Phu Quoc – COCO Valley The Highlights

I think in total I spend 22 days volunteering at COCOC Valley Garden Hotel in Phu Quoc Island and those 22 days were pretty amazing.  Filled with laughs, amazing people, and a tone of great food.  I can’t go into daily details, so I am going to tell a few highlights.

From 7 until 10 in the morning I worked the breakfast bar.  I would take peoples orders, help deliver the food, clean up after guest were finished, and made the drinks.  With great surprise, I only messed up a few drinks.

I loved doing the bar, because it gave me the chance to meet all the guest and hear about their lives and holiday.

I can’t even recall every person I met, but here are some of the ones I won’t forget.

Ines from Germany, and two cool dutch guys who got suckered into helping me in the kitchen 🙂 doing clean up.  See me earning my living!

Two really cool Spanish girls, who made a Spanish Pancake for us.  Both way to pretty, I had a hard time not flirting with them

Swedish girls living in Aussie

Another really cool dutch guy who is studying in China.  He was extremely smart, and the girls nicknamed him, “Handsome Guy”.  So that is what I called him all day.

Tones of French people and this nice guy, I suckered into helping me BBQ.  His wife had the prettiest blue eyes.

And these two cool dudes! I can’t recall where they were from, but they were a lot more rad than me

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of everyone, but here are some other amazing people I met.

2 Crazy German girls, who ended up also being friends with 2 CRAZY Dutch girls.  We all partied one night, and I won’t forget that night.  I am too old to see young girls swimming in their birthday suites, right Ranja!

Also a family from Sweden who I named, the Mensa Family.  The lady had passed the Mensa test twice at a very high percentage.  Friggn crazy!

A really cool young couple from Estonia, that asked me not to leave many times on my last day.  I hope to one day visit Kira and Alex with his nice hair someday.

Mr. Tien’s friends, who I ate and drank with way to many times.  

OK, so there are many, many more, from all over the world, include the funny as hell UK couples, more German’s and I don’t recall.  Anyways, all of them made my working day perfect.

Then there are the staff!

Lets start with Mr. Tien, who is the owner, and is now nicknamed, Master Chief. How did he get that name.  Well, according to Thao, she has known him for 5 years and has never seen him cook.  But on my first day working, for lunch he cooked up an amazing meal, and it only took him 20 minutes.  We made some jokes about it, and then he said, Master Chief.  Lol.  I think we need to get him on YouTube cooking it up!

Next, there is Thao, who I mentioned before.  She is 5 feet tall, maybe, looks like a little princess, but I have nicknamed her, SuperGirl.  She does everything, from front desk, to cooking, cleaning, and also, maintenance.  She has also taken me on the scooter for many rides.  Some scary, some fun! haha.

Thao chopping onion, “ChChChChChChChChChChCh, Oh, My Finger!”, “ChChChChCh”

Then there is Pooh, I am spelling her name wrong.  She is super nice, and funny.  Her English is much better than Thao’s, which makes it easier for me to annoy her.  🙂  I changed her name, to Pooh Bear, and sometimes call her Winnie the Pooh.  She doesn’t like it, so I continue doing it.

This is Pooh working hard behind the desk, trying to take my roll.

Pooh and Thao working in the kitchen 🙂 and then complaining that night it is too cold.  Hmmm I think it is 26 degrees out.

I almost forgot to mention Keal.  Again, no idea how to spell her name.  Anyways, she is super funny, talks a mile a minute in English, and I also heard it is no different in Vietnamese.   I nicknamed her Horrible!  She was always causing trouble, and being a pain in the ass.

Here she took another girls phone and put our picture on it.

She is obviously the one with the tongue.

Then there were the two crazy 18 year old girls, who cleaned rooms.  The one, her name is Two, spelled, I dunno.  She is tall, and very quiet.  She does sometimes give me a look, and then smiles.  Not often, but sometime.  The other one, Ing, is her name.  I nicknamed her Trouble. And that she truly was.  She would slap my stomach every time she walked by me, or would slap my shoulder.  She only spoke a few words of English. so instead of trying to learn.  She would yell movie quotes, or famous sayings.  Her most popular was, “Happy New Year”, and “GoodMORNING!” in the afternoon.

There were several girls who came for a few days at a time to help out, while Thao found permanent staff members.  The main staff was Thao, Pooh, and myself.

Oh, and not to forget the worlds laziest dog! Milo

Anyways, those are the crazy staff members I met, and here are some of the crazy stories.

Lets start off with the, most, awkward, embarrassing one.

There was this 20 year old German guy who wanted to rent a scooter.  Thao asked me if I could show him the basics, which normally means they have ridden one, but not this style.

He has never ridden one!

I show him where everything is, I tell him several times over, to never start it, unless you are sitting on it.  It’s Automatic.  Next, I tell and show him to always hold the brake when not moving, and to also keep your finger resting on the rear, left brake while moving it backwards.

So, he gets on, starts it, and is doing OK, sitting on it.  He starts to push it backwards, to get out of the parking spot.  He is back about 1 meter, and everything is going OK.  I am on the left side of him and decide I can walk in front of him, on my way back to the desk.  He is still moving backwards!

Just as I step in front of him, he pulls the throttle half open, and hits my side.  I quickly try grabbing the brakes to stop him, as we are going towards other parked bikes. He is till holding the throttle half open.  I yell, let go, several times over, as I cannot squeeze the brakes because his hands are in the way.  A split second later, we nail two of the parked scooters, while I am riding with my chest on the front of his scooter, still trying to squeeze the brakes.  When he hit, he turns the throttle wide open and the front tire starts to drive up my leg, as we are pushing one of the other scooters over.  That instance, I decide to not try and stop him, but to end it.  With both arms, throw the scooter to the right knocking him onto the ground, while I fall left onto another scooter, ending up on my back.

The next 2 seconds I just lay there as I feel like a knife went into my back.

Two people run over and help me up and shut off the scooter.  The local guy keeps going to my back and saying I need help.  I was like, no I am fine.  I eventually walk away and look at my shirt.  It is ripped a bit, and then I realize what happened.  The kickstand from one scooter, and the foot-peg from another scooter went into my back, ripping my shirt and leaving a good mark.  I have a few other cuts, but nothing serious.

I now only feel bad for the young guy, as he must be extremely embarrassed.

For myself, I was ok, and told him not to worry about it.  I also know this is not my fault, and not really his.  He has never been on one and panicked.  However, someone, I won’t say who, came over to me and gave me shit.  Talked down to me, which NO ONE DOES and said to me, “You never stand in front of a bike, and you stand beside it”  I somewhat lost it and replied, “Are you fucking kidding me!  I am not stupid!  I was walking by him, when he was going backwards!”  This I did not like and kind of set me off!

This is something I used to want to learn how to control, but I have changed my mind over the last 3 months.  I think if someone talks down to you, you should tell them off.  The person talking down to you, is doing so, because they deep down inside think they are better than you.  Prove them wrong, and bitch slap them!

Anyways, now onto some funnier stories.  🙂

Here is some great pictures from one of the Mr. Tien’s friends, food, and drink nights.

So we had a guest who spent an entire week here, and had several beers, which we allow people to pay when they checkout.  However, this jackass at 4 am, sneaked out without paying.

A few days later, one of the girls found his phone in the garbage.  He thought it was no good, a cheap Chinese phone, and he tossed it after resetting it, and removing the external card.  Oh My, Amateur he is.

So, I took the phone, connected it to my PC and was able to re-download all of his pictures from the cloud, and also log into his Facebook.  I did this simply by reverting the deleted files.

Since there is nothing we can really do, I decided to change his profile picture to one of his selfies.  It is of him holding his manhood.  Oh yeah, I also found out he is a major player and scammer.  He has scammed many girls into giving him free shit.  He also has about 8 different pictures of others passports.  Why, I am not sure!

I won’t go into details, but I screwed with him a little more than that.  However, his dick picture only last 2 hours online before FB took it down. 🙁

Here is a picture of the retard.

This losers actions bothered me for sometime.  I could not believe in my life that someone would do what he does.  He has tones of pictures of how much money he has, then he skips out on a $100 bill from a third world country.  Fucking pathetic!

Next is onto something funny.

The crazy girls are always trying to teach me words in Vietnamese.  So, Horrible and Pooh Bear taught me to say, Un Uh M.  They tell me this means, You are beautiful.  So, I decided to say it to Mr. Tien, and several over random people, mostly guys.

10 days later of them laughing like crazy all the time, Mr. Tien tells me it means, I love you!  Not you are pretty.

Thanks GIRLS!!!

Sin My does mean, Let eat!  and Youll means, Cheers.

The one day a group of Vietnams people were there for a few nights.  For whatever reason they loved me, and always wanted to talk.

The one morning at breakfast, every time I came out with food, they wanted to take selfies with me holding the food.  Never seen a white man working before! Lol.  It was fun though.

Another day when I arrived on the beach, two young girls, maybe 19 came running over to me and asked, if they can take selfies with me.  I think they love the homeless look I have going on.

Here is a good place to toss in some beach pictures.

About once a week Thao tries to get all of the guest to join in, on our all you can eat Seafood BBQ.  It is a tone of work for us, but the result is amazing, and promotes the hotel.

Here are some of the pictures from one of the BBQ nights.

Some nights I would borrow a scooter and go out drinking with the guests.  The one night, Sydney, also known as Mr. Handsome and I went to a Beach bar and then a few nights later we went back again with the 2 crazy dutch girls, and the 2 crazy German girls.  Some pictures from the beach bar.

Random picture if Mr. IT (Ice Tea) Engineer working hard 😉

Milo and I working hard, while the owner, Mr. Tien relaxes watering the garden.

And one picture of the fish going crazy for bread.

There are so many more amazing things to mention, but then my post would be a short novel and not a blog anymore.

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