Cebu – Lapu Lapu, Philippines – I am sick?

My first night in the Philippines doesn’t go as planned.  I wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat, and freezing cold.  This cannot be good.  My stomach is cramping, but I don’t have to go to the relief room.  I do my best to fall back asleep, but the rest of the night is filled with sweating and freezing at the same time.

Early in the morning, I start to feel fine, but I now have these massive cramps.  By the middle of the day, I start contemplating taking Midol. BUT, I am too young to be going through the Change!

I end up calling my next reservation and request to come 2 days late. I don’t want to travel 5 to 6 hours on a local bus and end up having to use a restroom, which doesn’t exist.  I remember this from Indonesia where the driver told me he can stop and I can use the alley way.  Please No!

Over the next two days, nothing changes.  The cramping comes and goes every 15 minutes or so.  I read online that I need to take antibiotics, and I try to get some at the local pharmacy, but they say I need a prescription.  I know I can get them without, so I just wait.

During the two days, I meeting a few new friends.  The first is Malin.  She is a 30 year old artsy girl from Finland, who is super cool.  We go for walks everyday and share some cool stories.  She also isn’t feeling great, so we have that type of complaining to share. 🙂

I also meet this really confident, cool guy from Drunkin Dunkin, BC, Canada, named David.  He and I have similar stories, where we sold everything and decided to travel.  He is 40, but is in the shape of a 20 year old, which I am a bit, or a lot jealous about.  I don’t let this get in the way of us being great friends.

There is also a young Japanese girl, Mika, who is staying at the hostel and it is her 28th birthday, which is the same day as the 1 year anniversary of the hostel.  This turns out to be a major bonus.

The owner of the hostel takes us all out for dinner to a place called, Lantaw.  It is a restaurant on top of the highest peak near Cebu City.  You can see the entire city from the patio.

Lantaw Website

So that night we all pack into 2 vans and head up the long drive, up the hill.  When we arrive, you cannot imagine the view we have.

We all put on silly hats and have several drinks, lots of amazing food, and a great time.  I can’t go into all the details, so just look at the pictures.

At the end of the evening, we find out the owner is paying for everything, including drinks and taxi service.  If you ever want a great place to stay, check out Nemo Lounge in Cebu.

Nemo Lounge

Thank you so much for the amazing time both at dinner and the 4 nights I spent getting to know you all.

4 Nights have passed and I decide to just take my chances with the cramping and head to Oslob for some Whale Shark snorkeling.

Not long before I leave, Malin decides she wants to come with me, and I think it might be cool to travel together for a bit and share some cost.  I obviously say yes!

It doesn’t take her long and she is packed and ready.  We also find out that David, the OTHER Canadian is going to the same bus terminal.  This is great, we all split on a taxi ride.

When we arrive at the ferry, with a twinkle in my eye I say goodbye to David.  I am sure if Malin was not there, we both would have teared up.  He is my long lost brother.

Bye David, until we meet again!

Malin and I are on the bus and on our way.  Wish me luck and play to the poop Gods, I make it.

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