Kaitaia, New Zealand – Beaches and Buds

The last few days I have been relaxing in Kaitaia, Mainstreet Lodge Hostel.  I decided to stay here over Christmas because I made a few new friends.  Here is the update over the last few days.

I arrived here Saturday, at 10 am and the minute I got out of my ride’s car, Cecilia saw me and came right over to give me a hug.  Pretty awesome, since I only met her for a day little over a week ago.  We are now Facebook friends, her mistake for adding me.  hahahaha!  It has been a while since I had a chance to stalk someone.

Cecilia is the Sweden girl I mention in a previous post.  Here is what I have learned about her since then.  She barley knows me, but has done my dishes without asking, cooked for me and always includes me into conversations.  She doesn’t do those things just for me, so don’t get the wrong impression.  She is just a good person.

Later that same day, a bus of people showed up.  Tim the driver is this outgoing rad, surfer guy.  He and I quickly become good friends and we spend the night having many drinks and annoying the Swed.

A little about Tim.  He is funny as hell, but speaks way to quickly in his Kiwi accent, so I don’t always understand him.  He is also the type of guy who makes 3 times the amount of food needed, and hands it out to everyone.  He does the same with his booze and anything he has.  Pretty amazing guy.

Tim and Cecilia are two people I want to learn from!

Here are a few cool things that have happened over the last few days.

A bunch of people were going to the beach, and I was the last to know because I actually don’t know these people.  However, Olga’s van was full and she heard I wanted to go, if I could find a ride.  She stopped the van, got out and went around asking everyone for me, but there was no free seats.  So she told two of her people to cuddle up, I am going in her van.

And what an amazing day at the beach.

French Engineering below đŸ™‚

I am too sexy for my Hat!

Most South part of 90 Mile Beach.

Enough about the beach, here are a few more things worth mentioning;

Tim BBQ’d muscles, lamb and burgers for everyone.  Another great night.

Tim offered me his flat for a weekend in Auckland while he is away.  He said just go in and enjoy, its unlocked.

I teased the hell out of two shy guys from Saudi Arabia.  That was fun for me!

Oh yeah, I redid my resume and almost started applying for jobs.

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