Odessa – Ukraine – Let the good times roll!

Now that I have the cell phone issue resolved, I can finally get onto exploring Odessa.

If you read my last post, you will recall the 3 people who helped me find my hotel location, just 5 minutes after arriving in Odessa.  Well, the one guy Mike, asked for my Facebook before I got into the cab.  He told me he would be back from Kiev in a few days, and he could show me around Odessa.  I only knew the guy for 2 minutes, and he is offering to show me around.  Now that proves no matter where you are, there are good, even great people.

The next day Mike adds me to Facebook and also starts a conversation between, Mike, his sister (Lesya), and myself.  He tells his sister, I am a nice guy, and asked if she could show me around until he gets back.  She says yes, and adds me to Facebook and then sets a time and place to meet.

Let me ask you this!  What girl do you know, would meet a total stranger, who her brother only met for 2 minutes, and would show them around their town?  I don’t know many, if any at all.  I mean, I could be a complete ass, mean, a pervert, she has no idea who I am, yet, she was completely willing.

We are going to meet Wednesday at 6 pm, in the center of town.  Today is Tuesday morning, so I have sometime to waste until then.

Tuesday, I just walked around the local area exploring, looking for food, pubs, etc.

While going in and out of the hotel a few times, I became friends with Anastasia the receptionist.  We decided we get together Thursday on her day off, so we are not talking so much during work.  That’s cool!  I am impressed at how easy it is to make friends here.

Well, Wednesday evening is here and I head out to catch the tram into the city center.  I love the trams here.  They only cost 2 UAH, which is like 10 cents CAD.  How cheap is that!


I make it to our meeting spot, which is the water fountain in the city center.


Lesya is on her way, as I am a few minutes early.  While waiting, you never know what you will see in Ukraine, and I got a pretty good show, of a drunk / high girl bathing and dancing in the fountain.  I never took a picture, because she scared me. lol.

A few minutes later, Lesya walks right up to me with a big smile and says hi.  She is not shy of meeting me at all and recognized me from my profile picture.

I had not eaten yet, so she takes me to a nice patio restaurant where she orders for me, two Ukrainian food items.  One is a beat soup, and the other is some kind of Haring Fish paste, that you put on bread and eat.  I will tell you, both were pretty damn good and I want to have it again.

Our next stop is across the street to a local craft beer place.  We were going to walk around, but our conversation is going so good, that we decided to just have drinks and chat.

I really like this girl, she is so nice and has some really awesome stories about her travels.  She has been in the USA twice.  Last time was just a few months ago, and when she was younger, she did a high school exchange student thing for one year.

Well, it was getting late and she needed to get home.  She works tomorrow. hahaha, I don’t!  Anyways, her brother is back in town and is walking around downtown.  He tells her to invite me to meet him.

Just down the street, I meet up with Mike, his friend from work, and the guy and girl that helped me the first night.

We basically just walk all over downtown and Mike explains what everything is.  The only problem is I am a bit drunk from my earlier meeting with his sister.  Lol.  She is a bad influence, I take no responsibility for myself. 🙂

Some of my drunk, trying to take pictures below!

img_20160907_230137_hdr img_20160907_230232_hdr img_20160907_220802_hdr img_20160907_221038

It was a pretty awesome night, and I truly enjoyed finally getting to know Mike, his sister, and some of their friends.  Mike has invited me to go to the beach with them tomorrow, but tomorrow I am supposed to hangout with Anastasia.

The next morning, I get up, feeling a little hungover, but this hotel has a great breakfast.  I also have to see when Anastasia wants to meet up. I think she only works until 8 AM.

When I get down to see her, she acts like I am a customer, and not how she has been acting with me. Hmmm, I am like. OK, either she decided she doesn’t want to get together, or she got into trouble for talking to me so much, by her boss.

I just ignore it, as I have other plans now.  I can meet up with Mike and go to the beach.

Later I find out, she did get into shit with her boss and I completely understand.  In Odessa, you are very lucky if you have a job, and a full time job even luckier.  There is a lot of no income families here and the average person only makes $400 a month.  It is not that cheap here!  So her not wanting to jeopardize her job in anyway, I understand.

The next few times I saw her, she always gave me a big smile, and I smile back, but I don’t bother her unless she comes to me.  Even then, I keep it short.

This post is getting long, so I will continue my beach day in the next post.

continuing …

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