Amsterdam – With Mr Peter and Hello Space Cakes

Peter and I decided to take the bus into Amsterdam so we can have some beers and not worry about driving.  The buses were easy to navigate and well planned out, but expensive.  It cost us 11.50 pounds ($17.85 CAD) each, one way to Amsterdam.  In a car it would be a 30 minute drive.

In Amsterdam, our first stop was the Heineken Experience.  This is where Heineken was first brewed many years ago as in, well over 100 years ago.

The tour took us little over an hour and was great!  It went from showing you how they brew their beer, to the history, and then onto tasting it.  I don’t know what part I enjoyed the most, but tasting it is a favorite thing to do.

Now that we have had a few yummy beers, we head off to the streets for some people watching and food.
Peter first treated me to some Dutch Mini Pancakes.  Mmm damn good!

Some pictures on our walk.

Next is to head over to the Windmill Brewery for some beer tasting.

A nice little tasting tray of beers! I loved the Belgium Triple.

The beers went down nicely, and now Peter and I are off to see more of the city.  I forgot to take pictures of the Red Light district, but it was nothing special.  Just a bunch of girls standing in windows.  None of the girls looked Dutch, they all looked Russian or Ukraine, but I could be wrong.

After walking down several streets, I tell Peter I want to try space cakes.  He wasn’t sure what they were, so I explained to him what I knew.  My understanding is, they are cakes, or brownies baked with weed, or hash, for people who hate smoking.

He says, OK,  Lets get one.

We head into one of the more famous Coffee Shops, where all you can smell is weed and a lot of it.  I order a space cake and Peter gets a coffee.  We find a place to sit down and we split the cake.

Just sitting in these coffee shops, you could get seriously high.  The amount of smoke in the air is unbelievable.

Well, it tastes like a normal Chocolate Cupcake.  Hmmm, I don’t know, is this a good thing or bad?

We leave the coffee shop and walk around town for an hour.  We both notice nothing different and no high feeling.

Peter says, maybe we buy another one.  I agree, and we find another coffee shop.  This time the guy says it will work for sure, and we get a brownie with weed/hash in it.

Hash Brownie and a little treat for you all.

Well, 45 minutes later, no real feeling, and it is late.  So we jump on the train to head back to Peters.

On the train, I feel this crazy urge to relax and sleep.  No high feeling, but major sleep feeling.

I had a very hard time staying awake during the train ride home, and when we arrived home, I feel asleep right away.

Well Shaun, and if you are reading this, you know who you are.  I didn’t go and see the paintings, but I did eat space cake!

Just another amazing day with Peter!

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