Melbourne to Adelaide – Trains, ISIS and Landscape

Early in the morning I left the worst hostel I had ever stayed in.  It was in Melbourne, but I don’t recall the name.  I won’t go into details, but just imagine a nasty, dirty place, with some of the rudest people I have ever met, and to top it off, it was attached to a dirty bird type of bar.

Anyways, I arrived at the train with an hour to spare.  Got my first good coffee at a reasonable 4 dollars price.  Finally, I have been missing my Tim’s and this was damn close.  Mmmmmm.

The train arrives on time and I meet my travel mate.  He is a 20 year old Aussie guy, who is going home after working in Melbourne for 2 years.  He has decided to try and find another job close to his family in Adelaide.

During our 7 hours together on the train, we had some really interesting conversations.  A lot of the common stuff such as, were we live, our likes, dislikes, etc.  There is one conversation that really stood out in my mind.  He asked me what I thought about ISIS.  My response was simple, “I don’t know much details about them, and why they do what they do, so I can’t really say.  My only opinion is, I never agree with taking someones life, that you don’t know!”  His response was interesting.  He told me he understands why they kill, because a lot of them have lost everyone, their entire families, so they have nothing to live for.  My comment to that was, I still don’t think that gives a person a right to take a life of someone they have never met.  I changed the subject quickly after that.  Not something I really want to talk about.  Maybe someday after I know more details and facts about them.

Below are some pictures from the train ride.

We arrive at my travel mates stop at 3 pm and I wish him the best of luck in his job search. We then say goodbye, and I give one final wave through the window to another new friend.

A few more hours and we arrive at my stop in Adelaide .  The train ride was a long one, but relaxing.

There is still two city trains to catch before I get to Largs Bay, where I would be staying for a while and learning how to sail.

The first train was a 10 minute walk, which I really enjoyed after sitting on my ass for the last 9 or more hours.  This train stop is just a parking lot with no place to buy a ticket.  I yell across the tracks to the only other person and ask where do I buy a ticket. He says, at the next stop.

Okay, so I get on and 15 minutes later I arrive at the central train station.  I get off my train and ask the security guard standing right there, where to buy a ticket.  He tells me to get on my next train and buy it on the train,

Okay, so I get on my next train and following behind me is a guy with a ticket thingy.  I set my bag down on a seat and ask him if I can buy my ticket.  I should mention, the security guard I just asked where to buy my ticket, is guarding this guy.

He responds to me in a harsh voice, “Where is your ticket?”

I say, “I don’t have one, I am asking if I can buy one from you!”

He says, “How DID YOU get on the train!”

I say, “I walked on!”

Train dude responds, “How did you get through security!!!”

I say, “What security” as I look at the security guard.

Train dude says in a fustrated voice, “I don’t understand!”

My response, “Me also, I don’t know where I would have went through security.  I got on a train near the train station, and when I got off, I asked him, where I go to buy a ticket.  He told me to get on the train and buy it here.  So, now I am trying to buy one from you, and it seems that isn’t going to happen.  Can you be so kind and tell me where I can buy one?”

Train ticket dickhead says, “I only check tickets, you buy one at the other end of the train at the yellow machine.”

I say, “Well thank you, I will do that.”

He then starts to threaten me with a $220 fine, but the security guard jumps in and says, “I will watch your bag, quickly go buy one.”

I say, “Thanks, you are how I thought true Aussies acted.”

I get my ticket and give it to the ticket Nazi, and wish him a wonderful day.  He looked a little shocked when I was this nice and he responded with, “Now you know! I hope you enjoy your time here.” or something to that affect.

Finally I made it to Largs Bay and walk to Dragos’s house.  I get to meet him and his family.  More on that to come!

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