Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Day 2 with great new friends

My second day in Kuta, I tried to extended my room for another night, but it was already booked, so I just packed my stuff and walked over to The Naughty Duck to see Sim.

Sim wasn’t there yet, but Dinny was and I was starving.  I ordered up a breakfast sandwich and espresso.  I am probably spelling his name wrong, but Dinny makes one hell of a meal and all for about $5 dollars.

While scarfing down this amazing breakfast, I googled around and found another room for the same price with AC.
Click here to see the room!

Sim shows up and we talk for a bit.  I tell him I am switching rooms and will be back later for his going away get together.  I don’t think I mentioned this yesterday, but Sim is going back to Aussie for a month to do some extra work.  The Naughty Duck hasn’t been open long and it is currently the slow season in Bali. I am sure in another month when Bali picks up, he will be rocking with business.

Anyways, I head over to my new room to check in, when I realized the map position on hotels.com is not the same as the google location.  Hotels.com isn’t correct and the walk will be over an hour in this heat.  Not going to happen when carting round two packs.

A taxi passes and asks if I need a ride.  Hmmm Obvious I am dyeing? lol.

He offers to take me for 50,000 IDR ($5 dollars) for a ride, when yesterday it cost me double.  For sure, and I jump in.

15 minutes later am I am checking into my new room.  It isn’t that bad.  Has slow internet and a nice bed.  No sink, but I am only hear for 2 nights.

That day I spent just relaxing for the most part, but I also took a walk to the beach to do some snorkeling, however, the tied has a major rip-current and there are flags warning not to swim.  This sucks a bit, but that’s OK.

The beach itself is gross.  Garbage everywhere, and I can tell most of it is from lazy ass tourist, dropping plastic cups, etc on the ground.

That night I head over to Sim’s for his going away party.  Again I meet several new people from all over the world and some cool locals.  Sim’s girlfriend is also a hoot, a truly nice and funny native Indonesian girl.

That night again the beer was flowing nicely but I stopped after 5.  I am a good boy 🙂

I spend most of my time chatting with a 63 year old Aussie surfer guy, who also owns a shop in Kuta.  He is a pretty cool guy and tells me several places in Bali that I might enjoy.  I will miss chatting with him.

I can’t remember what time it was, but eventually I got sleepy and said thanks to Sim and goodbye to all of my new friends.

I took a taxi home as I knew I wasn’t going to walk it and I got some fun questions.  The first one was if I was traveling alone, then it slowly proceeded into.  Do you want girl for the night, or hour. I have many great girls.

With my curiosity, I said, “I don’t know, but how much?”  He responded with $100 per hour.  Which I know means $100 USA.

I must say, first of all, I don’t want some disease infested hooker, and I am to cheap to send $100 when I could just go to the bar and spend $20 on drinks and get a drunk tourist girl.  Would be just as bad sex, and the smell of a drunken tourist girl would match that of a cheap hooker. lol.  So I replied with, “I am broke!” He took the hint.

Day two in Kuta is completed 🙂 and I enjoyed meeting so many amazing people, even funny taxi drivers.

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