Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – Amazing first half a day

I arrived at my super budget hotel and got unpacked.
You can check out my hotel room here by clicking here!

I took a minute and googled the location for The Naughty Duck, and to my surprise it is around the corner.  Sweet Deal, I head right over.
Take a look at The Naughty Duck on Trip Adviser here!

Sim and The Naughty Duck

The reason I wanted to go here is to meet Sim, a guy I told to meet by my Aussie Surfer friend, Simon.  I guess Sim used to be a TV star from a TV show called, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” as a character, Plucka Duck.  Anyways, that isn’t why I am going to meet him.  I have been told he is a pretty amazing guy and can give me tons of tips on where to go in Bali.

When I walk into The Naughty Duck, I see Sim standing right there. I walk over and introduce myself.  He takes no time making me feel like a new friend and gives me all kinds of tips.  What a cool guy.

After talking for a bit, I decided to eat here as well.  I can tell you this, Aussies know how to cook.  I had a damn good chicken burger for only $5 dollars CAD.

As I finish up, Sim mentions a few people always come over at night for a few beers, and I am up for that.  It is still early, so I tell him I am heading back for a shower.

A bit later I come back and meet Crazy,  I don’t know his real name, but he is a funny local who sells cheap sim cards and credit.  I take him up on an offer and get a sim plus $10 credit, which gives me 4GB of data and a bunch of minutes.  Compare that to Canada!

A few other friends of Sim’s stop by for drinks and I meet a ton of people.  Too many to remember.

The beer is flowing nicely, at $2 dollars a beer, but I decide I should call it a night.  Tomorrow I would like to go swimming and see more of Kuta.  I need to decide if I am staying here or moving onto one of the Islands.

I thank Sim for a great night and head home.

Before I end this short blog, I should comment on walking in Kuta at night.  It is a bit crazy as there are a tone of people, lots on mopeds and come cars.  Picture no sidewalk and only room for one car, but somehow they fit a car, people and mopeds all at once, and people walking have to look out for themselves.  Fun, and entertaining I can say.  Took a bit to get used too, but it isn’t all that bad.

Well I made it through my first day, half day really.
Night all!

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