Lord Of Ring – Wearing a Maid’s Outfit – Asshole Rob comes out to play!

It has been a while since I was able to post an update, so
here goes another post embarrassing someone, or me.
After having an amazing Christmas dinner with the group up
in Kaitaia, I decided it was time to start exploring south of Auckland.

Boxing day as I know it, I say goodbye to anyone who is up from partying last night, and then I head to the bus.

Auckland I had no plans, but then over heard someone saying there is a volcano right here in Auckland.  I google it and find it is not far from me.  Woot Woot!

1 hour of walking and a lot of bitching in my head about the uphill climb, I make it to Mount Eden.  This volcano hasn’t been active in 50,000 years or more, but it still looks so cool!

Below is a picture from inside it and also two pictures showing the view outside.  In the one picture if you look close you can see two other volcanoes.  I will post a video soon!

A faster walk down, thank god.  Even better news, I pub in the middle of nowhere.  I think it was placed there for me. 🙂

A few pints and I am a happy traveller.

My original plan was to head to Coromandel, where some
of the best snorkeling in all of New Zealand is.  However, when I called around for rooms, it
was completely booked. The next place on my list was to see the volcano from Lord Of The Ring and with good
luck, I found a place with a room, called Ski Haus, pronounced Ski House.

The next day I arrive in National
Park the town, and OMFG, what amazing views, I cannot believe
how realistic Mt Tongariro is.  You might better know it as Mount DOOM, the volcano in Lord Of The Rings.  There is
actually several in the area, but Mt Tongariro, looks like a volcano from the

In the picture below you can see Mount DOOM, and Mount Ngauruhoe is the one with snow and the one I climb :).

Video link here!

While at National Park, I decided I really wanted to
snorkel, and so I sent out a few messages to different hostels looking for
work, in trade for room and board. 
Quickly I got a response from Tatahi Lodge, stating they had an opening, 3 hours of cleaning, in exchange for a room.  I call and accept! 

Yup! I am officially going to be a maid for 3 hours a day.  Glad I shaved my legs before I left, because
I don’t want to look stupid in my maid outfit.

The bad news is, there are no buses that run from National
Park, to Coromandel – Hahei.  No big deal, there is a bus that goes to Turangi, and then Hamilton, and then Hahei.

I end up staying in Turangi for New Years.  What another interesting story.

When I called to book 3 nights in Turangi, the guy on the phone I could tell was out of the closet or should be, and sounded like a fun party’r.

Yup! Joel is obviously gay, and I think he is fun.  One downside, he is an American.  Uhhhh!  We spend the first day drinking from 11 am on, and talking about.  I don’t remember, but it wasn’t good.

Fast forward a day, it is now New Years.  Joel and I sit out under a shade tree drinking and again having horrible rude conversations about everything a straight guy and a flamboyant american shouldn’t say.  We are killing time waiting for the party to start at another hostel.

Time flies bye and we are now arriving at the other hostel.  I immediately see two girls sitting on a sofa and the last open spot is with them.  I jump onto the open spot and say, “Hi, I am Canadian, I mean Rob!”

Guess what! They are somewhat impressed, that I actually jumped onto the spot, the one girl says, “We are from American.”  I say, “Oh, if I knew, I would have sat with the gay guy! Just kidding, I like blondes!”  She and her even hotter friend laugh.

The night is going great.  I am the right amount of drunk, where I am confident and not annoying yet.  If I keep this up, I am for sure going to get numbers or more. 😉

I was wrong!

Not sure how much time has passed, but I have been drinking way to fast and we all start to play drinking card games.  If you know me, you know I hate cards and don’t play them.  Even worse, the guy explaining the game doesn’t speak Canadian and I have no clue what I am doing.

After a few hands, the guy beside me starts making fun of me.  I get pissed and confront him rudely.  He shuts up and becomes a wussy.  And then it happens, I realized I am the asshole of the party.  Everyone heard whatever I said to him.

Rob, gets up, grabs his remaining booze and tries to sneak out.  

However, the two hot US girls spot me and rush over to stop me.  I said, “I am outta here, I am way to drunk.”

Both girls ask two see me the next day and for my number or Facebook.  Remember, Rob is drunk and pissed off.

I respond with, “I don’t even know your name, and your almost my age! so I doubt it!”  I don’t remember what happened next, all I remember is waking up in my bed.  Somehow I made it home.

The next day I was embarrassed and didn’t talk to anyone.  Eventually my bus came and I just left.

Yes, I was a complete asshole, and obviously I haven’t changed who I am at all.

The entire travel to Hahei, which included a night in Hamilton, and all I did was contemplate why I am doing this, why I am on this journey to be a better person when it looks like nothing has changed.

Did I sell everything, leave everyone, for no reason other than to not work?

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  1. Times like those are good reminders of exactly why you are doing what you are doing. No change comes easily, and there are always bumps along the way, but that's all apart of the amazing adventure!

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