Ha Tien – Vietnam – Small Town First Experiences with Locals

Getting through the border into Vietnam through Ha Tien was simple, and had the normal scam.  I was happy that I got my visa ahead of time at the consulate, where he told me, do not pay anything at the border.  So anyways,  by mistake I we all walked to the wrong counter where a guy pointed a heat gun at us, and said, “OK, you are good, pay me 1 dollar!”  I said, “No, I don’t have any money, I already paid at the consulate.  This is a scam!”  Myself and another guy just walked away, to where we get our stamps.  Others paid, and we all saw him put the money directly into his pocket.

After we got our stamp, everything was good and we entered into Ha Tien.  About 10 minutes from the border.

I was really lucky, as the bus station was 3 minute walk to my hotel.

The hotel was really nice for only $20 CAD a night.  Was nice to have an actual shower, with internet, and other luxuries.  I have not had in a while.

That night I went to the night market and walked around the town.  So far, the Vietnamese people seem really friendly.  However, I did encounter a lady who either did not like foreigners or was just a mean old lady.  I stood inline to buy a drink, and when it was my turn, she just waved her arms, and pointed to leave.  So, I just turned around and went 5 feet over to the next guy, who was happy to server me.

Later I find out this to be true.  Half of the people here are rude, and the other half are the nicest people.  This is the first Asian country I have found this to be true.

Over the next few days, I met several really nice people.  A lot of the younger people wanted to say hi and ask me questions.  This is always fun!

The town itself is small and quiet, with nice charm.  I often get a cold Soy Drink, and sit by the water.  Watching the river boats and locals doing there things.

It has been a nice relaxing 2 nights, but it is time to move onto Phu Quoc Island, where I will try and find some volunteer work.

Goodbye mainland!

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