Perth Australia to Bali Indonesia – Buses, Planes, and Spoiled demon kid

I got the Perth Airport pretty easy, as a bus stop was right
outside Jay’s place.  It only took about
an hour to get there.  I checked in and
went through security, which was quick and painless. 
I wanted to exchange my money from the sale of the car into Indonesian
cash.  I got 6.2 Million from 775 Aussie
dollars.  I later find out the Australian
money exchange place is a complete rip off. 
I could have gotten a 1.3 million more. 
This means they screwed out of $100 dollars CAD.  In Bali, even if I got scammed I would have come
out better.  Oh well, live and learn.
The plane was early and only 2/3rds full.  I had an open seat between me and my row
mate.  However, as my luck always has it,
I had some jackass behind me kicking my seat before we even took off. 
After about 5 minutes of this, I turn around and saw it was
a little.  Turning around was enough for
the dad to wake up.  He apologizes and
tells her to stop.  This only last a few
minutes and she does it several times again. 
I turn around and nicely say, “Hi”, with a smile.  I then in a calm voice say, “I would love it
if I didn’t have someone kicking my seat.” 
He again says sorry and tells her to stop.  She doesn’t give a shit and tells him that
she wants to rest her feet against the seat, it is more comfortable.
He argues with her for a minute and she eventually
Again this only last 10 minutes. 
We are taxing to the runways, and I decide, this is my last
chance to stop it.  I no longer am going
to allow someone to kick my seat.  I
always just ignore it, but no more. 
People have to learn respect.
I turn around and say to the dad, “Ether you discipline her,
or I WILL!” 
He again starts arguing with her, but seems to be losing the
I do not understand this, you are the parent, and she is a
little fucking kid.
Let me say this.  Some
of the readers here will disagree with me and say, because I do not have kids I
do not understand what it is like, and how hard it is.  Well, I would like to say this back to
you.  You are extremely WRONG!  I was a kid and had parents, and also see
kids every day of my life.  If I acted
that way as I kid, I would lose everything, and I mean it. My parents did not
give empty threats, when they said I wasn’t eating supper, I didn’t.  When they said, I am not playing outside, I
didn’t, and it wasn’t for 5 minutes, it was for the night.  I didn’t get ungrounded until I proved I
learned my lesson. 
This is called PARENTING!
The reason so many kids today are pieces of shit, is because
no one follows through with disciplining them.
The father in this case, lost the battle and he gave the
little bitch to his mother.  For whatever
reason, the mother was sitting in a row of 3 alone, and the wimpy dad and demon
child sat in a row of 3, with one empty seat.
Throughout the flight I heard the demon child argue and yell
at her mom and dad over the stupidest shit, and I never heard them actually do
anything about it.
Okay, enough about that. 
The flight itself went by fast and we even arrived early.
I got through customs and security into Bali fast and found
my bag. 
As I exited the airport I see a wall of taxi guys trying their
best to get people.  I calmly walk
through them and found my way to the street. 
Here I had a feeling I could get a cheaper ride and I did.  At the Airport I was quoted 150,000, but on
the street I was able to get 120,000.  I
also later found out, that 150,000 was a good price, so I got a really good
price. J 
I arrived at my hotel by around 6 pm.
The front desk could not find my reservation, but this ended
up not being an issue.  I showed them my
online ticket from my phone and they bumped me up to a room with AC. 
All this for $11 CAD.  Picture from my balcony, of the pool.

Well, I am here in Bali, Indonesia.  Yippy, I can’t wait to get this adventure started!!!

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