Hahei Team – Adventures of the crazy and insane

Cathedral Cove
After a fun day as always cleaning up the poop factory, we all headed off to Cathedral Cove for some swimming and sun.  Casey and Julia decided they would jog to the cove, while I would pace myself, in hopes that I actually make it.  The cove is about 1 hour hike, if you ask me from our house.  Casey seems to think it is 20 minutes.  Anyways, I leave first and within 15 minutes they all pass me, Casey gives me a nice peace sign, Julia smiles and laughs a bit, the two french walk right pass me and didn’t even notice it was me, huffing and puffing like an old man.  At this point, I am thinking, they are all dicks, but then the True French turns around and waits for me.  The rest of the hike is rather obvious, I bitch and complain about all of the hills, and about people double my age passing me.  Screw them all! lol.

We make it to the beach, and what amazing views.  I love this beach!  The cove is really cool, and the waves are fun the play in.

We stay for a few hours and then Aurelie and I start our death hike back.  Somehow the hike back is faster and not as bad.  I made it home! πŸ™‚

Here are some rad pictures of the cove and a short YouTube video here.
Youtube Video

Stingray Bay
Stingray bay is a little less than half way to Cathedral Cove, which I love because I am lazy.  The other bonus, is there is a lot less people.  Sometimes it gets annoying all of the young girls looking at me like I am a peace of meat.

Stingray bay was really awesome and I got to try my new fake, GoPro with my snorkel mask attachment.  We started off just playing in the beach area, splashing and taking pictures under water.

Then the girls got the idea to swim towards what looked like a cove.  My fat ass, also tried to swim there, but felt my life flashing past me.  For whatever reason, the 50 yard swim felt like a lifetime, but I made it.

The girls decided to climb over the rocks to the hole, that we thought was a cove.  While they were climbing, I was enjoying being able to touch the bottom, when all of a sudden it happened!  5 Stingrays were swimming all around me.  It scared the living shit out of me!  I just stood there hoping they would swim past me.  Finally after 30 minutes, or maybe 5 seconds, two went away, and I jumped at the opening, and slowly moved away from the other 3.  I tried to not scream like Ned Flanders, and act like a man.  It somewhat worked, no one saw me pissing myself.  I was finally in a safe area.

I see Casey and yelled at her, letting her know I see 5 Stingrays.  She came right down, and let me know, not to be a wussy, they are harmless.

We spend the next 10 minutes swimming around the Stingrays and taking pictures of them.  Below are a few from Casey’s GoPro.  I took all videos, which will be posted soon.

The rest of the time was spent sun tanning, and taking pictures.  Below is a beautiful picture of me trying to give Casey a ride of her life on the branch she was climbing. πŸ™‚  Sorry, if you are no longer innocent and pure Casey!

A few cool pictures below and a short YouTube video here.
YouTube Video

Stairs from Hell
Aurelie and I were at the beach and decided to try and find the stairs up to our house.  I remember Casey saying they are located just past the post.  We walk up to the post and do not see any stairs, so we continued down the beach and there they are, the stairs from hell.

We climb up about 10 steps.  That was not bad at all.  The rest of the way, is a beautiful walk which kept going on and on, but no stairs.  I recall saying to Aurelie, this seems to be a lot further than our house, and I don’t think those 10 steps are the stairs from hell.

After a little longer, we end up at the end of the path.  This is no where near our house.  We obviously took the wrong stairs, but loved the walk.

The next day, Casey shows us the stairs from hell, and they are no joke.  It took me longer to go up the stairs, then it did to walk all the way around, using the road.

After a few more times of doing the stairs, I did eventually start going up them without complaining. πŸ™‚

I wish I had a picture of the stairs so you can see what I mean.  When you look up them, all you see is step after step with no ending.

Aurelie sent me a picture πŸ™‚

Quesadillas Night
Not sure how this came about, but one day Casey and I were chatting and I bragged about doing Quesadillas on the BBQ.  The next thing I know, we are planning a Quesadilla night.

Only a few days later, we had the perfect weather day.  It started out as a perfect day should.  Hahei beach for some down time, and some good salt water.

After swimming it was time!

I fired up the BBQ, and pre-cooked the chicken.  The girls chopped up the prep food (Onion, Tomatoes, Tofu, graded cheese, etc).

Everything was now ready.  We all added what we wanted to each of our uncooked Quesadillas, and then it was time to show my skills.  Yup, the first one was slightly burned, then Casey’s was a little overdone, however, she wanted it that way.  The remaining turned out not bad.

Julia and Casey had already pulled our kitchen table outside, so all that was left was to have an amazing dinner.  Wine flowed, and great conversation was had.  Were my skills proven, probably not, but it was an amazing night and worth writing about.

Oh my, is Julia Posing Again!

I don’t recall exactly what beach day this was, but I have to write about it.

All I remember was we had such an amazing day at the beach.  The sand in my face proves it.  Oh, you ask, why did I have sand in my face?  “Casey”, that’s all I have to say to explain it.

She decided her and I are building a sandcastle.  I did not know they severed Sand Sushi at sandcastle resorts, but she showed me, they do!

Below is a picture of me tasting the wonderful Sand Sushi.

Glen’s Birthday Party
Glen’s birthday night has so much, that I am going to skip somethings so this isn’t a novel.  It starts off with us catching a 10 minute bus ride to Purangi Winery.  When we arrive, we all grab a personal pitcher of their cider and order our pizza.

Next is sitting outside, enjoying the views and acting like idiots while we drink and wait for pizza.  As you can see from the pictures below, we are happy πŸ™‚

At some point, Glen recognized some old friends from Sweden were there and invited them to sit with us.  By this point, I was happy Rob drunk.  This worked perfectly, as we all laughed and shared some epic stories.  None of which I remember, other than, I was funny, charming and awesome, like I always am.

If you are ever in the area, go to this place.  It has amazing booze and even better pizza.

The rest of the evening at the Purangi Winery consisted of us trying to play ping pong, more shots, and a lot of bad jokes.  Truly awesome!

When we finally got on our bus to head back, I thought we forgot someone.  It was just my counting, the one I thought we missed was sitting in the front seat.

The night did not end here.  We decided to stop of the local pub for another drink.  This is where things got really fuzzy for most of us.

At one point I remember Glen leaving to walk home.  Not long after Aurelie and I also started our walk.

Half way up the Hill from Hell, Aurelie says, “Who is that on the ground?”  It’s Glen.  He is half sitting, half laying down, hugging an orange pillion.  I can’t remember how, but I got him up and he starts walking backwards down the hill.  I repeatedly shove him from behind.  Each time I do this, he stumbles about 10 steps towards home.  Eventually we all make it home and we leave Glen in his bed.

Somehow later Casey decided Glen must see the epic stars.  When she goes to get him, he is using his one foot and head to try and get through the doorway.  He was not using his hands at all. If only I could have seen this.

The rest of the night I don’t recall enough to write about, but I think Julia kissed a bunch of guys.  πŸ™‚ kidding.

The next day we all but Marie make it to work.
Go Team!

Don’t Pop The Bubble Casey
Just a random picture of Casey blowing bubbles in the Sea.  She is a bit of a hippy, but still pollutes the waters.

Someone left a Chocolate Bar
One day I was cleaning a toilet and I saw the coolest piece of crap sticking to the side of the bowl, so I immediately called Glen.  I told him there was something funny in the bowl.  He sticks his head in and says, “That’s impressive”.  I say, “looks like a Crunchy Chocolate Bar!”  Casey says, “What is it?”  But then Glen was nice and suggested she doesn’t look.

Sorry, I have no picture of this.

The work sucks some days, but it is worth it to get certified in washroom cleaning.

Goodbye Party
The night started off with us walking down to the campground for pizza, which we all thought was an easy task.  However, Casey and Julia saw the Lama that someone has as a house pet.  Casey has decided to name him Lenny  After waiting a few minutes of the girls taking selfies, we finally make it to the campground.  The place is pretty cool.  People everywhere, enjoying their day.

We all ordered and got our pizza and then headed down to the beach, to eat and drink.

We are done eating and Julia is officially drunk, and a happy drunk at that.
This what she wrote in the sand to show she will miss me. lol (Knob β™₯)

Our next task was to walk to rope swing and kick a bunch of kids off it, so we can have fun. Yes, you guessed it.  Julia had to pose for some pictures on the way there.

The rope swing was pretty awesome, below are some pictures.  One of the best parts was when Glen jumped on with Casey, and Casey once again became impure, but this time by the rope.  Sometimes she can scream like a true girl.




Epic Glen

After the swing, the night took an crazy turn to the left.  Casey and Julia decided to go for a swim.  The next thing we see is Julia and Casey are naked, swimming and screaming like a bunch of kids. lol.  Some of the funnest things I have ever seen.

After they were finished, they couldn’t find their clothes back.  Glen and I were going to leave them there, but Aurelie, the sweet french girl showed them where they left them.  About 2 feet in front of their feet. haha!

Eventually we all left the two nuts at the beach and went home to sleep.  This was not the last I would hear from them that night.

About 45 minutes later, Casey and Julia arrived home and thought they would scare me.  However, they couldn’t figure out how to get my door open.  Next Casey tried my patio door, but it was locked.  This was my opportunity to scare the shit out of her.  I stood behind the curtain and waited for her to stop trying to open the door.  All became quit, and I jumped at the perfect timing.  I quickly pulled back the curtain and hit the glass with both hands yelling.  She jumped and screamed.  She then kept saying, I almost peed and you scared the shit out of me.  hahahahaha!

Julia and Casey now decided to cook a full meal.  This started off pretty bad, when Julia tossed the tea towel under the propane flame.  I saw it right away and calmly said, “I think I will move this out of your cooking way”  She didn’t even noticed.

The next funny thing was Julia says, “Should we add more Tomato?”, Casey replies, “We only have potatoes in here”, Julia says, “More tomato?”, Case replies, “Potato!”.  This goes on for a minute then they start talking about something else.

A few minutes later, Julia says, “Do you want this Tomato?.  Casey replies, “It’s a Potato!”, Julia looks and says, “Ok”, and then throws it across the table.

The question was never answered, “Do we have enough of whatever I am holding”

Eventually they are done cooking, and Casey has 3 plates on the table.  She tells me to get 3 plates.  I tell her there is 3 plates on the table.  She says, “well, then get those ones!”  Julia gets 3 new ones. Casey didn’t like this. lol.

I tell them I am not hungry, and Casey says, “We cooked for all of us, you are eating it!”  I eat it.

Julia has her plate full and is sitting.  Casey lets her know there is more.  Julia responds, “THERE IS MORE!!!” and runs over to get it.  The best part, is I have this on video.  You would have to see it, to see how funny her expression is.

The next and last funny part is when Julia was finished eating, but Casey was not.  Julia decided to take her fork and try and steal some off of Casey’s plate.  Her fork reached the plate, but Casey’s fast reactions, pulls her food to the other side of the plate, and lets out a loud GRRRRRRR! MINE!  Julia responds with, “I want some” and then takes what she can reach without getting stabbed.

Finally the girls are done eating and go to bed.  We are safe, no one burned the house down, and no one got stabbed.

Thanks girls and Glen for some amazing adventures and memories I will never forget!

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