Adelaide – Buying a car!

In New Zealand I noticed that not having a car can be a massive pain and it is so easy to get a car in New Zealand or Australia.  Both countries don’t really have safety or emission checks.  Renting a car can be very expensive.  Not really the rental price, but the third party insurance you need is what kills you.

So I have decided to buy a car here in Australia.  I don’t care what it is, just as long as I can sleep the odd night in it and it runs.

Doing a search within 50 KM of me, I found a few Wagons which would be perfect.  Folding down the back seats gives me a place to sleep, and they are normally good cars here.

After calling a few cars, I found there was a Ford Wagon 1 block from me, and the price was perfect.  $800.00.

I called Mike and he was available for me to come look at the car right now.

Dragon and I walk the long 2 minute walk to his house and the hot rod is right out front.  It looks exactly as the picture does.  Worn out, but sexy!

Mike comes out and shows me he has done a tone of work.  It has new ball-joints, tie-rods, brakes, battery, exhaust manifold (Headers now), and so much more.  I was very impressed, all of this for $800.00.

I take it for a little drive around the block and it drives perfect.  It has a lot of pep.  V6, 4.0 Litre which is way more power than I wanted.  However, he tells me he gets 10 L/100KM.  I am a little skeptical on this one,, but who cares.

I take a day to think about it and decide to buy it.

The buy process is easy, he signs the registration over, and I give him cash.  All done!

That day I call for insurance.  I learn that insurance is covered with your registration here, except if you hit someone.  The coverage of their car and yours has to be third party, but medical, damage to public property, that sort of thing is covered.

My third party insurance, because I am a Canadian comes out to $30 per month.  Wait, I am fully covered for $360 a year.  It is even cheaper if I am from Australia.

Okay, the cost most be a lot of switch the car into my name.

I head over to Service SA to switch the car to my name.

Since I am a foreigner I need 3 forms of ID, not including drivers license, or health card.

They accept my visa card, and my passport, but I need a third.  The girl sees my USA – Toronto Dominion bank card.  She says this card will work, but it says the best bank in America.

Uh oh, if she sees this is from USA, they won’t accept it.  I act quickly and say, “Canada is in North America!”.  She says, “Oh yes, you are right!” and accepts me third ID. Lol!

I don’t even know why they want 3, as she did not make a copy of them, all she did is check a box on the written form saying I had 3.

Now that I have proven I am Rob, and not some other extremely handsome dude from Canada.  She then gives me the total amount.

Here it comes,  I start to pull out the lube that I always carry in my back pocket for these types of rapes.  But wait, the total is just over $200.  I ask her why this amount, and she tells me, “Well it is a lot because you have taxes and also registration for the next 3 months!”.

I respond with a calm, “No No, this is fine! I was just curious.”

Holly hell, this is cheap!

All of this excitement is over and I am now a proud owner of a 1994 Ford Falcon Futura Wagon.  Check out this sexy bitch below!

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