Langkawi Melaysia – Mountains, Beaches, and Crazy Girls

In the morning I switched hotels, from this crazy run down authentic Indian ran hotel, to a newly updated, stylish dorm/bungalow resort.

Old and New

Without fail, 2 minutes after checking in, I have already made a cool new friend, Alice.  She is from the UK, and I can tell Alice is very adventures.

She is actually going to the same beach as me, so we join together, jump on our scooters and rip up to the beach.  However, we didn’t make it.

Halfway we see this girl sitting on a dangerous corner, holding her bicycle.  She looks like she is dying.  So we stop and ask if she needs help.  She says, yes, she has heat exhaustion.  I ask if she has water, she says no.

Okay, this is where I should have realized she is not the smartest girl.  It is 35 degrees C out, she has no water and is trying to ride up this crazy mountain to a beach that is 15 KM away!

She also tells me she just arrived after 20 hours of travel from Spain, and is already very tired.

So we give her some water, and find someone to take her bicycle down the mountain, while I take her down on my scooter.

We get to the little village and I ask her were she rented her bicycle from so we can drop it off.  She doesn’t remember!  We walk around for 15 minutes, going to the wrong places, and then I decide to go into the store and ask who rents bicycles.  There will only be 1 or 2 places.  They tell me it is not here, but down by the water.  So, she is in the wrong village.  I walk out to tell her, and she is gone.  She road off looking for it, I think.  Lol.  I drive around for a minutes trying to find her, when I think, some people just can’t be helped.  So I turn around and head to the beach to meet Alice.

We spend the remaining sunlight just relaxing and enjoying the beach.

Back at the hostel, Alice took off to do some more exploring, while I decided to just hang out here.

While doing so, I ended up chatting with a really nice girl from Italy.  Her name, is Samantha.  She is like the Aussie guy from a few days ago, who doesn’t ride.  So I offer her to come with Alice and I tomorrow.

Like around 10 am we head off on the mini jets (scooters), to drive up Gunung Raya mountain.

The drive up this mountain was amazing.  It took 45 minutes, from google with another 45 minutes, of my scooter being 110 CCs of pure worn out horepower.  Max speed uphill, of 35 KMh.  However, that did not matter.  Going this speed gave us lots of amazing views.

When we finally reach the peak, these are some of the amazing views.

Just as we are about to leave the peak, Samantha and I spot monkeys, but not the monkeys we normally see.

We slam on the brake, not brakes.   Oh yeah, down will be fun, I only have partial front brake working.


And then this amazing big bird flies in, with a wingspan of close to 2 meters.  It is really cool.

Great hornbill

We watch for like 30 minutes the monkeys and bird.  So cool!

On the way down, we stop like 100 times to take pictures and just enjoy the beauty of this road.

Next, we cruise onto the North, and find another amazing beach to relax and swim at.

We spend a good hour here, swimming, chatting, and just enjoying life.  We all agree, today can’t get much better.

Just as we are leaving, I spot what at first I thought was a crocodile.  Then we get closer and see it is a giant lizard.  The day just got better!

He was so fat, from eating all of that garbage, he had a hard time running from us.  It was funny as shit!

After a good laugh at his experience, we headed back to the south side.  Straight to the breakwater, where we can see the sunset, as it points West, Alice~!

The breakwater is pretty cool.  We even see a tone of fish eating flies on the water surface.

Pretty amazing sunset!

Now that the sun is down, and we are hungry.  Alice, and Samantha decide this would be the perfect night to have a BBQ on the beach.  Ummm OK!

So we spend at least an hour trying to find decent looking food to cook, and then we finally find a place.  The girls clean the squid, and buy a bunch of other stuff.

Then we headed down to the beach to try and cook it.

This was a lot of fun to watch them try and get a fire started, but eventually they got it rockin.

Well, that was the end to an amazing day, seeing monkeys, birds, fat lizard, and the entire island from the best vantage point.

Have a great night girls!









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