Phnom Penh – Craft Beer and a good friend

Battambang was amazing, but I only have a few weeks left in Cambodia, and my friends are all busy.  So, it is time I start heading South towards the Vietnam border.  My first stop will be Phnom Penh.

The reason I am going to Phnom Penh is because there is a craft beer company there, and also my friend Samphors is there.  Stopping here will be a nice break from the bus ride.

Within a few minutes of being on the bus, a Khmer guy asks me where I am from, my name, etc.  This is becoming very common on buses for me.

Anyways, we have a great conversation, which makes the 6 hours fly bye.

At one rest stop he bought his lunch, but came up 2000 Riel short (50 cents), and asked to borrow it from me.  Of coarse I said yes, and told him he doesn’t need to worry about paying me back.

At the next bus stop I saw him jump off the bus first and run down the road.  We only had 10 minutes here, as they were washing and changing the bus oil.

I got one of my favorite drinks, from the vendor.  I don’t know exactly what it is called, but the plant looks like bamboo, and they press the juices out of it, pour it into a cup with ice, and drink.  It’s very good.

Just when the bus guys are finishing up, my new friend arrives back.  He comes straight to me and pays me the 2000 Riel back.  The reason I saw him running is because the closest ATM was 1 KM away.

I told this story to a lot of foreigners and they all said, they would have not trusted him.  My response to them was, “Who cares, it was 50 cents and he made an honest mistake being short changed!”, “And now I have this awesome story to tell people!”.

About an hour later we arrived in Phnom Penh, where I say goodbye to another new friend.

That night I didn’t do to much.  Just walked around my area and ate dinner.  The hotel itself was decent, but the noise in the area and hotel was too much for me.  I am only staying 2 nights, and then I will find a new place.

The next day I met up with Samphors at Cerevisia Craft Brewhouse.  We shared a sampler of their beers while we waited to meet with one of the owners.  We want to meet him to get some information on where he gets his supplies.  We are thinking about making some homebrew in Battambang.

Samphors taking some notes

After meeting with Eric and getting some great information.  We went for a little walk around the area before she had to go to other meetings.  She is one busy girl.  If you can believe it, she is not 16, but 26 years old.  One of the smartest Khmer people I have ever met.

When I got back to my hotel, I decided I didn’t need to stay here any longer, as it is not the type of city I enjoy.  Too busy!

I messaged Samphors to let her know I moving on.  She is the last of my Khmer friends to say goodbye too.  I will miss her, her brother and Chea a lot.  They are all amazing people and I hope I can come back soon.

Goodbye All!

1 Dollar Whiskey 🙂




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