Koh Larn – Nual Monkey Beach – Unexpected New Friends

Today I woke up after a decent sleep in a full air conditioned room.

My first thought was, what the hell to do today, then I thought.  I might as well as walk towards Monkey (Nual) Beach and explorer how to get around the island without a scooter.

I check the map and it shows about a 40 minute walk from here.

I am only taking my towel, sunglasses and money inside my GoPro stick handle.  That way when I am swimming, I have nothing on the beach worth stealing.  I really don’t know what it is like here.

After about 20 minutes of walking, I know I am about half way, but the sun is taking its toll on me.  If I see a taxi or bus I will jump on.

A few minutes later a Pattaya Truck bus pulls up and I jump on.  I ask the people on it how much they are paying, and they tell me 40 baht to the beach, and 30 baht back.  I will try for 10 since I am a little past half way.

We arrive at the beach and I offer 10, he says 20 baht ($0.75 CAD), and I give it to him.  No haggling!

As I walk alone the beach, I look for a place with no rental beach lounges, and some shade.  At the far left / east side there is ample room like this.  So I lay my towel down and head straight into the water.


The water is warm, clear, blue, with very light yellow sand.  Soft sand at that.  Not very many rocks or coral.  A very good swimming beach.

Swimming around I do see little fish, that look like barracuda, but only the length of your hand.  I also saw a small crab, and rock fish of some sort.

Sorry, these images are pulled from video and I haven’t been able to find what species of fish they are.

3 124

I swam for maybe 45 minutes and then I saw Monkeys jumping and playing in the trees.  This is so cool, I was hoping to see them today.

I walk over and start watching them.


There is a Russian girl standing beside me, and I ask her if she speaks English.  She says, “yes, a little.”  So, I start talking to her about the monkeys and maybe feeding them.

She says, “Lets get some food!”

A few minutes later she comes back with her husband, and he says to me, “Come, come, we feed them!”.

We start the climb up the hill.


We reach the top.


Right away, one pisses on me.  The joy of monkeys, but they are so cute.

Can you see all 5 in this picture?


My new friend feeding the daddy.  He was really calm and nice!


After our little expedition, her husband and I become really good friends, in a very short time.

We end up spending the rest of the day hanging out, and this group of Russians were some of the nicest people I have met.  They gave me food, water, rum, and homemade vodka. Which was damn good!

In their group, there was 3 couples and one single girl.

After our day of swimming, chatting, and laughing, they all invited me several times to come to Russia and stay at their homes.  I am thinking I will have to do this one day.  They even told me they will find me a good Russian girl for my wife, because I need a wife.  I love it!  So much fun.

2 PM and the monkeys came down to the beach where I get a second chance at seeing them, but this time, I am not getting pissed on.  Woot Woot!


This time the monkeys are a little more aggressive, but on one gets bitten.  If you do get bitten, life will suck!  You have to get a tone of shots/needles, and they are not cheap.  Also, you have a very good chance at getting Herpes Virus B, which is fatal in humans.

So don’t piss off the monkeys.  If they want something, give it to them.

Around 3 PM we all jump on a bus and go back into town, where they catch the ferry back to Pattaya.  I was sad to see them go, but I really do hope I see them again.

6 PM rolls around and I am ready to find some food.  From my balcony, I can see two older Thai women cooking street food.  This is always cheap and yummy.

I walk over and get 3 BBQ Skewers.

The ladies have lots of questions for me, as it is not normal to see a tourist after 6 PM.

They ask if I am alone, and I say yes.  This sets them into uncontrollable laughing and the one says, “You want Thai lady”, and the other one winks at me.  Oh my god, they are funny.  I think they are around 60 years old.

Then they ask where I am staying and I point to my hotel.  The one says, “Ohhh” and they start laughing even more. The one lady says to me, “You need women when you stay there, that’s honey suite.”

Now I get the pink room, and then I notice a sign that says, Love In Resort.  This resort is the honey moon resort for Thai’s when they get married.

Who am I to judge, it is the cheapest place, so I am happy.

Anyways, these ladies are awesome, and I visit them almost every night for food.


Another end to another great day!  Started off as a 1 hour trip to the beach, and ended up being an all day event with new friends.

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