Koh Larn – Tawaen Beach – Just another day on the beach

Today is another day for exploring a new area of Koh Larn and I remember reading about a really nice beach, that starts with a T.  I don’t remember the exact name, but I should be able to figure it out from the tourist map downstairs.

On the map, I see Tawaen Beach is not far from me.  Walking distance, maybe 30 minutes.

As I am walking a local pulls up beside me and asks, if I want a ride.  I said, sure, how much.  He says, “Donation”.  I say 20 baht, which is on the low side of the standard amount, but he agrees.

I tell him Tawaen Beach, which is straight ahead, no turns.  This is also the direction he is facing.

I get on and the first thing he does is turn around and starts going the wrong way.  I tap his shoulder and say, no no, and point other way.  He thinks I do not know where I want to go and tells me, he knows where he is going.

After another minute of me trying to explain to him, no, this is not the right way. I live here!  I know there is only one road to this beach.  He finally stops and asks someone to translate.

No one understands, put I manage to explain again, I know where!  He believes me and takes me to the correct beach.  Mind you, the distance we drove the wrong way, is further than the actual distance to the beach from where we started.

We get to the beach, and he says, sorry, he didn’t understand.  It is all good, as he still is happy for 20 only baht.

Just another adventure. 🙂

Walking onto this beach, I see tones, and in Australian, HEAPS of people.  This does not look like the calm, relaxing beach I read about.

So get this, I later realize the beach my confused driver was taking me, was actually the beach I wanted to go to.  I had the wrong beach name and location.  This doesn’t matter though, I want to see all of the beaches.

So onto Tawaen Beach to explorer.

The beach is 99% filled with beach chairs, and I do not want one.  I like to find a free spot to lay my towel down just on the sand.


At the furthest end of the beach, I finally find a small spot and drop my towel, toss on my mask and run straight into the water.  Awww nice!

The water here looks the same as Monkey Beach, but I little less clear from all of the people and boats stirring up the sand.  Still nice and clean though.


I swim and explorer the water for about 45 minutes, and then decide to dry off and walk around the beach vendors.  I want to get an idea for what the prices are.  On Monkey beach, the prices are crazy expensive when compared to the town prices.  For example, a beer in town is 55 baht, on Monkey beach, it is 120 baht.  Rice dish 50 baht, on the beach 250 baht and up.

Here on Tawaen Beach I find the prices are much more reasonable.  70 baht for a beer, and rice dishes around 120 – 180 baht.


I sit down at one of the beach restaurants and have lunch.  I had a chicken burger with fries for 170 baht.  I have been craving westerner food for a few days now.  Mmmm sooooo good!

After my late lunch, I am done with this beach and decide to head back.  It is way to busy here for me anyways.

I was able to catch a Pattaya Bus back to the main street, for 30 baht.

On the way back to my room I see my favorite street food ladies and stop for a little chat.  I will be back later for dinner.

The rest of the day I relaxed on my patio, so nothing really mentioning, except when a Thai guy walked by and I said hi.  I know, nothing exciting, but that changes later.

Around 11 pm, I am laying on my bed, when I hear a knock at my patio door.  I see it is the young Thai guy from earlier.  He asks if I want to come and have a beer.  I say sure.

He introduces me as the Canadian, and I meet his friend, Tap, and the two Thai girls.  I call one Crazy, and the other Funny.  I have no idea how to spell or pronounce their names.  Oh yeah, his name is Man.

2 hours later we are all still drinking.  These 4 are truly power drinkers.  They have well over 30, 700 ml beers already gone, and Man just left to go by more.  I offer to pay for some of the beers and they would not have it.  They also kept giving me another beer before I finished off mine.

One of their favorite sayings, is SahSee, which I am spelling wrong, but means.  Last drink.  So you must chug the entire drink and then they give you another, and say it again.


Tomorrow is going to be a long day. LOL!

I think around 4 am I decide I am done and need some sleep.  I say goodnight to my new funny friends and head to bed.

The adventures when travelling are always so unexpected!

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