Mariehamn Aland Finland – Super Trooper Malin and Crazy American

Day 2 started off with some fresh coffee and talks about what to do.  Last night I don’t remember their names, but two of Mike the crazy Americans friends stopped by and told us about a honey fair at Stallhagen brewery, which sounded cool.  So, Malin and I headed but on our hats and head off the fair.


Since nothing is far on this Island, we were there in about 15 minutes and walking around.  The place is pretty cool, very nicely setup.  They even have a floating concert area, where they have live bands and theater.  Now that would have been cool to see.

The honey fair was pretty small, and only took about 2 minutes to see it all.

20160820_115747 20160820_115742

Well, it is almost noon, so we head into the brewery to check it out.  Malin asks if they have a sampler rack, or something like that. They don’t, but they do have small glasses for $2 Euro and 10 different beers to try.  Sounds like we might as well as get 1 of each, and try them all 🙂

All of the beers are damn good! but I am driving so we stop after just sampling them. Either way, this is pretty awesome, sitting in Finland trying local beers.

20160820_120137 20160820_120608 20160820_130042 20160820_130102

After our beers we cruise around for a little bit and then head back to drop off the car.  We then take a walk around Mariehamn and watch some of the Pride parade.  Why do I always show up to a down on Pride day?


The parade was nothing special, so we decide to jump through a few pubs for some beers.  Malin is one hell of a host and pays for these rounds.  I am starting to love it here. 🙂

20160820_141743 20160820_141749 20160820_143409

Food in this town is way to expensive, so we head back to Malin’s for dinner.

That evening Mike’s oldest daughter invited a few friends over and the night starts all over again.  This time with even more of a bang.  By around 11 pm we head out to jump through some of the local bars.  I can’t give much details on this, because by then I was beyond happy. What I do remember is a lot of great beers, and talking to many Finish people.  Just don’t ask me what we talked about, or what their names are. 🙂  Here is one of them though.

20160820_224018 20160820_225903

I think the night ended around 4 AM, and what a night it was.  🙂

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