Pursat – What a ride!

The ride to Pursat from Osoam Village was even more fun than the ride to Osoam.  This time we are 5 plus a baby in the car, but have also include propane tanks, that look like they are ready to explode and other junk.

The road from Osoam to Pursat is much worse, and floated in spots, then coming to Osoam from Koh Kong.

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One spot the driver gets out, and walks through the water to see how deep it is, and if the bottom is muddy or not.  He gives me a thumbs up, but I can see the water is up to his nuts.

Hmmm, can a 1980 something Toyota really do this?

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As we are going through it, the car starts to lug a little as the water is up to the mirrors, and over the hood.  I quickly put my laptop over my head, as it was on the floor.  The girls in the back start laughing and telling me with sign language, I am big man, I can push us out.

Oh yeah, I am massive in Cambodia compared to them.

Somehow, I don’t know how, it we make it through, and up the moody hill.

A few minutes later, there is another crazy mud hole and a steep hill on the other side.  I see many people have been stuck here, but our driver doesn’t even hesitate.  He drives right in.

The good thing there is a big truck ahead of us, and he waits to see if we make it.


Somehow, again we make it.  I don’t understand it, but we do.

I pat the dash, and say, “Good Car!”  The driver looks at me and smiles, and says something similar I am guessing in Cambodian.

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4/5 hours later we arrive in Pursat, and he drops me off at a guess house that Lim told him to take me too.

I thank him and give him his $10 dollars.  Yes, only $10 for over 4 hours in a shared taxi.  I love Cambodia!

The guess house turns out to be a very expensive $8 per night, with hot water, clean sheets and a comfy bed.

My first goal is to shower, as I am covered in 4 days of jungle dirt.  Then a nap, then dinner.

Tomorrow I will explorer Pursat.

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