Phu Quoc – Vietnam – First few days in Phu Quoc

8 AM I get on the ferry, only minutes before it leaves port.  Great timing!

The ferry is not full and has several extra seats to relax in, and also an outside deck, where you can see the full ride.  This is where I sit for most of the 2 hour ride.  Only going inside when the noise of the jet engines becomes too much.

We arrive on Phu Qouc right on time, and I exit the ferry.  As expected a tone of locals are asking what you need, where you are going, etc.  Taxi’s want 300,000 dong, scooter taxis want 200,000 dong and just as I am accepting a scooter, a minibus says he will give me a ride for 100,000 dong ($6.00 CAD).  Obviously I take the minibus.

25 minutes later he drops me off at COCO Valley Garden Hotel.

At the receptionist I am greeted by a cute young girl, who I think is a little too young to be working the front desk.  Her name is Thao, and she isn’t 16. but 28.  I should stop guessing ages.

Next I meet the other staff member, and his name is Hoang.  You will never miss him, because you will hear him laughing a mile a way.

HAHAHAHAHA! says Hoang.

Or when he sees the chickens, he points to them, makes a chopping sound.  CHCHCHCCHCH, and then holds his hands in front of his mouth, like he is eating corn on the cop, and makes a yummmmm, yum yum yum, sound.

What a guy!

Next I met Milo, the laziest dog ever.  She is a pure, Phu Qouc dog.  Only on a few islands do they have this dog.  Look at her mow hawk.

The first day on Phu Qouc, I did nothing but relax, have a beer and do the same all over.

The next day I rented a scooter and went exploring.  First was through town just to see what is there.

I stopped by the harbour and took some pictures.

Then onto one of the many beaches for a swim, a few beers, and then the sunset.

How is that for an amazing day.  I loved it so much, my one night got extended another 3 nights.

I remember Thao saying on my arrival I will be extending my stay.  She was right!

The next day was filled with the same greatness.  

There are tones of beaches, that have no one on them.  You can spend an entire day alone, loving life.  Heaven for me!

The next night Thao is having an ALL YOU CAN EAT SEAFOOD BBQ!  Yes, I am in on that!

I couldn’t help myself but take pictures of her and Hoang working.  I can’t believe it is just her and him running this entire hotel of 36 rooms, plus a full breakfast, cleaning, BBQ.  I mean everything, cooking, cleaning, etc.  It is crazy!

The BBQ night was amazing and I made several new friends.  Two of which are Dutchman.  We became pretty good friends that night.

The next day I went to a few schools looking for volunteer work, and found both of them had enough help at the moment.  That’s great to hear.  In Cambodia, they never had enough help.

Anyways, back at the hotel I was talking with Thao that there isn’t any volunteer work, and she says, “Come work here!”, I said, “Sure”.  Then she is like, Really!

And then she asked me how much do I want to be paid and I said, “Nothing!  I don’t want money.”

We agreed on free room, which is only $10 a night here. Oh, I didn’t mention they are brand new rooms.  So very cheap.

Anyways, I start tomorrow!  Woot! Woot!

Last day of freedom, so more of the same. Beach, Beach, and more Beach.  See how busy my private beach heaven is?


On my last free night, the two Dutch guys took me to a local place they new about for dinner.

This place is crazy, and we wait forever to order, when finally a local comes over and orders for us.  No one here speaks English, and we look and are very lost.

With a locals help, we get our food.  Well worth the long wait, not knowing if we would be eating or not.

The soup has 3 types of fish, and many unique spices.  It also has freshly made, rice noddle.  I could eat this every night.





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