Netherlands – Visiting Family

In the Netherlands I have family from my Dad’s side scattered all over and today I get to visit my distant cousin Honey and her husband Lex,  They are going to take me around the city they live in and then after her son August and his family will stop by for dinner.

I have not seen Honey since I was 12 years old and I am not sure if I will recognize her at all, but I was wrong.  When she opened the door I could definitely see a familiar face.  Maybe a little older, but I still remember her.  She tells me, she sees the same in me.  Wow. This is truly amazing, that someone you have not seen in 24 years you can still remember them.

This is my first time meeting Lex and my first impression is he is a really nice guy.  Speaks very good English as well, which makes for getting to know each other a lot easier.

Before we head out on the town, we have a quick bite to eat.  A traditional dutch lunch of fresh cheese and bread.  I am really starting to love this type of food.

The city they live in has a lot of old buildings from 1500’s, and I love this.  In Canada, we have very few structures older than 1930’s.

One of the places we visiting is a church that was first built sometime during the 1400’s and took a few hundread years to build.  I can’t even image how they would build something like this without cranes and heavy equipment like we use now.

There are also canal rides which go through the town and under the buildings.  This would have been pretty cool to do, but there is a 2 month waiting list.  Next time!

The tour through the city was pretty cool but I am starving, so we head back to meet with August.

August, his wife, and 3 kids arrive shortly after we do.  August and I have have not seen each other in 24 years, but I have seen him on Facebook.  So it is to no surprise I recognize him.

We have lots of time before dinner, which gives me the chance to get to know August and his wife better.  Very shortly into our conversation, I realize I wish I kept better contact with August.  He is a really great guy.

It’s dinner time and Honey has cooked a traditional Indonesian dish, which I love.  Rice, with Peanut sauce and veggies.  Life can’t get better than this!

Not long after dinner Peter arrives to pick me up and I say goodbye to some old and now again new friends / family.

What a great day!

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