Sihanoukville – One week near the Beach

After a little more than 6 weeks of living all over Cambodia, but never near the Sea, I decided it was time to swim.  So, I jumped on the bus to Sihanoukville.

It’s isn’t a long ride, only 3.5 hours, and I am feeling great.

However, as always.  2 hours later, I start getting cramps again.  Really! Yes!  Why every time I get on a damn bus, I get cramps.

Anyways, long story short.  I was starting to panic, as I knew the bus did not have a planned stop.  In a panic, I waited until I knew I could walk a few steps, and I went up to the driver and asked for a toilet.  He didn’t seem impressed, but stopped.

I was in luck, because the last while there was no place for washrooms, but he found a market, with brand new toilets.

I made it!  Success was had.

On the drive into Sihanoukville,we drove past the Angkor Beer factory.

Awww, my true love!

My first day in Sihanoukville was nice.  I was there early, so I had a chance to walk around the area my hotel is in.  I am about a 5 minute walk to a beach, and 7 minute walk to a pub street, with great food.  Even better, my hotel has a pool for when that 5 minute walk is too much.

Not bad for $9 a night!

Check out the supports holding up my hut.  It should be OK.

Over the next 7 days, these are some of the highlights.

I met a crazy Canadian who lives in Thailand now.  He has been there for about 10 years and this is his story.

He met a Thai girl, married her and decided to live in Thailand.  Pretty cool!  Wait for it!  He has been traveling around Asia for the last 8 months, and just randomly sends her money, when she and his kid needs it.  I don’t know, but this doesn’t sound like a man to me.

Next, he drinks non stop.  For breakfast he doesn’t order coffee, but instead a draft beer.  Again, that’s dedication!

For the last part, and this is a crazy one.  This is my first time meeting a person who is the spammer in email.  He is a guy who actually sets up, and spams people.  In his mind, tricking people into accepting emails, is not spam.  He says, they clicked it!

Anyways, I never discussed my opinions on this subject with him.  I just enjoyed his company.  He was a pretty fun guy to talk with, and get to know.  I actually really liked him.

See, people need to remember this!  If what a person does or believes doesn’t  affect you, then shut up, and get on with life.

A bar I frequently visited was run by an American, and a Finish guy.  Both were really cool, and I loved chatting with them.  I think I went there almost everyday for happy hour.  50 cent drafts.

My morning breakfast was always the same.  I would go to Pat’s Restaurant where they had the best coffee and cheap prices.  My breakfast would only cost $2 dollars, for a large coffee and omelette with bread.

Pat’s 8 year daughter was the cutest girl.  She always helped in the restaurant.  She would deliver the food and take our money.  She always brought back the correct change.  She loved doing it.

So, on my last day, I brought a notebook and two pens.  I gave it to her.  This is how it went.

I asked her to come over.  When she came over, I held out the notebook to give to her.  She did not reach for it.  She stopped, stood straight up, and held her hands, palms together, and said a short prayer to me.  My understanding is that she said, thanks and blessed me and my family a good future.

After taking the book, she said thank you again in English, and then slowly walked away, while looking it over.  About 1 minute later, I heard her yelling at Pat, telling her mom what I gave her.

Pat came out and said thank you like 3 times!

This is why I donate!  I wish I had a picture of how cute she looked when she was thanking me.

Eating at Pat’s was always fun because it is very popular, and never enough seats.  So, you end up just sitting with someone you don’t know.  I love this, as I met a lot of cool people from all over.

2 of these guys, where crazy Americans.  The one guy bought a local bought and restored it.  He is planning on living on it, during the good seasons.

Here are some pictures of his boat and the boat yard.

I have to say, the Americans were really funny and a lot of fun.

While on google, the one day I found a craft beer place.  Obviously I went to it.

I tried all of their beers, and my favorite was a beer fermented with jack Fruit.  Not bad at all.

Near the end of my stay, I was sitting at the bar having a pint when I noticed two Khmer girls smiling at me.  So, I said hi, and our conversation started.  About an hour later, drunk Rob realized I just made a date with the younger girl for tomorrow.  Hmmm, cool!

The next day, right on time, she arrived.  I have no idea what her name is, but I found out she is 22, and pretty.

She wanted to take me to a few beaches, and show me around her area.

60 minutes of riding around, we ended up on Ortes Beach.  It was damn hot, and I wanted to swim.

She tells me she just learned to swim.  This should be fun!

It took her about 20 minutes to get in the water and when she finally did.  We spent the next 2 hours, swimming, joking, and having a great time getting to know each others life stories.

The sun was going down, so we headed back to my hotel, where we parted ways.  I will remember our day together.  She was really funny, and a lot of fun.  However, tomorrow I leave the city, and move onto Kampot.

I never did found out her name!




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