Greymouth – Christchurch – Trains Trains Trains

My car rental drop off is at the train station, which is extremely convenient and only a short wait until I board the train.  While waiting I took some pictures of Greymouth.  I really like this town.

The train arrives and I board.

The train  ride was about 5 hours long, and not really much to mention about the ride, other than the views.  I am very happy I did Arthur’s Pass this way as the train slows down often to allow you to take pictures and enjoy the views.

I arrived Christchurch on time and head over to the Jailhouse Hostel.  This is a retired jailhouse which was converted into a hostel, but they kept it as authentic as possible.

Some pictures of the hostel.

That evening, I met my roommate, Max.  He is a young German guy, and about the nicest outgoing guy I have ever met.  From the minute he walked into the room, until the next day when we said goodbye.  He was always smiling, and just gave off this happy good vibe.  The type that makes it impossible to be unhappy when he is around.

I know Max will have an amazing time travelling.

The next morning, while wasting sometime waiting for my flight to Australia, I met a Chris.  Chris is a 31 year old American, living in China.  He is a principal at one of the high schools in Shanghai.  Chris and I got along great and we ended up spending the entire time together and with some good luck, even our flights leave at the same time, and gates are beside each other.

I really enjoyed meeting Chris and hearing about living in China.  I had a million questions for him and learned a lot.  He also gave me great advice about getting a teaching license.  I have been interested in teaching English in Vietnam or Thailand.

A short bit before our flights depart, I say goodbye to Chris and thanked him for keeping me company.

Below I have added some pictures of the container mall now in Christchurch.  I didn’t get a chance to post them earlier.

Next posting will be about leaving NZ and arriving in Australia.

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