Phu Quoc – COCO Valley Final Goodbye

On my last few days at CoCo Valley Garden Hotel, Ms. Thao, Ms. Pooh, and Mr. Tien gave me one hell of a great goodbye.

It started off with us going for a drive up North on the Island, and then having lunch on a floating restaurant.

Then a few days later, which I think was my second last day.  Thao took me for a drink at a roof top patio, where you could see the entire city, and even our hotel.

She is trying to cover her face because she says she is not ready for pictures. So I will post the bad ones 🙂

The next evening, Mr. Tien says, “Go get the wine!”  and then he takes me to his other hotel for dinner, drinks, and singing.  Where he sang to me, a goodbye song.  The dutch guy who came with us, said he was almost in tears and was missing me, not even knowing me.  Haha.  Was really cool though.

What an evening that was.  Another great night I will never forget.

The next morning, I am awake at 7 am to server breakfast and am almost looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  However, I don’t want to leave, but my Visa says I must.

After breakfast, Pooh tells me she made me an Omelet and I must eat.  This is what I see.

What a sweet girl. I am going to miss annoying her 🙂

I don’t need to leave until 4 PM, but it is 1 PM and Thao is telling me I have 5 minutes to get ready.  So I do and meet her, Pooh, and Mr. Tien at his truck.

We head down to Sao beach where Thao tells me she really wanted to take me here, but she was sick the one day.  So, I must see it before my plane.


After the beach we had one final stop.  A temple up on the hill.

Now onto the airport, where we say goodbye.

As I am saying goodbye and giving everyone hugs, Ms. Thao pulls out a bill, a rather large bill.  She says, this is for your plane to come back.  I tried to not accept it, but I know it is rude to say no.  So accept and will be using 100% of that money to come back and see my new friends.

Goodbye Everyone, and Thank You for an amazing experience.

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