Kuta, Bali – My last day and the day of silence (Nyepi)

My last two days in Indonesia, I decided to spend a few extra dollars and stay in a nice hotel with a pool, hot water and a comfy bed.  Online I found a great deal for around $30 dollars a night, but they wanted me to pay using credit card.  I didn’t want to use my credit card, because I was trying to spend my remaining cash before leaving.  So I took the chance and did not book it and just arrived.

It all worked out and I got the room for the online price.  The room is really nice with hot water, and a flushing toilet.  Score me! lol.  It even has a very nice balcony over looking the pool, where I see 3 cute German girls suntanning.  All that is missing is a cold beer.

When I checked in, I found out that tomorrow is March 9, which is the day of silence (Nyepi) here in Bali.  I am not going to write a big article about what it is, but just give a quick overview.  It is their new years day and on this day, everyone must be quiet, no cars on the streets and even the airport is closed.  I am not allowed to leave the hotel that day, and all of my windows are blacked out in case I turn on the lights at night.

For some this might sound like crap to go through, but for me, this is really cool to have the opportunity to experience their true culture.

Here is a link you can click on if you want to read more about it.

After getting settled in, I head out for some food for the room and to see some of the people getting ready for tomorrow.

I see some pretty cool things, mostly people sitting in front of their homes burning incense while praying.  Definitely not something I would see back home.

Eventually I found a local grocery store, with only locals, no tourist.  This is the best type of store to find, because all prices are market and there is no tourist markup price.

I find some super cheap fresh fruit and Bingtan beer, which everywhere else was 35,000 IDR, but here it is 17,000 IDR ($2 CAD).

I now have all I need and head back to the room.

The rest of the evening is just relaxing, swimming and watching some local TV.

The day of silence has arrived and it is more than I was expecting.  I truly thought people would break the rules, but no.  No one was around.  From my balcony, I could see some streets and not a single person was around.  I could not even hear a car in the distance or people talking.

I decided to embrace the silence (Nyepi) and join in.  I spent a good part of the day thinking about life, my travels and what I want in life.  Beer did help with these inner thoughts :).  But it was a really amazing day and helped me realize what my step is going to be in life!

The day of silence (Nyepi) slowly comes to and end, and it is now the next day.

I will miss Indonesia and all the amazing people I met.

Good bye! I will be back for more adventures!

Take Care All and keep Bali Clean!

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