Pattaya – Jomtien Beach – Extending Visa

My original plan was to spend a month in Jomtien Beach, and then extend my visa for another 30 days, and spend most of that time up in Chiang Mai, which is in northern Thailand.

Well, one day when I was filling up my water jug, I met an Aussie who owns one of the condos in this building.  He tells me I can only get a 7 day extension because I am on a Visa On Arrival, and not a tourist Visa.

That changes my plans a little and I wonder if it is really worth the hassle for another 7 days.

Fast forward a few days, am I am walking past the immigration office. I don’t have my passport with me, but decide to step in and see if they can tell me how long I would be able to extend it.

The officer at the information desk tells me, I can get 30 days.  Just come back with 1900 Baht and my passport.

So, if this is true, I am back to my original plans, but I do know not to plan until after I actually get the extension.

Monday arrives and I head over to the office.  When I get there, the parking lot is a little empty.  Weird!  Then I see it, a note on the door.  It is closed until Wednesday for holiday.

I ask a few locals what holiday, and they don’t know either.

A few days have passed and it is now Wednesday, so I head back to the immigration office.

When I arrive it is busy as shit, and I am starting to wonder if I should wait until tomorrow.  Then I think, screw it, I am here.  How long can it really take!

I walk in and ask where I go to extend my visa, and the officer asks, for how long.  I say 30 days.  I might as well try for 30 right!

He then hands me a stack of about 10 papers to fill out.

I fill out the first one and then flip to the second page.   I have no idea what this page is talking about.  So I walk back over to him to ask, but then a young Thai girl says, come with me.


She takes me into a room with several desk, and other people filling out the forms.  She takes my form and starts filling in the second page, and so on.  She then asks for proof of address, and I show her a picture of my condo agreement.  She says, go across the street and print it.

I walk over and the shop already knew what I was there for and we print a copy.  This cost me 40 Baht.

When I get back to her, she has finished filling in the forms for me, and says, I need a picture, “Stand here!”  She then takes my picture, and she gives me 8 copies.  Cost was 165 Baht.

Everything is going very quickly.  I have only been here for 25 minutes and already my forms are filled in, I have pictures, and am now waiting walking over to the waiting area, to meet with the immigration officer.  This person decides if I can extend or not.  Oh, I almost forgot.  The girl that filled in my forms, also gave me a number to wait with.  174.

Just as I sit down in the waiting room, 174 is called.  The immigration officer takes my forms, 1 picture, and asks for 1900 Baht. She then says, “Please sit and wait.”

Less than 5 minutes later, another girl calls, 174.

I stand up, she walks over to me, and hands me my passport and says, “Thank you, enjoy Thailand.”

So, that is it!  A total of 2115 Baht ($80 CAD) and approximately 35 minutes later, and I have a 30 day extension.  No questions asks.

While in the office I never knew what I was doing, it was very fast paced, and I just followed directions.  However, it was painless and easy.

So, if you ever want to extend your stay, just head to the immigration office. Easy as that.


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