Pinang Malaysia – Rob got Robbed

The flight was only a couple hours long and I actually had no one kicking the back of my seat.  However, I did have an old lady beside me who kept elbowing me.  I gave her a few looks, and then she switched seats with her husband, who sat like an adult, and did not elbow me.  So, it ended being a decent flight.

My first night, I booked a Cube hotel, which is pretty cool.  You have a private little cute, with a TV, Internet, USB ports, and own fan/AC.  A little pricey, at $15 a night.  Maybe Malaysia is not as cheap as the other Asian countries.

After checking in, I tossed my laptop bag into the cube, but my other bag is a little to large for me and it.  So I lay it down beside.   I mean, there are cameras all over, and we have 10 pods to a single room.  So should be really safe.

I head town stairs to the street market for something to eat.

It is pretty cool and I get a decent meal for a few dollars.

After eating I head back to my cube, but as I arrive, I notice my bag’s side zipper is open.  I look in, and see it is empty.

F@^K ME!  I Got Robbed!

I go to the receptionist and tell them, in hopes the camera saw who it is.

Well, not so much.  They do not have a camera in that room because someone complained it is invading privacy.  Really?  We are not naked or sleeping in front of the camera, we are in pods!

So, there is nothing they can do.

I am raging inside though.  If I knew who it was, I would beat him down in the street.  I am so pissed off!

Anyways, I think he only took a few dollars from me.  I don’t think anything else was in there.

The next day I went for a walk around there area, which there is really nothing to see.

I have decided not to stay in Penang and get a bus to a smaller island called, Langkawi tomorrow.

Back at the pod, I am laying in bed, relaxing with my laptop, when I notice the door of my cube open 3 inches.  I see his hand in the reflection of the plastic walls.

OMG!  The bitch is trying to rob me again!

I want to jump up, but I can’t, my laptop and cabled are across me, and I don’t want to damage it.

I slowly close it, and start to move the cables, when he must have heard me.  As fast as I can, I open the door and get out.

There are only 2 ways he can exit, 1 is into the lobby, and 2 is into the lockers, then down the stairs.

He is too far ahead of me, so I run into the lobby and ask the girls if they just saw anyone.  Nope, so he went into the lockers.  I run into there and to the door.  He is gone, and no one is in there.  However, he is a guest at the hotel.  So, all we have to do is find him on camera.

I go back to the girls and explain to them what happened, and ask to see the video.

2 hours later of explaining the same thing, but in different ways, results in nothing.  They keep showing me the video from when I arrived yesterday.

On a last and final attempt, I explain AGAIN! I just got robed a SECOND TIME!  Finally they  understand and bring up the video from 1 minute before I ran into the lobby.  We watch and see the cameras in the locker and exit room, did not turn on.  They also did not turn on when I ran in there 30 seconds after him.  However, 3 minutes later they record someone else.

So, I did not catch him or have proof who he is.  I am sure I know which guy it is, but I can’t prove it.

It takes me the entire night and a beer to calm down.  I really want to pound this stupid ass.  I am very against stealing!

Well, the next day I head to the bus station and get my ticket to Langkawi.  Lets hope this country turns around!

A funny picture from the bus station!


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