Rotorua – Thermal Pools

Today I left the hostel around 8:30 am and started my hike/long wonder around the parks here in Rotorua.  The first park with Thermal Pools is only 5 minutes from my hostel, so the fun begins very soon!

When I arrive at Kuirau Park, the place is empty.  I am the only person walking around, which is nice.  I take my sweet time, just looking at each pool, and chasing some of the funny looking birds.

The park is really kept up.  I am impressed at how nice everything is.

After about an hour of going, ewww and awww, I decide to continue into the next walkway.

Waterfront walkway was only 15 minute walk from the park.  Not bad and no hills, so I am very happy.

The first thing I see is a pretty cool looking tour paddle boat.  Similar to the ones I saw in New Orleans a few years back.

As I get closer to the boat, I also see a million, give or take a few, Black Swans.  I later found out, they are not native to New Zealand, but were imported from Australia a while back.  Still pretty cool bird, and a lot bigger than I expected.

The entire walk to Sulphur Point and back to the main street only took 45 minutes.  I got a lot of cool pictures in such a short walk.

The rest of the afternoon was rather uneventful, until later in the evening.  Around 6 pm I decided to walk down to the local brewery called Brew.   Very creative name!  Here I got a flight of tasters and enjoyed a nice relaxing 4 beers. Mmmmmm! So happy.

When I got back to the hostel, two Aussie guys were about to but on the 3rd Hobbit movie.  They asked if I wanted to join and I said, “Why not!”.

During the movie we basically talked the entire time.  The conversation mostly was about the different animals in both countries, and I found out that not all Aussies like snakes and spiders.  These two were both very scared of them.  I now don’t feel so bad about hating snakes.

When the movie ended I said goodbye and safe trip to the two Perth boys, and headed to bed.

The next day my flight is not until much later, so I spent a good amount of time sitting in the smaller common room wasting time after my checkout.   While sitting here, a young German girl came into the room to do the same.  After a few minutes Isabel and I start talking about where we are headed today, and where we have both traveled.  She is a really funny girl.  Always smiling and laugh at my lame jokes.  Maybe I am funnier than I think, I will let this go to my head. 🙂

Isabel just left me, and I am now going to waste another hour before walking to my bus, which will then take me to my airport here in Rotorua.

My next post should be from the Ferry or South Island!

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