Langkawi Melaysia – Scooters, fighting, and IBS?

Getting to Langkawi from Penang was rather easy.  I took a bus all the way to Kuala Perlis, which is right on the Thai border.  From here I took the ferry across to Langkawi.

Bus ride

Ferry ride – Picture 4, who parked the sailboat sideways?

Arriving in Langkawi is the same as every port.  There are a 100 taxi drivers and other people harassing you for a ride, hotel, scooter, you name it.

I wanted to rent a scooter as I know you can get them for 25 Ringgit per day and the taxi to my hotel is going to be at least 50 Ringgit.

Many guys told me 35, some came down to 30, but I just said no, I will walk.  Yeah, right, it is 18 KM to my hotel.  If it was 3 KM I am still too lazy.

I walked around, going into stores, wasting time, and then it happened.  A guy comes back and says, “OK, 25”.

Done! I have my scooter.

Oh crap, I forgot they drive on the left.  2 minutes later, I didn’t even notice.  I think I have been driving on the left so much, that the right now seems weird.

On my way to the hotel, I really noticed Malaysia is a lot different than all of the other Asian countries.  Here, they mostly obey the rules of the road, and I also saw police doing radar.  Somehow they did not pull me over, and I had this power house doing 85 KM, in a 60 KM zone.  Lucky day I guess!

Finally at the hotel!

It is really run down, and needs a lot of help, but the room is clean.  However, the crapper is on the main floor, my room is on the 3rd floor, up steep stairs.  My IBS will love this.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  The flooring is wallpaper!

After checking in, I took off and went looking for some food.

I find this little street shop, that 2 sisters run.  The one speaks excellent English, and has the most unique laugh.  She makes me a shaved, fruit salad and green tea drink.  Then sits with me and asks me 100 questions about Canada, and then tells me lots about the island.

All of a sudden I hear her scream and I look up, just in time to see a scooter accident.

This is what happened.

One guy, who is making a left turn, was sitting in the middle of the road.  This makes no sense, since they drive on the left.  Why is he stopped on the middle, IE, right side of his lane, to make a left?

So, the guy coming at him assumed he was not turning left, but right.  Which makes sense.

Just as he was about the pass on the left, the guy started to turn left and they collided.  Both scooters had kids standing on the front.

The left turning scooter, I will call him the idiot from now on, had a little girl about 4 or less years old.  She did the smartest thing.  She hugged the front steering column, so when the bike fell over and slid 2 meters, she was protected by the handle bars.  She didn’t get a scratch.  The idiot however, got a few on his arms and ass.  Meh, who cares about him.

After, the other guy came over to make sure everything was OK.  The idiot decided he was going to start a fist fight, while holding his little girl.  Example 2 of how retarded this guy is.  Anyways, another person ran over and took the little girl from him and let the fight continue.

The good guy never even fought back, just held the idiots hands.  I was impressed, I think I would have beaten him down.

That was basically it.  I was a little surprised a fight broke out.  But hey, I just got dinner and a movie for under 2 dollars.

Back at the hotel, I decide I am only going to stay the 2 nights I booked here, and then move on.

Day one complete, at the Rusty Nails Inn, and Street Fighting Street Cafe.  I think I am going to love it here!

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