Amsterdam to Mariehamn Finland

My flight was Amsterdam to Stockholm Sweden, was really easy and fast.  I had the front isle seat, and the flight was only 2 hours.  I arrived in Stockholm at 11 pm and got my bag.  I am in another country and no customs?  Oh yes, this is not the USA.

Well it is almost midnight and my next flight is not until 8 am.  It is pouring rain and dark outside, so no sense in trying to see some of the area.

I walk around the airport for a bit until I found a nice bench, out of the way, and decided to lay down and try to catch some sleep.  The sleep never happened, but at least I was able to relax.

8 hours went by OK, and I am now waiting to board my flight to Mariehamn Finland, where I will meet up with the famous Malin.  It feels a little weird because I only traveled with Malin for 4 days or so days in the Philippines, and she is OK with me coming to stay with her.  Who says trust is gone in the world.

I think this plane is going to be empty, as my flight leaves boards at 9 am and it is 8:55, and I am the only person at the gate.

As I am boarding the plane, 2 more guys show up.  We get to choose our seats, but this doesn’t really matter, it is only a 25 minute flight.


Some great views coming into Aland the island.

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Our landing was one of the hardest I have ever had, and the pilot had to take a second run at it.  A lot of pressure just before the run way moving the plane up and down and the most sideways I have ever been on a turbo prop plane.  However, it landed and all was good.  I find these types of landing fun as you get too see how amazing some pilots really are.

I get my bag as it was the first one through, and it was also the last one. 🙂

As I walk out the door, there is Malin waiting.  I quickly remembered her pretty smile.


We drove back to her place where I dropped off my bags, and then we headed out to meet her sisters husband and to pick up her nephew for the day.

I really enjoyed driving around and getting a chance to see the non tourist areas.

When we arrived back with her nephew, Mike her roommate was there.  Mike is a pretty chill guy, who is an american, but has been living here for 14 years.

All of us head out for some groceries, and beer.  🙂  I quickly find out Finland is not a cheap place to live.  Beer is about $5 CAD per bottle, and gas is around $2 per liter.

That night we had some great drinks and lots of funny conversation, which I don’t remember a lot of, and finally crashed late that night.

Well day 1 in Finland was a blast, lets see what day 2 will have to offer.


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