Mariehamn castles and final goodbyes

On my last full day here in Mariehamn, Malin had to work, so I would be spending it alone.  Maybe catching up on my blogs, and who knows.

However, around 11 am, Malin came back home and said, I will leave you my car so you can go explorer while I am at work.  That’s pretty awesome.

The Island is only about a 30 minute drive from side to side, and half way up, there is a castle from the 1200s.  I have to check this out.

The drive up to the castle seriously only took 15 minutes and that’s taking my time.  There is no highways here, only one lane roads with a max speed of 90 kmh.  I love this Island life, slow, easy and relaxing.  Oh yeah, there are no stop signs, only yield signs and roundabouts.

Kastelholm Castle looks too cool!

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Just up the road is a few windmills, not exactly sure how old these are, but they don’t look new.

20160822_125956 20160822_125959 20160822_125941

On my way back, I stop at this restaurant for a coffee on top of a hill.  Pretty cool views.

20160822_131342 20160822_130819 20160822_131157

That evening and the next day we just chatted about different things, nothing too crazy.  I think I was drinked out.

Well, it is 3:30 PM and Mike is driving me to the airport where I am flying to Stockholm, then onto Lithuania, Vilnius.

It is a little sad knowing I might never see Mike or Malin again, but I will definitely try and make it back one summer.  I loved it here, and I couldn’t have asked for more hospitable people, especially Mike not even knowing me, and he cooked me food several times, and drove me around.  Pretty amazing people if you ask me.

Thanks for the amazing time!

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