Battambang – Great, I shit myself again!

While in Pursat, my nausea still continues.  I feel like shit, and consistently feel like I am going to puke, and I am having a hard time swallowing.  However, the good news I realized why I feel like this.

My doctor back home gave me pills for control my IBS.  I only started taking them a 1 month ago, even though I got them 5 months ago.  Yea, yeah, that’s how I am!  But for the first time ever, I didn’t even read the label, I just took them twice a day, when it said once a day.   Normally I would read the label, and research the hell out of them.

Well, I should have!

I am actually taking Codeine at a large does and this is causing me to get nausea, with problems swallowing.  A common side-effect.

So I stopped taking the pills, and I am feeling better, but now I am having withdraws.  I read it should only last a few days.  Oh well, not something that will ever stop me from doing what I want.

So, I catch the 10 am bus to Battambang and I feel good enough.  All I am concerned about is not shitting my pants.

What type of bus is this though.  They are playing karaoke, and a few people are singing to it.  Please save me!


OK, it is not that bad, actually really funny, until they play “Achy Breaky heart”.  This is where I draw the line. hahaha.

About 1 hour into the bus ride, I feel a very familiar pain.   I am cramping!  Oh, please no!  I am not going to shit my pants again!  I am determined to hold it.

20 minutes goes by, and the cramps are crazy.  I look at my GPS and see we are close, another 5 or 10 minutes.

At this point I am running all scenarios through my head.  “What are the chances there will be a toilet at the bus stop?”, “Can I ask the driver to stop and I will go behind the bus?”, “How far can I duck walk before it comes out?”, “If I shit myself, how obvious will it be?”

Well, I make it to the bus stop, and the turtle head is still in his shell!  I grab my backpack and see there is a toilet 40 steps away.  I feel confident I will make it.  I start with a slow walk, which quickly turns into my famous duck walk.  Each step I am praying to my poop gods, to allow me, just this one more time to make it.

5 steps to go, I am going to make it.

Somehow, I don’t know how, but I make it.  The only fun is it is squat toilet, no paper, and only a bucket with a cup to dump water on your hand and clean yourself.  Whatever, I don’t care anymore.  I made it!

Just another amazing adventure and I am so thankful I am only going to Battambang and not the 5 hours to Siam Reap.

I am here Battambang, and I am going to leave my mark in every toilet!



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