If only!

This always leads me to think maybe I should start looking for a girl here, but then I have no interest in ever having a long distance relationship and Trudeau only makes it easy for fake refugees to come to Canada.

Moving on!

During the day I would explored areas of the island I have not been too, and always find some more great views.

The one night I went back out to the breakwater to get another view of the sunset.  Just as I arrived I saw Alice and Sam there also.  Alice had attempted to drive over the bridge to the other breakwater.  Check out what the locals drive across.

Pretty cool and very safe! 🙂

My last night Sam and I met up for one last dinner and to say goodbye.

As we were leaving to look for a place to eat, we found a local market.  Even better!

I had some amazing food and fresh mango juice.  Sooo good!

This was a nice last meal with a friend, and tomorrow I fly to Kuala Lumper, where I will spend 3 nights, and then onto Philippines.

If anyone wants to come to Malaysia, I highly recommend coming to Langkawi.  Beaches and people are amazing!



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