Adelaide – Perth Australia – IBS and only 1 hour to go!

I am on the open road, the windows down, the AC on, and my hair blowing in the wind.  Awww freedom!

My plan is to drive towards Port Augusta, about 4 hours from Largs Bay and find my first free overnight camping spot.  What will it be like to sleep in the back of my new hot rod?

4 hours goes by pretty quickly and I am here.  I use the app, CamperWiki AU, to help find a campground and it shows me there is one about 30 minutes drive up the coast.  I plug it into my phones GPS and head over.

10 minutes away and this is the road it has me going down.

I later learn that a lot free campgrounds are only 4 wheel drive accessible and don’t have toilets.  Two things I know I will need.

Another hour long drive of going 20 KM/H because of the bumps, rocks and ruts in the road, I find the campground shown on my App.

The campground is just a popular turnaround people use when fishing here.  It will have to do, and it is a nice place.  Cool ocean breeze, no misquotes, and no one for miles.  Should be a great first night.

I watched a beautiful sunset and then climbed into the back of the hot rod.  It is actually comfy, and I fall asleep rather quickly.

Here is where the fun starts.

I think it was 2 am when I started to feel a really bad cramp in my lower stomach.  Oh god, I know exactly what this is.  This means, whatever is in me, is coming out SOON!

I lay there for another minute thinking about my options.  I can try and get back into town and find a gas station, but I know the hour drive down this horrible road will kill me, or I can do my business outside the car.

Well, after hearing a story about a guy getting bit by a snake while taking a crap in the outback today, I decided to take my chances and start driving towards the city.

30 minutes of agonizing pain and butt clenches, I arrive at the paved road.  I can see the lights of the city, but I also feel, what is in me, is coming out NOW!

Screw it! I know what I have to do.  I slam the old girl in reverse and back down the road 100 yards.  Jump out and duck walk 20 passes.  Yup! this is the spot, this is where I learn the answer to, “if a bear shits in the woods does it stink”

All I remember is ensuring I am facing upwind, and I let her rip.  Thank god I had bought tissue that same day.  The other good news is I didn’t get any one me.  Woot Woot, that is a win for me.

I get back into the car and drive into town.  I soon find out that I made the right choice and the only toilets are locked.

The next town is about an hour away, so I start heading that direction.  Not long after I find a rest area along the highway with open restrooms.  Actually only 5 minutes past where I turned off earlier onto the unpaved road.

This is where I finish my sleep.

Day 1 and Night 1 completed… oh, I hope the rest of the drive has less fun!

I am now on the main highway A1, which goes all the way to Perth.  It has an average speed limit of 110 KM/H, and I know that you cannot go over the limit at all. They only have a 2 KM/H grace here, which doesn’t matter because most people here only drive 90 KM/H.  So that is my cruising speed.

As I am driving I catch something out the corner of my eye.  It is, yes it is! Two Kangaroos hoping fast along side of the road.  OMG, that was so cool!  I hope I see many more!

It is around 3 pm and what the hell!  I feel a funny feeling in my stomach again!  This can’t be, as I know it has been about 1 hour since the last gas station.  I check my phone and see the next one is another hour away.  I know I won’t make it to either stations, and my best option is to just keep going forward, hopefully a station not on my map will appear.

I should mention that my phone has no signal and hasn’t for the last day.  I am trusting what was cached.

The hour has passed and I am almost at the next gas station, but there are signs showing it is a check point.  I am now praying to the poop gods that the toilet is before the check point, as I have bad news.  I didn’t really make it.  I have sharted several times.
Click here to learn what Sharted means!

2 More KM and luck has it, the toilets are on this side of the check point, and the door to them is outside.

I take one last breath, one last clench, and fast duck walk in.

My luck has gotten even better, this stop has trucker showers.  I pay the $3 and clean up.

The rest of the drive is uneventful, thank god.  I make it through the check point without any hassle and arrive at my next free campground.

This one has toilets and a pub 5 minute walk away.  The day can’t get any worse, so I head over to the pub for a pint, as it is 40 degrees Celsius, and I am not ready to lay in my oven for the night.

By the way, the town is called Kimba and is really cool.  Only two streets and all of the buildings are original, like from an old western movie.

Day 2 and Night 2 completed!

Day 3 was a nice relaxing drive.  A little hot, 40 again, and at times I am getting sick of never being in shade.  I mean, there is never shade anywhere.

Other than that, the only other exciting thing that happened was the $1.94 per liter of petrol.

Oh yes, something I should mention.  Gas here is called Petrol, Gas is propane (LPG), and if you ask for Gas, they will give you propane, as they have cars which run on it.
Too learn more about LPG Systems, click here!

I arrive at my next free campground as the sun is just about to set.  From inside the car, I get to see another amazing sunset.  Being outside at this location is impossible.  The misquotes are worse here than any place I have ever been.  I can hear them outside and they sound like a sworn of bees all around my car.  Crazy!

Day 3 and Night 3 completed!

The next day I am amused by the signs I see.  Emu crossing, Kangaroo Crossing, Camel Crossing and some big weird animal crossing.  One of the signs are shown above.

If you don’t believe me in how straight and boring some of these roads are, look at the next picture.

A few more pictures of the drive from today.

I don’t recall what time of day it was, but when I arrived in Perth, the first thing I did was drive to the beach and go for a swim.

After my swim, I realize I can’t sleep in my tin can again, not when it is only going down to 29 degrees tonight.

I load up AirBNB and find a cheap host, with WiFi and a shower.  Sweet!

Well, my trip to Perth was fun and I loved each sunset I saw.  Sleeping in the car wasn’t all that bad, and I am now planning on a similar trip in Canada when I get back home.

Thanks all for reading, and don’t forget tissue when doing road trips.  You just never know!

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