Siem Reap – Second scam in Cambodia

So the bus ride to Siem Reap was uneventful, which I like.  However, as we enter into Siem Reap, the bus scam starts, and this is how it went.

As the bus is approaching Siem Reap, it stops just before it enters the town, and drops off all of the locals on the bus.  We are less than 1 KM from the hotel area, but we turned off the highway.

As the locals are getting off of the bus, I ask the driver, if we are going back onto the highway into Siem Reap.  If not, I am getting off here and walking.  He tells me, “yes, yes, they are going into Siem Reap.”

Well, they did not.  The bus driver intentionally drove around Siem Reap to a location 4-5 KM away from the hotel area, where there is nothing, but Tuk Tuk drivers waiting for us.  The Tuk Tuk drivers know we are too far to walk so they also try to double the prices.

Also because the bus is now past Siem Reap, it is not going back, it is continuing on.

The scam is simple, they go around Siem Reap, and go far enough outside that tourist must pay extra for a Tuk Tuk, at an outrages price.  I mean double the actual bus ride, which was 4 hours long.

Take a look at the map.  1 was where we dropped off the locals and turned off the highway.  If he would have stayed on the highway, I would have been less than 50 feet from my hotel, and same with the other tourist.

A few people on the bus were pissed, and myself.  Well, I got scammed, and I made it obvious I was not stupid, but I don’t get angry.

I see 2 girls from UK, and we all try to make a deal into town, to lesson the cost.

That didn’t work out, because the Tuk Tuk driver took us to the wrong location, and tried acting like it was our fault and wanted more money.  The one UK girl was not having it, and said, “Screw it, I am walking!”.  This changed his attitude and he dropped us all off, within a reasonable distance.

Anyways, this is not a major scam, but it is a scam and will give Cambodia a bad name.  After doing some research, it has done just that.

I love Cambodia, and I want to see this country come back from all of the terrible things that has happened to it.  The people are generally awesome, friendly, and caring people.  So scams like this, have to stop!

Lets look at the good side of this day!

The two UK girls I met, ended up being really cool and we partied that night.  I also saw them again a few nights later, just randomly at a Taco stand.

So all bad things, have a good side.  Don’t forget it!

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