Gili Trawangan to Gili Meno – Snorkeling and Great Food

My time in Gili Trawangan was pretty good. I didn’t meet any new tourist, but I did meet a few new locals and really enjoyed their conversations.  Some of what was mentioned in my previous posting.  So I am going to keep the part about my time on Gili T short and just mention a few highlights.

There is a Night Food Market which starts around 7 pm.  I stumbled upon it just by fluke.  The one night I was out for a walk debating if I want to have a few pints or not, when I smelt this amazing flavors in the air.  I turn to see a few locals cooking food on the side street, so I walk in to take a look.  The one group of young guys tell me I can choose any five items for 20,000 IDR (A toonie).  For this price, even though I just ate an hour ago, I choose 5 items.  All I can say, if you are ever in Gili Trawanga, go here.  No matter what!  The food was amazing and I wish I had a picture of it.

Another place I want to mention also opens late in the evening, is the street cookers.  They are commonly just a lady sitting on a step using a fan, and ashes, to cook different things.  I saw one and really wanted to try it.  She was cooking Chicken and Beef skewers with peanut sauces and again, this was for 20,000 IDR.  Take a look below, some of the best skewers I have ever had.  Mmmm so tasty!

If you like Mojitos, this is a great place to get them.  They use actual freshly grown peppermint leaves ground into the drink.  Again, so refreshing on a hot day!

Fresh sweet corn, do I need to say more?

I almost forgot to mention the fresh coconut, with only a straw added when drinking it.  This was pretty awesome as well and recommend try it in any tropical country.

I didn’t do as much as I should have in Gili T, but I had felt it was a bit too busy for me, so I asked around and found out the Gili Meno is the least touristy Island of the 3.  From left to right, is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

On all of the Islands, there are a tone of tourist information kiosk, where you can ask and book trips around the area.  One of which is almost across from my homestay.  The guy is pushy when I ask for prices, but he ends of giving a really good option.  I want to go to Gili Meno, and also snorkeling.  He offers to take me snorkeling and then drop me off on Gili Meno on the way back, all for 100,000 IDR ($10 CAD).   I book it for the next day.

The next morning I say goodbye to my new friends at the homestay.  The young girl seems sad I am leaving and asks me to come back before I leave the area.  I have to say, this is one of the very few times I almost felt sad saying goodbye to someone.  Almost!

The guy I booked the trip with is not there, but the tour guides are and know exactly who I am.  The group of people going has to be about 40 people and I get special privileges because of my gear.  The snorkeling guide helps carry on my bags and hides them upfront under cover in case of rain.  Which, we get nailed with for an hour partway through the tour.

While cruising to our first stop, the guy beside me sees my carry bag, which is from Pak N Save New Zealand and asks if I am a Kiwi.  I tell him, nope Canadian but I backpacked through NZ for 3 months.  He and his girlfriend are from Singapore.  We have some great conversations during the day.  Would have been cool to go back to Gili T, so we could party one night.

Halfway through the day we stop at Gili Air for lunch.  One thing I forgot to mention is you always take off your shoes when going into most stores or restaurants.  Anyways, when I was in Australia I bought discount flip flops that say, Australia on them.  So when I entered the restaurant, I take off my Aussie Thongs, as Aussies call them, and someone behind me says, “Hey Mate!”  I know the accent and say hi.  The guy asks where in Aussie I am from and I say, no, Canada, but I bought the Thongs in Australia a month ago.  This starts off some great conversations about Australia.  He was from Melbourne and was jealous I drove across his country to Perth, as he has never done it.  I don’t recall his name either, but he was a pretty cool guy.

After lunch we go to one more location for snorkeling, and then they drop me off at Gili Meno. Just before I jump off the front of the boat, I yell out, “Bye All!” and about half the boat responded with either a wave, or a goodbye. Lol!  If you ever get a chance to do this, do it.  It is funny!

Here are two pictures of the snorkeling, but if you want to see more, watch my video by Clicking here!

Turtle and Fishy!

I am now on Gili Meno!

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