Hahei Team – Bitch slapping, Poop cleaning, and Great new friends

It has been one hell of a learning experience living with people and cleaning other peoples crap over the last few weeks.  So get ready for some great updates of Tatahi Team.

The Tatahi Team is now 6 people, 5 of us are working for accommodations, and the other works full time.

Two days after being here, the owners hired another person to assist with the cleaning.  The first thing I asked about this new person was gender, age, and country. With great luck, she is 29, and not french Canadian.  She is true french, as she calls it.

Aurelie is a truly nice girl, and is a bit of a clean freak like me.  Which has made my stay in the house a lot easier, as she cleans often.  If you have ever had roommates, you will know that not everyone picks up after themselves.  So having her in the house, is a big plus.  And having one more eye candy, really helps.

I have to tell this one quick story about her and I.  The one day everyone was at the beach, but Aurelie and I. She decided she wanted to clean house. My plans were to have a few beer and enjoy the peace, and quite.  As she was cleaning, I did help her for a few minutes here and there.  Anyways, she was vacuuming and I was sitting in my comfy chair watching her.  She all of a sudden turned off the vacuumed, stared at me for a minute and said, “Just like a man to sit and watch a lady vacuum!”  I laughed and said, “I just enjoy watching women work!”  Since this day every time I have a beer, I tell her it just doesn’t feel right, when she is not vacuuming.  Another reason I get ‘The Look’ from the girls.

As you can probably tell, Aurelie and I get along pretty good.  I hope to one day see her again in France.

Awwww Julia, the 18 year old German girl, who I have decided  to call her “The German Princess Model”, as she is always posing in every picture. She is only 18, but her and I actually get along pretty good.  I tease her about everything, and she either tells me off, or nicely gives me the middle finger.  Probably about 3 times a day.

The German Princess Model

One funny story about these events, was one day she was getting up from the table and she kicked me by mistake, and I immediately said something bad, but can’t remember what.  Without hesitation she slapped me across the shoulder.  I then complained about being beat’n.

Julia is a funny and fun girl to live with.  She even shares her pancakes and random food she makes with me, when I am nice.

Julia acting like Julia below.

Enough about how perfect Julia is!

I don’t even know where to start when talking about Casey, the 23 year old Aussie.  I like to call her, “The Man of the House” as she always takes out the garbage, and is normally the one to tell others when they need to clean, but always in a nice way.

She is definitely outgoing, and seems to make friends everywhere she goes.  I see her has the Aussie, hippy surfer girl.  Even though she never showers, she still never smells bad.

Casey, loved by all!

I think I connect the most with Casey, mainly because we are only a few years apart in age, she also speaks really good to English, and we have a very similar sense of humor.  If someone trips, we both are the first to laugh, if someone falls, we are both the first to kick them when they are down, and for whatever reason, she laughs at my extremely lame jokes and normally joins in.

Below is a picture of the perfect example of what I mean.  Casey and I were building a sand castle? and Aurelie was taking a picture of our master peace.  With perfect timing, a handful of sand slapped me in the face.  Guess who!

Another great example, is when Glen was rolling up the garden hose and Casey decided to point it at my face.  As she says, she thought it was turned off, when she pulled the trigger.  BAM! right in the kisser again.  I didn’t even get mad,  I was maybe a little in shock, but at the same time it felt so good, cause it was one of the hottest day so far.  Since then, Casey has wanted bonus points for this event, because she says, she did me a favor my giving me a free beard wash.

Below is a picture of me about to pull down on the branch, while Casey yelled some random Aussie curse words. I don’t have an Aussie to Canadian translation book, but I am sure they were not nice words.

Onto Maria, the 26 year old French Canadian girl, who I just started calling, “The Sand eater”  This is because yesterday there were amazing waves at the beach, and 3 in a row made her fall down and eat sand.  We all had this happen, but not nearly as much as her.  The one time, she fell, and then almost got up, and then fell again, and now repeat that 2 or 3 more times.

Maria, I would say is a crazy movie buff, very quite, and a very nice girl.  We don’t talk too much, but when we do, we always have good conversations.  I normally tease her about not being Canadian, but French. Anytime I see her bending over while working, I try and give her a little nudge to see if she will fall over.  Surprisingly, she is the only one that doesn’t give me the finger.  Just gives me, “The Look!” lol.

On the left is Maria with Glen’s friend from Finland.

And then there is Glen, the just turned 40 year old, crazy guy Kiwi guy.  He is the extreme outgoing guy, full of energy, and super nice.  I don’t know how to explain this guy, without a few stories.

On his birthday, we all went to Purangi Winery for some amazing cider and pizza.  I won’t go into great details on the entire night, as that will be another posting.  Just image everyone drinking too much,  After the winery, we had a few more pints at the local pub.  There are some fuzzy parts, but for whatever reason, Glen left and tried waling home.  If you can remember, there is a crazy hill to our house.  Well, Glen never made it.  Aurelie and I were walking up the hill, when she says, “Who is that on the ground?”  It is Glen laying partially on the road, with one arm around one of the orange pillions.  I grab his arm and pull him up.  The rest of the way, I would give him a hard push from behind and he would stumble another 5 to 10 steps.  Eventually he made it.  The next day we ask him about it and Glen’s response was, “I tried so hard, but then I just decided, I am not going to make it, so I just laid down. The pillion seemed like a good mate.”

Glen is so funny and so full of it.  He spends his life working very hard with odd jobs, and when he has enough saved, he goes back to travelling the world.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Below is a picture of the team on Glen’s Birthday party night. From left to right (Me, Glen’s Friend from Finland, Aurelie, Julia, Casey, Maria, and Glen)

My next post will be details on our adventures.  Some absolutely crazy things happened.

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