Kuta to Gili Islands – Fast boats, and chatty locals

Kuta is not really a place I would want to spend more than a day in, if I ever return to Indonesia and that one day would only be to say hi to Sim and my new friends.

With all the tips I got from people, my best guess is to head over to the Gili Islands where I would be happier, swimming and snorkeling.

I was able to find a booking online for a pickup from my hotel, to the fast boats, which will take me directly to Gili Trawangan, also known as Gili T.  I was skeptical at first with the booking, as I was not sure if they would actually come to my hotel and if they would try and charge more.  However, I took my chances and booked it.

A few minutes later I got a phone call confirming my hotel address.  Seems legit.

The next day my taxi arrived as scheduled, and 20 minutes later I am at the fast boat harbor, with no extra charges requested.  So if anyone is wondering where I booked it, the link is below.

The boat ride itself was really enjoyable. They gave us ice cold water, cold towels, and candy.  We also slowed down to look at some dolphins that were jumping near the boat.  I actually think I have seen enough dolphins to last a lifetime now, but I still love them.

Gili T is nice from what I saw on my walk to my hotel.  Lots of tourist though, and I am already wondering if it is too busy for me.

Checking into my hotel was a whole new story.  When I arrive a very young receptionist showed me to my room.  I didn’t even get my bags off my back and she was chatting up a storm.  I wasn’t sure why she was so comfortable with me, or maybe it was because she was bored and I was there?  She ended up talking to me for about 30 minutes at my doorway.  It was so hot and I desperately needed a cold shower.  I think it had been more than a day since my last one.

She eventually paused for a second and I took my chance and told her I will be back in short bit, but I needed a shower.  She smiled and said, “We talk tonight!”

Below is a picture of my new friend while she was pointing to something.

Don’t forget to take a look at my room on YouTube by clicking here!

After my shower, I decided to take a walk around the main strip to see what was there.  I read online when going out to eat, to look at the menus and see if they charge extra tax or not. If they do, avoid them as the other places are cheaper.

I found a nice place near the water and ate a late lunch.  If I remember my meal came out to $5 dollars and was pretty tasty.  Mmmm fresh coconut and squad!

Now that I am happily full, I did some more walking around the Island and eventually went back to my room.

The rest of the day was spent sitting beside the fan in the room, or chatting with my new Indonesian friend.

Another amazing and odd day done!

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