Langkawi Melaysia – Hippies, Aussies, and a Canadian

One morning when I was sitting in the hippie hotel, having a coffee.  I started chatting with this Aussie, who looked extremely bored.

He was telling me he has been on Langkawi for 4 days and has done nothing.  Taxis cost too much, and he has never ridden a scooter before, so he might leave tomorrow.  I said, “What the hell, you are coming with me today!”.

I almost forgot, last night I met two hippies from the USA, and guess where, California, where else right!  Anyways, Keri and Travis are really cool and are also going to come exploring today.

Shortly later, the 4 of us, jump on the rockets, and head up north.  For whatever reason they vote me as the lead navigator.

Going from memory off a map, we only make one wrong turn, and then 20 minutes later, we make it to this amazing beach.  Pasir Tengkorak Beach, has very few people on it, clear blue waters, and now, 2 Hippies, an Aussie, and a Canadian.

The coolest thing happened.  There was this little fish, about 1 inch long that followed me for 15 minutes or more.  He only stopped when I got out of the water.  Later I will post a video of him, but here are some pictures of Jaws Junior and the Hippie Lovers.

While floating around, Keri goes into deep conversation about hippie stuff.  She explains how her and the Aussie are fire, and I guess to her, I am an obvious water sign.  Hmmm, “Cool as Ice”.  As I took it.

So, I guess I am the type of person who can fit into any social situation, but never really shows the real me.  Well, I do fit into any situation, but I think because I am amazing.  Just ask me, if you don’t believe me, I will tell you again! hahaha. I am great!

After a few hours of relaxing in this amazing sun and beach, we headed off to the waterfalls, about 5 minutes down the road.

Very quickly we all noticed the waterfalls are fake.  Then we read the sign that confirmed it is fake.  However, they still looked pretty cool.

From here we spent some more time riding around and exploring.  We drove past a few 100 monkeys on the road, and every time I saw one, I would say hi monkey and wave.  Not often did they wave back.  Monkeys are kind of dicks.

After the Aussie said thanks several times for taking him, and I told him, that’s what I do.  If I have a scooter, and am alone, I find someone who wants to explored.  It just the way you should be.

He is a pretty cool guy and tomorrow leaves Langkawi.  Travis is also leaving, but Keri is staying here on the island for a little longer.  Maybe I will see her again who knows.

Just an end to another amazing day, meeting people who confirmed no matter where you are from, even people in the USA can be cool 🙂



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