What a summer in Ontario!

This summer has been full of adventure, laughter, smiles, and I even made a few new friends.  It was one hell of a time, but with every great summer, there is always a little sadness.  This summer had its fair share unfortunately.

Before I get into the funny shit, I might as well as tell you the sad parts.  This summer I had two grandparents pass away.  First was my grandfather who passed away just 7 days after I arrived back home.  Then exactly 3 months to the day, his wife, my grandmother passed away.  He was 90 and she was 88.  Both lived amazing lives and will be missed.


As I was writing this I received a phone call from a good friend letting me know that another truly amazing person, Peter Munro passed.  As long as I knew him he, on and off fought cancer and 3 times he beat it.  All I can say is, if you ever met Peter you would immateriality like him.  He was just that type of guy.  The world lost a person it needed in it. He’ll be missed.

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This summer had it’s share of ups and downs, and the downs I am done with talking about.  So let’s get onto some of the good things.

Just before I arrived back in Canada, I found out that eating bananas helps with my IBS.  Bananas are a powerful tool in life, and I am still learning how to use them for good, and not evil. 🙂

Banana time

After I arrived back, I quickly started visiting my friends to say Hello again.  One of those nights included Dave, Todd, Kris, Will and I.  Where we made some odd decisions and we all tried lifting each other.  The only real part of that I remember is Kris on the ground with Todd laying on top of him.  New Love maybe?  I dunno.  Either way, these nights were memorable for sure.

When I wasn’t partying I was helping Kris cut wood, and do things around his place.  But sometimes this was boring for me, so I found that teasing the shit out of him kept me from being bored.  One way I loved teasing Kris was making fart sounds when he wasn’t paying attention.  Almost every time Kris would jump and say, “Jesus, you scared me!”  Yes, I loved scaring him.

Even better was when I convinced Kris to go to Calypso Water Park in Ottawa.  He had never been on a water slide in his life.  The first one I took him on scared the shit out of him.  You can watch the video of him screaming on YouTube 🙂

Sorry Kris, and Thank You for putting up with me for the summer.

Some of my best times this summer were hanging out with Lee and having several pints.  Once I was happily buzzed, I would annoy his wife Barb and her kids.  Something you all know I love doing. One word of advice I have, is don’t tease a friend teenage daughter, because she will find a way of getting you back.  Thanks Kerry for almost scaring the shit out of me while driving.

Did I work this summer.  Well I did, but most of it wasn’t paid work.  I just enjoyed helping people while I was here.  Some of the fun work was driveway sealing a good friend’s mom driveway, installing internet towers with another friend, and repairing my mom’s Seadoos.  That is always fun because I get to ride them, and if I have good luck, Jack will trip and fall into the water.  Which happened once.  OMG it was funny. 🙂  There is nothing better than seeing an old mad fall.

I know I haven’t mentioned all of the amazing events that happened this summer, but none of them will ever be forgotten.  I had one of the best summers back in Ontario and hope to be back next summer.

Yes, I am leaving again.  August 14th I fly to Amsterdam to see Peter and his family, and then onto Sweden to see Malin The Trooper, and then Latvia, where I plan on hanging out until September when I will head to Germany to see Julia, the German Princess Model.  That will be some good times.

After Germany I have no real idea where I will go exactly, but I plan on seeing Cairo, and India to visit my friend Balaji.  I will eventually head back to the Philippines and then maybe back to New Zealand.  But who knows.

Take care all, and more to come when I start traveling.

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