Jomtien Beach – Koh Larn – Moving

It is almost 11 AM, I am all packed and just waiting for Earthie, to arrive.  Earthie is the person I rented my condo from.  I am very curious at how much my electricity, water, and cleaning bill will be for the month.  The entire month I was tried to only use the air conditioner when I was over hot, and during the night so I could sleep.

Earthie arrives and we check the readings on the meters.  After doing a quick calculation, I am very surprised.  The total comes out to 1500 baht ($58.00 CAD) for all 3. Not bad at all, and that means I get 3500 baht back from my deposit.

If you ever come to Jomtien Beach, I highly recommend renting from Earthie.  Check out the video of my room.

We wrap things up and I say goodbye to Earthie.  He is a pretty cool guy and I hope to see him again in the future.

It’s 11:30 AM and I want to catch the 12 o’clock ferry to Koh Larn.  If I miss it, I have to wait 2 hours.

I waddle as fast as I can with my backpack to the closes motorbike taxi, and we head off to the ferry.

This is a new experience.  I am comfortable on the back of a scooter, but adding my backpack, and laptop in my hands, is more of a challenge.  Especially when we are going through traffic as fast as it will go.  And down hill, he pulls in the clutch to coast, because we were at red line, and now we can go faster.

Oh yes, this is fun, and exciting.  I am glad I do not have a helmet on, that would slow us down anyways.

We make it to the ferry, with 10 minutes to spare.  The cost is 150 baht, but I give him 160 baht, which makes him really happy.  Back home this would be an insult to give 40 cent tip, but here, not so much.

I jump on the ferry and get a good seat, where I can see my bags.  I love this ferry, it only cost 30 baht ($1.15 CAD), and has decent seating for an 40 year old tug boat turned into ferry, with wooden seats.  So cool!

For some reason every time he blows the horn, I do the same in my head. Beep Beep! … maybe to many years of watching Thomas the Tug boat.  (You know you are Canadian when you get that reference!)

From the port to my hotel is about a 12 minute walk, but it is peak heat time of day, and a motorbike taxi only cost 30 baht.  So, this is my option.

I show the young guy where I am going, he says he knows it.  As we pass my road, I wonder, maybe he knows another turn.  Nope.

We arrive at a different hotel.  I show him were to go and he says… Ohhhh.  No problem.  He knows a short cut between the two road.

OMG, he was not kidding.  The short cut would be difficult to walk down, let alone taking a motorbike, with two manly men, and my packs.

As we are going down the path, a tree grabs my hat!  I am not loosing another hat! I tap his should and ask him to stop.  He stops looks back and sees my hat hanging 8 feet in the air.  He is laughing so hard, and says many things in Thai.  I laugh as well as I jump and grab it.  How the hell did it get 8 or more feet up?  Anyways, he thought it was pretty funny and keeps laughing as he is driving.

2 minutes later we are at my hotel.  He wants 30 baht, I give him 40, and say, no change.  Again, this makes him pretty happy.

Motorbike taxis in Thailand have a bad reputation for being angry, and trying to rip people off.  I honestly do not know where this comes from.  I have never had that.  They tell me a price before I get on, and they always keep to their word.  I never haggle, because the price is very fair, and most times I feel it is too low, so I give a nice tip.

So, if you are in Thailand, do the same.  Don’t haggle to save $1 dollar, when it cost you nothing, and to them it is the world.  You will get the same great experience that I have!

The owner of the motel/hotel/homestay, is not here, and the receptionist does not speak any English.  She can tell I am wanting a room and keeps talking to me in Thai, while smiling.  I smile back.  I have no idea what she is saying, then she pulls out her phone and makes a call.  Now I know we are going in the right direction. A few minutes later she grabs a calculator and shows me 3500.  From this I know she knows who I am.  This is the correct amount.

I give her 3500 baht ($134 CAD) for 7 nights, and she takes me to my new room.  I have named this room, the Love Shack!


Later I will update the blog with my video of the room and area, but I have found out the free WiFi is a shared 56 K modem.  So, yeah, I won’t be posting any vids as I am using my phone data to write this blog.

I am cheap.  Here on the Island I get a 70 mbps (8000 KB/s) connection on my phone, which is amazing, but it cost me $1 CAD per 1.5 GB.  I need that for porn in my Looooove Shack! hahaha kidding!

The remainder of the day I walk around and explorer my food options.  My favorite place is closed though. 🙁  Not sure why.

9 PM, and I am starting to wonder what I got myself into.  I am truly living with the locals.  At around 6 pm, all of the tourist left the Island, and I am sure I am the ONLY non Thai remaining.  Normally I will see at least one other person, but here, none, not a single one.

It is a little weird because on the mainland, you will find half of the locals speak a little English.  However, here I think it is like 1 in 5 maybe.

This is going to be a very interesting week, and I am going to make the best out of it and see if I can make some local friends.

Wish me luck!


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