Great times in Alphen, Netherlands

Day 2 was a pretty awesome day.  Peter, Marijie and I took the bicycles into Alphen for lunch and then a little tour around town.  As you can see below, Marijie had the hardest ride of the day.


Selfie on a bicycle, and yes, I am still awesome.


Peter treated us to lunch on a nice patio where you could sit and watch people attempting to water ski.  It was pretty cool.  There is a cable pull that goes in a loop that pulls the person.  I loved it when people fell.

Check out this kid ripping it up!


After lunch Marijie showed me how to play Pokiemon Go.  She caught one on Peter’s head and one on my butt.  I see Pokiemon have no respect 🙂


Peter told me this is a man made lake, and the sand was used to raise the land around Alphen.  All of this area is approximately 60 meters below sea level and how they use dykes and canals to mange the water is dutch engineering.

Our ride continued around the town were at times I thought I should have a sign on my bike that says “Tourist, Look Out!”.  But in the end I did not hit anyone or cause any accidents.

In Alphen, Peter treated us to ice-cream, and a walking tour of the streets.  He also showed me where his mother and father were buried.  A very nice little cemetery beside one of the churches.

One last picture of our ride, when we were waiting for the bridge to lower.


Later that evening Peter and I went over to see Karin’s, her girlfriend and Mariëlle at their new house.  It was a nice relaxing visit, and again some good laughs and stories were had.

Another sunny day in Alphen!

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