Perth Australia – Jay’s Place – Snorkeling – Selling the car – Roos

Before we get started I want to share this moon rise from my backyard.

Jay’s place

When I arrived in Perth, it was so frigging hot I decided to find a place to stay on AirBnB.  Jay was the first place I saw and he took me in on short notice.

I ended up staying with Jay for over a week and really loved it.  Jay is from Asia, somewhere, but moved to Australia when he was 8 or 10 with his parents.  He has a rather strong Aussie accent, which doesn’t match his face at all.  Been fun for me to listen to him talk.

While at Jay’s he introduced me to several of his friends.

Jame’s a black guy from the UK.  He moved here about 12 years ago and is doing really good.  He and I had some cool conversations about Aussie girls.  I nicked named him, the black stallion.

Then there was Simon, a super funny, and crazy born and raised Aussie.  He is the most true Aussie person I have ever met.  Surf’s all day, is 44 but looks 24, and never stops talking.  I love this guy.  He even hooked me up with a great contact in Bali.

The last guy I met was Kandmoo.  He is from Sri Lanka, and came here about 5 years ago.  Moo as we call him, is a lot of fun.  We partied together that one night a lot.

Below is a picture from our night in VIP, with bottle service.  Mind you, bottle service is $150 per bottle, and we got 2.  I offered to pay some of it, but they declined.  At first I wondered where they got there money from, but later I found out how one gets his, and I won’t mention it here.

One pic didn’t turn out… but you try holding a camera and pointing it with one eye closed.

That night was pretty amazing, we drank until 4 am and then I got denied in the last bar because they didn’t accept my Canadian ID.  Was a let down, however, up to that point, I have never had so many hot 21 year old girls dance with me and more, without me ever trying.  I am not even kidding, at the one bar I was just sitting alone and an Aussie girl came over and just sat on my lap,  I asked her, her age and she said 21, I said I am 36.  She smiles, and I replied, “We are only 5 years different in age!”.  She says yea, lets dance and pulls me up.  Maybe they don’t teach basic math to girls until after 21?  Who cares, lol.

I don’t know why they liked me so much, but it was one amazing night.

Thanks Jay for one hell of a night and for all the help!

Selling my Hot Rod

Selling the Hot Rod was a lot easier than I thought.  I posted it on two online sites here in Australia, and by the first weekend, I had 2 offered.  The first one to show up bought it within 10 minutes and drove it away, right then and there.

I heard from Kerry the next day saying thanks and she is loving car.

I bought the 1994 Ford Falcon Wagon for $800 and sold it for $750.  I could have easily have waited and got $900 for it, but why?  a Rental car would have costed me closer to $800 for the two weeks here.  So I made out pretty good.

Snorkeling in Perth

I have to say, I love Perth.  There is endless beaches and all of them are clean, fun, and refreshing.  Everyday but one, I drove to the beach for a swim/snorkel and after I would use the fresh water shower to rinse the sand off.  Which means I almost never had to shower.  Salt water clean. 🙂

Perth is an amazing place, with 9 months of almost perfect weather.

Check out some of the pictures below and soon I will post a short video.


I was a little sad that I never saw more Kangaroos while driving across Australia and I complained to Jay.  Well he tells me 15 minutes down the road is a cemetery where a heap of them live.  They are wild, so don’t get to close.

With a little excitement and little bit of skepticism I drive right over there.  As I am getting to the end of the road, I am starting to think they are a myth, and then I see one napping.

OMG, this so cool!  I am happy again.

I get of the car, take some pictures of him and watch for about 10 minutes. He looks sleepy and isn’t doing much, so I get back in the car, and start to leave.

50 feet forward and there is at least 100 of them.  Big ones, little ones, sleepy ones, happy ones… yup, all of them.

I have to mention, the big one had some big balls.  Zoom in, I know you want too!

Mmmm Kangaroo Meat!

A video to come soon!

Thanks for reading all, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share with your friend or enemies my posts.

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