Moalboal Philippines – Sardines and unexpected man crushes! GREAT CANADIANS!

After Oslob, Marlin and I bused to White Beach 7 kilometers from Moalboal.  The bus ride is about 3 hours in total.

While on the bus, I noticed two cute dutch girls looking a little lost.  So, I ask them where they are off too, and they tell me.  I then grab my phone and spend a few minutes finding the hotel for them and tell them, what they need to tell the driver.  He will stop at the hotel front door.

As the bus gets closer to their hotel I let them know and make sure they don’t miss it.

The two girls are so happy with my help, when they got dropped off, the one girl said thanks a hundred times.

Malin turns to me and says, “You are such a Canadian!”  I guess I have helped a few people while she was around.  I love how she relates to being honest and helpful as Canadian!

Keep it up Canadians! Even the Fins think we are amazing people!

In Moalboal I had already booked a bungalow for myself, but did not include Malin.  At the time I thought she was coming a day later.  Unfortunately this caused a tone of confusion when we arrived.  The owner did not speak English, but a guest spoke English and was able to translate.  However, this guest was not helping as he was not telling the owner what was asked.

It was very simple.  I have a bungalow with one bed reserved and paid for.  Is there another bungalow with 2 beds, that we could rent for the 1 night, or can we add a matters to the current bungalow, and how much extra do we need to pay?  If this is a no, that is not an issue, we can find Malin another room.  There are heaps of resorts all over.

This simple thing caused us an hour of repeating ourselves, and still getting no answer.  They initially told us there are two other bungalows available, one with a big bed, one with two beds.  I am like, “Great!  How much for the one with two beds?”  The response, “We don’t know!”  So I kindly asked if they can find out.

15 more minutes goes by, and they finally say, “No you can’t rent it, it is booked”

With process of elimination, I declare that only my bungalow is free.  So, I then asked can she stay with me or not.

Another 10 minutes goes by, and I finally get an answer, “Yes!”.  Malin and I say.  “Great! Done!”

Oh wait for it, it is not over!  There is going to be a charge for an extra person.  Once more with feeling, “How much?”

He doesn’t know, but with luck his wife shows up and speaks English.  We ask her the same question and she starts to go off on this explanation, and I somewhat rudely stop her and say, “This is a simple question, I do not want a story, all I want to know, is how much?”  He starts to talk and I stop her again, and say, “How much?”  She response, “300 pesos.”  I look at Malin and ask, all good?  she is like for sure!

We then both say thank you and the owners wife adds a second matters.

Wow! That’s all I can say about that.

The bungalow itself was really nice.  I really enjoyed it and if it was closer to a nice beach, I would stay longer.

That evening Malin and I checked out the local beach, which is nice but not a lot to see.  Just some swimming and cheap beers, but great for a night.

That night Malin fell even more ill.  She now fully has the same sickness I had.  But again, she is a super trooper and pulls through.

The next morning we pack and head to Panagsama Beach.  We heard from our taxi driver it is the place to go too.

Panagsama Beach is only 4 kilometers from White Beach and is a nice little town.  We went to a few hotels to find prices and ended up settling for a very nice place right on the water.  Malin paid a little more to get an AC room for a few nights until she is over the illness.

Over the next two days, I spent most of my time snorkeling and walking around town, looking at all the cool sites.

Check out my snorkeling video.  Has some really cool Sardines 🙂

The one day I was walking along the main street minding my own business when I feel someone grabbing my ass.  I am like, “What the hell, and keep doing it!”  As I turn around to see how much I owed for this nice gesture, I see it is my man crush, David.  He has been here for a few days and when he told me where he was going, I completely thought it was up north, not here.

What a great surprise!

Dave and I hangout that night and catch up.

The next day Malin is still under the weather, so David and I go into town and do some shopping.  He has a night planned and has invited tones of people for drinks at the peer, and then after a night of disco and drinking.

While waiting for Shit Fest to start, we head over to the peer and see a young American being harassed by young local girls.  Ranging in age of 9 to 14.  I have to tell you, they are some of the funniest kids I have met.  The one girl keeps sneaking up behind us, trying to scare us.  While the others toss water at us.

Some pictures of the girls playing!

Fast forward to 8 PM, I find Dave and we grab his local flavored booze and my bottle of beer/rum/cinnamon.  The peer is across the road and we sneak on.  You are not allowed on unless you pay a fee, which is crazy.  No one is even on it.

We try our 4 bottles and decide they all SUCK! and Hope others show up soon, so they can help.

Eventually a couple of Swedes show up and help us.  A young guy and girl.  Not sure of their names, but they were a lot of fun.

Later in the night we head to the disco and the fluids go down even better.  Dave keeps buying tubes of beer.  Not sure how many are in a tube, but its more than a few.

At some point we start hanging out with the biggest Mexican I have ever met.  He is such a cool guy as well and we have a tone of fun.  I don’t remember much of it, until my walk home.

Earlier in the day I met two young, hot, French Canadian girls who I invited out with us.  They got lost and didn’t make it to the disco.  However, on my walk home I stumble across one of the two girls.  She was the one of the two that did not talk.  I find out quickly she didn’t talk because she thought I was cute.  She has had a few drinks and just blurts it out.  In my state of mind, I decided to ask her if she could tuck me into bed, because I lost David.  She agrees and is a great replacement 🙂

That morning I wake up feeling a little worse for ware, but I have to commute back to Cebu, so I force myself up and go for breakfast.

I see Malin and the two French girls sitting there, so I gracefully walk over and sit down trying to hide I feel like ass.

We all have some good chats and I say goodbye to the French girls and give the one a wink when no one is looking. 😉

Just before I leave, I say goodbye to Malin, a new amazing friend who I will come visit in Finland next year.

The trip to Cebu and meeting an old friend from when I lived Victoria, BC, Canada up next!

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