Kampot – Hippies Hippies and Hippies

Kampot was an easy commute from Sihanoukville.  The first bus ride I have been on in months where I didn’t almost shit myself.  So, even though the minibus was over full, I sat leaning over, and my legs rubbing up against a smelly backpacker.  It was still very enjoyable 🙂

Just over an hour later, I arrived at the bus stop in Kampot.  Home of Kampot Pepper, and  Kampot Cider. MMMmm hard cider.

Anyways, I had 2 KM still to go to my hotel.  I easily found a scooter taxi who only asked a local rate.  What, seriously.  I am not getting the White Skin tax?  I only paid $1.50 and he was a nice dude!

My hut, is really nice.  Up a few stairs, with a nice fan.  You can check it out here.

The hotel bar, is right full of hippies though.  Pot and Cigarette smoke everywhere, and even getting into my hut.  I was a little frustrated at first, because I booked this hut to get away from that shit.  I wanted some fresh air, no noise, and relaxation.

This is where my first mistake took place.  I went to the bar, for a pint, and saw them trying to fix the stereo.  I watched this for about an hour, getting a good kick out of the hippy backpackers trying to fix a few simple broken wires.

Eventually the one girl says, “Is anyone an electrician?”.  She looked my way and I nodded and said, sure.

Then a few of them asked why I didn’t say so earlier.  I simply said, “I didn’t want to tell you what you are doing wrong, as I just arrived, and this is way more fun to watch!”.

About 5 minutes later I had both left and right audio wires properly connected and taped.  I plugged in my phone and music came on.  They all cheered and I got a free beer.

This was around 9 PM.

Around 11 PM, I went to bed.

5 AM, the music is still pounding and I am now really regretting helping them.  I am almost considering going and pulling the wires back apart, but I don’t.

5:30 AM and the morning staff arrive and turn off the music.  Thank You!!!

The next day I mention it to the owner and she said, this won’t happen again as she has a policy, post in big letters above the bar.  11 PM, music must be turned off.

The next 3 nights, the music did turn off around 11 or a little after, which isn’t bad.  It actually took me 4 days until I came around and started liking the place.  I guess my opinion on breathing smoke is stronger than I thought.

My bathroom friend!  Can you see the lizard?

My stay here in Kampot was nice.  It is a small town, with not much going on.  I spent everyday doing the same thing.

At around 8 AM, I would walk down the street to a local restaurant and have local food for 1 dollar.

Lunch, I did the same, and then went for a 5 or 6 KM walk around town.

Dinner, I would skip and have a few beers at the pub and go for a swim in the river.

All in all it wasn’t bad.

Some pictures for you.


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